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A Guide To Mixing Interior Design Styles

by Paige Pesko

Dining Table with eclectic mix of chairs

Deciding on one interior design style can be difficult when there are so many from which to choose. Enjoy a guide to mixing interior design styles so you don’t have to pick just one. Many modern interior design styles are a combination of traditional styles already, so by mixing and matching, you could create the next major design. Some styles make sense together. As you explore different interior design styles, you’ll find that some colors, patterns, and materials naturally go together.

You can design your space with multiple design styles and still abide by timeless interior design practices. Finding your room’s focal point, measuring for flow, and repeating your favorite design styles throughout your home still apply when mixing and matching styles. Keep reading for tips and tricks to guide you through the process of combining your favorite interior designs.

Choose Which Design Styles To Mix

The first step to mixing interior design styles is knowing which styles to mix. You should choose design styles that are not too similar. For instance, you could mix contemporary and modern with vintage and retro type themes because they contrast each other. Further, you can choose themes that share common design elements, such as colors, patterns, materials, or any other common thread that you notice.

Pro Tip: Choosing your two favorite design styles can be a good option if they go together. Go with your gut and choose the design that speaks to you.

Scale To Proportion

When choosing which design styles to mix and match, keep in mind that you want your furniture to match. You should choose styles that come with furniture that will complement each other. For example, some styles feature bulky statement furniture while others feature pieces that blend in with their surroundings. You may not want an oversized couch next to a small side table, ottoman, or accent chair, which may look toy-like in comparison.

Remember the 80/20 Rule

The 80/20 rule is a popular design concept for a mix-and-match ratio. Typically, you choose your favorite design for the dominant theme, or you may have to choose the theme that is easier to find décor for to be dominant. Your other design style will accent your home. You may find a sofa or dining room set that matches your main design style and accent it with decorative pillows and lighting from your secondary style.

Find a Unique Focal Point

Another mainstay of home design is identifying your room’s focal point. When it comes to mixing and matching design styles, you should try to make the focus something unique. Most rooms have a fireplace or large window that becomes the natural focal point of the room, but you can redirect the attention to another spot such as:

  • A chandelier
  • An interesting light fixture
  • A piece of art
  • A custom coffee table

Unify Your Design With Color

When you are designing your space, color is likely one thing you think about most. When combining design styles, color is incredibly important. Bringing two different themes together with the same color is a great way to mix and match designs. The colors don’t have to be the same shade, but by using the same color scheme, you’ll fine cohesion in your home décor. For example, you could pick out the beautiful blues of coastal design and choose vintage blue pieces to accent your décor.

Limit Your Color Scheme

Using a few colors will look better than overwhelming your space with the entire rainbow. Try to choose just one or two colors for your palette. It will be difficult to tell which color you are using to link your designs together if you include too many. If you want your interior design to look bold, use primary colors like blue or combine black and white. For a subtle aesthetic, use neutral shades like green and brown.

Link Styles Together With Patterns

You can also link your themes with similar patterns. Unlike colors, you can use as many patterns as you want. Try to use the same patterns throughout your home and find patterns in your accent pieces that match your main pieces. Patterns add texture to your home and come in the form of prints and cutouts. Common patterns that you will find include:

  • Chevrons
  • Stripes
  • Plaid
  • Checkered
  • Polka dots
  • Lattice
  • Chain

Mix and Match Natural Materials

Another way to mix and match interior design styles is by including natural elements like wood, brick, and metal into your décor. Many styles share these elements, so you can tie your themes together by choosing styles that use the same elements in their décor. For instance, Farmhouse and Southwestern design both feature heavy woods, while both Mid-century Modern and Hollywood Glam feature glass and monochrome elements.

Repeat Patterns

Once you find a look or aesthetic you like, repeat it throughout your home. Use the same materials, shades, and patterns throughout your house for a cohesive look. One of the easiest ways to mix and match styles is to repeat what you already love. For instance, if you like the layered rugs in your living room, try layering rugs in your dining room, too.

Measure for Flow

While you are picking out pieces from both design styles, remember to consider the flow of your room. Even as you combine interior design styles, you still want to keep timeless décor rules in mind. For instance, you should give yourself enough room to walk between your furniture; allow 30 inches between sofas and walls you need to walk between and about 15 inches of space between chairs or sofas and coffee tables or ottomans. Don’t forgo function for theme!

Keep this guide to mixing interior design styles handy each time you want to spruce up your place. You can hold on to your main design style and change the décor with which you accent. Remodeling your home to improve the aesthetic is about more than showing off your home on social media. You’ll feel much better in your space once you’ve customized it to suit your preferred milieu. If you love changing up your décor often, find discount furniture stores in Memphis like the Great American Home Store to help you design the home of your dreams on a budget. Stop in to talk to a designer or shop our online store today.

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