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What Type of Reading Chair Should I Buy?

by Olly Mason


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5 Reasons You Need a Reading Chair

What to Look for in the Best Reading Chair

4 Reading Chairs to Inspire You

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What’s the secret to living longer? One habit mental health experts suggest is picking up a book and doing a couple of hours of reading throughout your week. It’s a simple change to your lifestyle that can have major benefits, which include a clearer thought process, more creativity, and sharper problem-solving skills. Not to mention, reading increases your vocabulary and helps develop speaking skills, so you can become a better version of yourself by getting lost in a novel.

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Unwind after work in a stylish and comfortable reading chair

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You won’t do yourself any harm if you choose to plop down on a sofa to immerse yourself in some literature, but the best way to reap the benefits of a lit session is on a reading chair. Of course, that begs the question, “Which type of reading chair should I buy?” Consider this buying guide the start of your reading journey, where we discuss how to choose a chair good for reading.

5 Reasons You Need a Reading Chair

But first, let’s discuss why reading chairs are better for enjoying novels than a sofa, loveseat, or bar chair.

Promotes Good Habits

The best way to really focus on a reading is in a silent setting where there is little distraction. While the sofa might seem like a prime spot to dig into a book, you might end up sharing the space with other members of the household who might prefer to watch television, play video games, or provide some other distraction.

On the other hand, if you have a dedicated spot of solitude, you’re more likely to read and enjoy it. Reading chairs are particularly great for this because:

  • ✅ Reading chairs have a compact design that wraps you in comfort.
  • ✅ Armrests on each side provide additional support.
  • ✅ Reading chairs typically have higher backs than sofas, which are ideal for sitting up for extended periods.

Adds Style to Your Home

Of course, a reading chair is also a way to give your home some added style. The options are virtually endless, so you can choose from an assortment of designs and fabric choices for your lifestyle and taste. We especially love a reading chair paired with an ottoman.

Better for Your Posture

As mentioned, a reading chair is structured differently from a sofa or dining chair. The best reading chairs have tall backs that help to keep your back aligned. As a result, you are more comfortable while you read, which will encourage you to read longer. Additionally, most reading chairs have seats that are shallower than sofas, so you don’t sink in.

Best for Long Periods of Sitting

You wouldn’t want to sit on a bar chair for long, and sofas are better for lounging. But reading chairs are specifically designed with seat cushions that support the body in an upright position. When placed in this posture, the body experiences less fatigue and discomfort, meaning you can focus on every passage of the novel you’re reading.

Good for Working at Home

Working from home has become normal, which means you’ll be doing some reading from a laptop. A reading chair works for that, too, and can be a better alternative to an office chair if you tend to read a lot during work.

What to Look for in the Best Reading Chair

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The anatomy of a good reading chair comes down to four basic factors: how tall the back is, the armrests, seat depth, and the materials. Here’s what to look for.

✓ Back Height

As we covered above, having a tall back to lean upon makes reading in a chair more comfortable. Since every person is a different height, we encourage you to try all seats before buying. However, the general rule is that a reading chair’s back should be between 16 and 20 inches tall. Other factors to consider are whether there is head support; we prefer these chairs since they extend good posture throughout the entire spine.

✓ Armrests

Overall, we prefer armrests over chairs without armrests, though armless reading chairs are still a good option if you’re limited on space. Padded armrests are preferred over wooden ones, but is the most this factor is up to your personal taste.

✓ Seat Depth

A deeper seat may be less comfortable, and harder to sit in an upright position, which is why we tend to recommend individual seating arrangements over sofas when it comes to reading. This is another detail that we recommend shoppers try out in person since height difference will affect how far a person sits in a chair.

✓ Fabric & Materials

We recommend something soft and plush to sit on, such as a chair with down cushions, foam, or even sinuous springs. As far as materials go, remember that you’ll be sitting in this chair a lot. Opt for durable fabrics like cotton, leather, polyester, or even velvet.

4 Reading Chairs to Inspire You

Now that we’ve covered the basics let’s take a look at some reading chairs that would be a great addition to the pastime.

Best Reading Chair for Modernists: Jofran Karma Slate Accent Chair

best reading chair

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If you want a sophisticated reading chair that makes you look smart, too, we recommend this modern chair from Jofran Inc. Its compact frame allows this chair to be placed in the tightest spots, such as a private corner away from distractions. Although the arms are made of Acacia wood, their gently contoured shape cradles your arms comfortably. We give top ratings to this plush back and seat cushion, both of which are made of genuine leather that can be easily maintained and lasts longer than less expensive upholsteries.

Best Reading Chair for Bedrooms: Jofran Ewing Accent Chair

chair for bedding

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What makes this our pick for the best reading for bedroom settings is its low-profile design. The classic shape nestles you in, while subtle armrests keep the silhouette tight. Plus, the wool-like polyester upholstery and sinuous seating are a blissful addition to your reading routine, wherever you choose to enjoy it.

Best Oversized Reading Chair: Behold Home Camila Midnight Chair

oversized reading chair

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If you have plenty of space in your home or simply want a reading chair where you can really get comfortable in, consider this oversized chair from Behold Washington. This arrangement has it all: ample room to rest your arms, a tall back, and a generously padded seat, all on a chair-and-a-half design where you can tuck your legs in and get really cozy.

Best Leather Reading Chair: Digio Salta Brown Leather Chair

leather reading chair

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There’s something about a leather chair that screams intelligent, which is how you’ll look propped with a novel in your hand on this reading chair. What else would you expect from a chair imported directly from Italy? Quality can be found on every stitch of this seat, from the 100 percent genuine leather upholstery to the padded arms and bolstered headrest. If you want the ultimate indulgence while you read, this is the pick.

With a comfy reading chair in your favorite spot of the home, brushing up on your literary skills and improving your mental health is not only easy—it’s a delight. With these tips under your belt, you’re ready to find a reading nook chair where you can unwind with timeless classics and new-age favorites from all genres. At Great American Home Store, we have plenty of reading chairs to get you excited about hitting the books again. Stop by to see our entire catalog and speak with one of our design experts to find a comfortable reading chair for your downtime.

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