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The Best Couch Material for Dogs, Kids, & More

by Angela Maple

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What Are Couch Material Types?

What are the Best Couches for Pets?

What are the Best Couches for Kids?


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Upholstered furniture is used to varying degrees, depending on the nature and location of the piece. Whatever way your upholstery is utilized in your house, the fabric must hold up to the wear and tear. To prevent fabric stains and damage, furnishings subjected to daily heavy wear, such as the family room sofa, should be covered in the best couch material for dogs, cats, and kids made of durable, tightly woven textiles.

The kids and dogs may inflict a lot of damage to your furniture, from spills and leaks to scratches and flying fur. That's why choosing the correct fabric for your furniture is so vital — that way, if your kids or pets do decide to bounce around on it or use the couch cushions as scratching posts, you can at least minimize the damage.

Whether it's your first couch or your third, this guide will help you navigate choosing the right upholstered sofas. After getting the rundown on all the most popular couch materials, you'll be the trendsetter parents you always wanted to be. With a chic and cozy couch made from the best couch material for dogs and kids that can hold its own against their messes, tears, and scratches, your sofa can last for decades!

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Your sofa, also known as a couch, is frequently the focal point of a living room. That’s why getting the proper style for your place is crucial. However, you must consider more than just the appearance of the upholstery fabric; it must also have the perfect feel. But if you have a lot of kids and pets that have made the living room their home, you may feel compelled to forgo appearance and comfort in favor of robust materials that can endure all of their mischiefs. This can make deciding on a couch fabric type difficult.

Although having pets, children, or a combination of the two may cause some concern about having and maintaining fine, upholstered furniture — it does not have to. Preparing and selecting the best couch material for dogs, cats, and children that can withstand claws, stains, spills, messes, and normal wear and tear is the key to a pristine upholstered couch (while still appealing to your sense of sight and touch).

So, which upholstery is the most appropriate in these situations? There are other elements to consider, and it all depends on your needs, but a high-performing, stain resistant upholstery fabric is an excellent place to start.

What Are Couch Material Types?


Couch upholstery fabrics are available in a variety of colors and textures. Whether you're upholstering your own sofa or purchasing one that has already been built, once you've decided on the size and style of the couch, it's a good idea to educate yourself on the many kinds of couch upholstery fabrics.

Natural vs. Synthetic Couch Fabrics

Cotton or linen fabrics are the finest alternatives if you prefer natural fabrics to synthetic fibers in your home. These are incredibly durable, more environmentally friendly, and are healthier for your family than certain synthetic materials.

Natural Fabric

Natural Fabric Characteristics  


  • Good resistance to wear and tear, fading, and pilling
  • Suspectable to stains, wrinkling, and fire
  •  Surface treatments and fabric blends can combat against its disadvantages
  • Durability is dependent on weave and finish (damask is formal, and canvas is more casual and durable)

Cotton Blend

  • Can be sturdy and family-friendly fabric (it depends on the weave)
  • stain-resistant finishes (Scotchgard Fabric or Upholstery Protector) should be applied for everyday use


  • Durable material
  • To clean: gently vacuum, damp-wipe as needed, use leather conditioner or saddle soap


  • Stains and wrinkles easily
  • Resistant to pilling and fading
  •  Can't handle heavy wear
  • Requires professional cleaning to avoid shrinkage
  •  Requires professional cleaning if stained


  • Less expensive than leather
  • Easy maintenance


  • Sturdy, durable
  •  Resistant to pilling, fading, wrinkling, and stains
  • Easy to clean

Synthetic fabrics, such as polyester cloth, can last for a long time depending on the quality of the fabric, but they don't always feel as good against the skin as natural fabrics do. They're usually less expensive, so they're a fantastic choice if you're on a budget. However, they may not always last as long as linen cloth, so they may end up costing more in the long run.

