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Best Ways To Decorate Your Dining Room

by Paige Pesko

Modern Dining Room with Grey Walls

Even if you don’t feast on every meal in your dining room, you know the space is sacred because it is where your family gathers to break bread and share conversations. By sprucing up the decoration on your table, you can entice friends and family back to the dining table for both dinner and dessert. Forget going out to eat when your spread is better than anything you can pay for. Keep reading for the best ways to decorate your dining room.

Add a Curio or China Cabinet

Keep a cabinet in your dining room to store your dinnerware. You can choose to keep your fanciest plates, silverware, and napkins in your cabinet or place your everyday plates, bowls, and saucers within it. The difference between a curio and a china cabinet is that you can see the inside of a curio cabinet from all sides. China cabinets are typically set on top of a hutch, and you can only see what is inside from the front.

Pro Tip: You can store all sorts of items in your curio or china cabinet! Style it with plants, pictures, and other decorations.

Update Your Dining Room Seating

Depending on how big it is, standard dining room tables typically come with at least two chairs. You can add additional seating to your arrangement. Customize your dining room when you update the seating around your table.

Banquette Seating

Especially if you own your home, you can build in customized banquette seating. Banquette seating is ideal if you have kids or guests who visit often. You can fit several people on a banquet-style seat and still offer comfort.

Mismatched Seating

Trade some of the chairs that came with your dining set for ones that don’t match. Especially if a few of your dining room chairs have seen better days, you could switch them out for colorful ones that are the same shape. Further, you could choose chairs that have different shapes but are the same color. Some dining rooms look amazing when each chair is completely different.

Bench Seating

Another popular option for dining rooms is bench seating. While you won’t necessarily have a back rest, you can enjoy the design of a bench seat and the unique aesthetic it brings to your space. Benches made from wood can tie together a room that features custom wood pieces.

Locate the Best Lighting

You can elevate your dining room with the right lighting. No space ever looked outstanding without the help of some incredible light. Whether you use natural or artificial light, you have some important decisions to make when it comes to your dining room.

Eat by the Window

If your space allows for it, you should place your dining room table by the window to enjoy natural light. Especially if you only have one table to eat at in your home, you will find that natural light is especially nice in the morning when you are eating breakfast.

Pro Tip: You may want to control the amount of light coming through your windows. Put curtains on your window to block light when it becomes too harsh in the evenings.

Install a Chandelier

If you must go with artificial light in your dining room, choose a source of light that will illuminate the entire space. A chandelier is ideal because it is both beautiful and functional. An oversized, statement chandelier is one of the best ways to decorate your dining room if you have the space. Otherwise, moderate-sized chandeliers are just as elegant.

Adjust Your Table

Whether you’ve had the same dining room table for years and love it or want to start visiting furniture stores in Memphis, TN to find something new, you might be ready to rearrange your dining room. Some tables come with leaves that you can flip up or insert to make your table bigger. A bigger table can make your dining room look grander and more prominent. Whether you have a round or rectangular table, you should choose one that is made of sturdy materials.

Decorate With Statement Centerpieces

The bigger your dining room table is, the more room you’ll have to decorate it. You can start with a tablecloth or table runner to decorate the surface. Bold décor looks most stunning and is especially nice when you have guests over. Ensure you arrange centerpieces so that people can still see the other person sitting across from them. The best items to use as dining table centerpieces are:

  • Taper candles
  • Plants
  • Vases
  • Bowls of fruit
  • Crystal or delft
  • Serving trays and dishes

Pro Tip: You can place your centerpieces and other table décor in your curio or china cabinet when not in use. Especially if you have kids or pets, you should put away your most delicate items.

Choose a Theme for Your Dining Room

No matter what theme you have chosen for the other rooms in your home, you can pick any theme you like for your dining room. Especially if the room is separate from your kitchen and living room, your dining room can be a unique room that makes you feel like you are dining at a themed diner, a breakfast café, or an elegant restaurant. Some of the most popular color schemes and themes to consider for your dining room include:

  • Black and white
  • Coastal, or navy and white
  • Farmhouse, or blue and red
  • Vintage

Revamp Your Dining Room Walls

You can instantly transform your dining room with a fresh coat of paint or new wallpaper. Even if your dining room table is situated in the corner of your kitchen, you can separate the space, turning the corner walls into accent walls. For accent walls, any color will pop against white or another neutral. Furthermore, you could choose a textured accent such as wood, brick, cork, board and batten, or a patterned wallpaper.

Pro Tip: While you’re painting your walls, don’t forget your floors. Painting the floors around your table can elevate your dining room.

Put Up Wall Art

Even if you use a textured wallpaper that is stunning to see, you won’t want to leave your walls bare for long. Add artwork to the walls of your dining room. You can put up one large statement piece or install a collection of pieces in a gallery design. Also, you could use mirrors in your dining room to add dimension to your dining room and make the space look larger.

The best ways to decorate your dining room come down to your lifestyle and personal choice. You should choose a dining table that will fit in your space. If your eating area is big enough, you may even have room for a breakfast nook and a dining room table. Our designers at the Great American Home Store can help you decide what you need to fill your space. Come into our furniture stores in Memphis, TN, or shop our online store today.

Dining Room Decor Infographic