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7 Reasons Why TV Recliners are a Must-Have!

by Angela Maple

man sitting in a recliner in the living room

Although there is plenty of furniture to kick back, nap, or read a book on, there is no better piece of living room furniture to relax in than the classic and comfortable TV recliner. There are many different types of living room chairs, recliners also come in a variety of styles, materials, and sizes, along with manual or powered reclining mechanisms. With so many options, you’ll soon find yourself sitting all the way back and grabbing a nap during your favorite show. So, if you like to spread out but don’t want to take over all of your couch’s real estate, then have you ever considered purchasing a reclining chair?

Start your reclining chair journey by checking out our guide that highlights your options and the benefits of owning a recliner to nestle into after a tiring day.

Why You Need a Recliner Chair

mother and child sitting in a recliner

Other than overall comfort and support? Recliners are good for your physical health by helping and adjusting to your specific comfort needs to keep your body in the most relaxed and cozy position when you need the most comfort. It also benefits your mental health by acting as an excellent reliever of stress and anxiety while helping you refocus your mind. And since there is an array of recliner brands that provide a wide variety of styles, colors, materials, and designs to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find the ideal reclining chair for your living room, bedroom, or sitting area. So, if you have been trying to convince your family to get you an electric recliner for a special occasion or as a “just because” gift, don’t forget to mention our reasons for why you need one!

Recliners: Choose the Perfect Look for Your Home

Reason #1: Recliners Are Insanely Comfortable

Sit back and put up your feet sitting in a power lift recliner for MLB Opening Day or rock your newest family member back to sleep at 2 A.M. in a rocker recliner — either way, you’ll be doing both in absolute comfort. Unlike other chairs, recliners are designed to be sat in for long periods of time while providing the most accurate support for your body (head, neck, shoulders, spine, and back). You can snuggle up on the plush cushioning of a leather recliner with a contoured seat, a backrest that follows that natural curvature of your spine, and armrests that bring much-needed relief even when you’ve been sitting in your comfy seat all day. Children and adults of all ages can experience the highest levels of relaxation in a reclining chair that will soothe muscle stiffness and joint pain, especially after a long and draining day.

Reason #2: Reclining Chairs Can Boost Circulation

It’s important to know that sitting all day in the same position can slow your legs’ blood flow, resulting in blood clots, leg cramps, and even swelling. Luckily, the ergonomic design of an electric recliner not only soothes the mind and body but also improves blood circulation. Purchasing a reclining chair can elevate the symptoms of decreased blood flow into your legs by sitting back with your feet elevated. So, no more feeling like your legs have pins and needles surging through them when you get up!

Reason #3: TV Recliners Can Provide Pressure & Pain Relief

Most of us spend our days sitting at an angle in front of our desks throughout the day for hours on end before ending the day using heating pads or ice to relieve the soreness in our backs, necks, or shoulders. Ending your day relaxing in a recliner will help ease some of that pain and pressure you put on your body regularly from work, exercise, or another other strenuous activity. Plus, who won’t want to come home and take a load off in a swivel rocker recliner and just curl up with a good book?

Modern living room with Southern Motion Recliner

Reason #4: Recliners Can Improve Posture

We may not realize it, but most of us tend to slouch to get comfortable after sitting for a long time in an uncomfortable chair. This can lead to stiffness and pain in your back since your spine isn’t properly aligned in this position, and some muscles tend to tighten while others stretch while hunching over, causing more pain. An economical and cozy way to combat back pain and bad posture is a reclining chair that provides the best posture and pressure point support for extended time periods sitting in the same position and remaining comfortable. Reclining furniture, like a glider recliner, can prevent the weakening of your back muscles while strengthening your posture over time, so your spine will continue to be fine as you get older.

Reason #5: Reclining Chairs Are Stylish & Customizable

These stylish reclining chairs don’t have to disrupt the flow of your living room design, and whether it’s minimalist, eclectic, or modern, there is a recliner for you. The available recliner styles are virtually endless, as you’ll have hundreds of styles, colors, fabrics, textures, designs, and more to choose from to create a custom, one-of-a-kind recliner that fits your aesthetic and comfort needs.

Reason #6: Recliners Are Versatile 

Recliners can suit everyone’s needs, so why not buy more than one? They are cost-efficient and don’t take up much space, so no more arguing and fighting about whose turn it is to sit in the recliner. Each family member sitting in their own reclining chair can easily adjust the chair to match their personal comfort levels without someone else tampering with it. Also, consider investing in a reclining love seat or sectional to snuggle up during a movie for a date or family movie night.

Steve Silver Living Room Brown Leather Recliners

Reason #7: Modern Recliners Come Loaded with Technology

TV recliner designs have progressed over the years, advancing with modernized designs that incorporate more and more technology (looking forward to that smart chair). Besides recliners with powered reclining mechanisms with remote controls, recliner lovers can enjoy cupholders, built-in massage and heating, powered headrest, and USB ports features for optimal convenience and comfort. Whether you are watching a game that’s when into overtime or binging that series you finally got around to, you can do it in comfort and style in a modernized reclining chair.

How to Choose the Right Recliner

With all the many options and customizations available when picking a recliner or two for your home, the multitude of choices can be a bit daunting. But with these simple tips and tricks of our furniture experts, you’ll walk out of our store with a new tv recliner that is perfect for you and your lifestyle.

  • Space considerations
    • Carefully measure how much space you’ll need for your recliner in the area you intend to place it. Although your reclining chair will typically be in the upright position, do remember to make sure there is adequate space to push back and fully recline to prevent your chair from bumping into the wall, table, or other furniture. But the biggest thing to remember before incorporating a recliner into your home is ensuring the chair doesn’t take over the whole room, making it hard for family and guests to maneuver through the room when the recliner is pushed back.
    • Materials
      • Your new recliner will likely become the new favorite chair in the house thanks to its plush padding and upholstery, so a durable covering is key to prolonging its usage. Do you have children or pets? A quality upholstery that is stain-resistant and easy to care for would be ideal for preventing all those spills and accidents. And with high-density foam cushions, you can spend every day in your recliner without fear of it losing its shape and fluffiness.
      • Style
        • No matter how unique and original your home décor style is, there is a recliner for you. There are classic recliners that are big, plush, and comfortable to snuggle into with a blanket. Others like functional recliners with tailored lines, featured trims, or angular edges.
        • Test Drive
          • Ultimately the best way to know if a recliner you want is right for you is to test it out. Sit in the recliner and relax for an extended time in both the upright and pushback positions. This will ensure you choose the recliner that offers the support you need and will be comfortable to sit in and unwind in after a long day.

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