Synthetic Fabric

Synthetic Fabric Characteristics 


  • Resistant to mildew, pilling, and shrinking
  • Resembles silk
  • Fair resistance to stains
  • Prone to wearing, wrinkling, and fading


  • Developed as imitation wool
  • Resistant to wear, wrinkles, stains, and fading
  • Low-quality acrylics are more prone to pilling due to high-degree scratches
  •  High-quality acrylics pills significantly less


  •  Made from polyester
  • Velvet-like texture that is really durable
  • Resistant to water, stains, and fading
  • Can handle heavy everyday use


  • It is typically a blended fabric with other fibers
  • One of the strongest upholstery fabrics
  • Doesn't soil or wrinkle
  • Is prone to fade and pill


  • Can withstand heavy wear
  • Highly resistant to stains, mildew, scratches, and sunlight


  • Usually, a blended fabric that has wrinkle resistance
  • Less fading
  • Polyester wool blends are more prone to pilling


  • An alternative for sulk, linen, and cotton
  • Very durable, but wrinkles
  • High-quality rayon is a very family-friendly fabric

What are the Best Couches for Pets?

As a pet parent, it's essential to consider each pet unique. While scratching and shedding are my main concerns on your couch, you may also have to deal with biting or the occasional potty-training mishap. As a result, it's essential to begin by identifying the most pressing challenges you're facing and working from there.

Overall, whether you have a dog or a cat, microfiber is the ideal couch material. This synthetic material, often known as microsuede, is a pet lover's dream. It's simple to clean, scratch-resistant, and long-lasting. You may vacuum or use a lint brush to remove hairs without destroying the material, and most stains can be removed with mild soap and warm water. It also comes in a variety of colors and styles due to its synthetic nature.

As a general rule of thumb, opt for materials with a tight weave when selecting pet-friendly fabrics. Pet hair and grime are hidden by patterns, textures, and deeper colors until you have a chance to clean them. A lighter cloth will be a better choice if your pet has white hair.

Best Couch Material for Dogs

Whether you have a beagle, Hungarian sheepdog, Pomeranian, or Siberian husky, all dog owners want their fur babies to be comfortable without compromising on having nice upholstery furniture.

Our Great American Home Store has the perfect piece of upholstery furniture that can handle your Fido's scratching, chewing, occasional accidents, and shedding. For example, this accent chair is made of stain-resistant fabric and has a low wood frame your puppy can't chew on.


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Most dog owners will choose leather over other textiles for a sofa. Real leather, as opposed to man-made leather, is stain-resistant, easy to clean, doesn't collect a lot of pet hair, and is a highly fashionable option. The only disadvantage of leather is that it is generally pricey and not scratch resistant. Leather may not be suitable if your dog scratches or chews on your furniture.


Synthetic microfiber is really comfortable to wear. It's come a long way in recent years and can now appear quite opulent while remaining a lightweight, stain- and liquid-resistant fabric. It doesn't shred or scratch easily, and collected hair may be readily removed with a lint brush or simply by cleaning it with your hands. Mild soap and water will remove the majority of stains from microfiber.

Tightly Woven Fabrics

If leather and microfiber aren't possible, heavy-weight, tightly woven materials like canvas or denim offer a wonderful alternative for dogs because dirt will roll right off the material. Denim is a tough, long-lasting, and easy-to-clean fabric. Denim can be spot cleaned with a baking soda paste or mild soap and water. The fabric's tight weave makes vacuuming any stray pet hair a breeze. Canvas is a strong cotton fabric that does not easily tear.

Best Couch Material for Cats

Scratching is in cats' DNA. Scratching is a natural instinct for your feline buddies that predates their domestication. On the other hand, cats are creatures of habit and will spend a lot of time on your new sofa. The good news is that certain fabrics are less enticing to cats since they are more difficult for them to sink claws into.

Great American Home Store has a great piece of upholstery furniture that can handle your cat's scratching, kneading, and shedding. This glider recliner has moisture-repellent fabric that can withstand all the daily wear and tear a cat can give.


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Microfiber is the greatest upholstery material for cats. Apart from hair, cat owners also have to deal with clawing, which makes leather a bad choice since it can puncture. Microfiber is scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, and extremely easy to clean. Furthermore, you may just vacuum it, eliminating allergens if you have guests allergic to cats.


Faux materials such as suede and synthetics no longer have the stigma of being unfashionable and are now more popular than ever, thanks to changes in design trends and fabric texture upgrades. Couches constructed of polyester, olefin, or acrylic are on the more synthetic end of the fabric spectrum. The tightness and roughness of the weave will decide how well these materials can endure in a room full of cats, much like cotton. However, it is recommended that cat parents choose tightly woven textiles over loose-weave upholstery (wool and linen) that will entice their beloved feline to scratch and play.


To begin with, velvet isn't a material that goes with every kind of décor, but it does hold up well against pet damage. At first appearance, velvet appears to be fragile and prone to tearing. On closer inspection, this material is exceptionally durable, withstanding daily use and clawing.

Velvet can be treated with waterproof solutions to prevent discoloration and to resist unsightly flaws. Although eliminating hair won't be difficult, it will certainly attract and accumulate fur. But that's nothing a simple handheld vacuum can't take care of. It's true that it's a little more difficult to clean than some of the other options, but it's still on the level with the best.

What are the Best Couches for Kids?

If you're a parent, you already know that some decor items aren't worth investing in until your children have outgrown their sticky-hands stage. There are messes where there are children, and many parents fear that they'll be stuck with dingy furniture until their children reach adolescence. But who said practical furniture had to be drab? Many kid-friendly couch fabrics are both beautiful and durable.

When it comes to selecting kid-friendly fabric, two factors should be considered: durability and stain resistance. Microfiber cloth is the greatest option because it hides wear and tear better. It can have the feel of suede, velvet, or corduroy, depending on the weave, making it a warm and inviting choice for the whole family. But warmth isn't the only thing it has going for it; it's also one of the hardest upholstery materials available.

Best Couch Material for Kids

Spills. Crumbs. Bouncing. When you have children, these are the immediate hazards to your home, so be sure your furniture can withstand them, particularly your sofa. We did the legwork for you and selected a variety of couches that are built to last and are covered in durable fabric, making them ideal for even the busiest of households. They're practically unbreakable, easy to clean, and adorable. Check out some of our favorite kid-friendly sofas in the gallery below.

Our Great American Home Store also has child-friendly upholstery furniture that can handle the spills, bounces, and snacks that can get ground into the cushions. This 3-piece sectional couch is made of high-performance fabric that can endure the heavy wear and tear a sofa in a kid-filled home would see.


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Vinyl is a man-made substance with benefits and drawbacks similar to other man-made materials. It does, however, come with a number of significant benefits. To begin with, it is fairly priced, even less so than other textiles available. After that, it's really simple to slip onto the furniture and then remove it. Finally, it's quite tough and can withstand whatever your toddler can throw at it.


Wool is a great option, especially for parents who want to cut down on their cleaning costs. Unlike the other textiles on this list, wool is easy to spot-clean due to its makeup. It's also smooth and soft enough for kids to sit on or play on. It also doesn't pill, snag, or wrinkle like other textiles, making it a better choice for homes with kids.

Your living room ideas don't have to be limited just because you have pets and/or kids! We've researched the best couch material for dogs, cats, and kids, and now you know you have quite the sofa options that are durable and stylish. Great American Home Store has hundreds of chic couch choices made of sturdy fabrics and stain-resistant materials that are easy to clean — which is music to a parent's ears.


We covered quite a bit when it comes to finding the best couch material for dogs, cats, or kids. But there is always more you can know, so here are a few questions we've answered for customers just like you.

Q: What type of fabrics do you use for furniture upholstery?

Different types of upholstery fabrics can include rayon, nylon, cotton, wool, hemp, silk, yarn blends, and other materials that ensure the durability of your furniture.

Q: What is the most durable fabric for couches?

The most durable furniture fabrics are microfiber and canvas materials, although tightly woven cotton and linen fabrics can hold their own as well.

Q: What is a family-friendly fabric?

Denim and twill are some great options for a family-friendly design, and wool is also a good choice if you want a durable fabric.

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