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Dining Room Hutch Styles & Ideas

by The Experts at Great American Home Store

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What is a Dining Room Hutch?

Dining Room Hutch Styles

Dining Room Hutch Display Ideas

Dining Room Hutch Decor

How to Upgrade a Dining Room Hutch

New Dining Room Hutches

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The dining room hutch is one piece of furniture that can beautifully define the vibe of any room it sits in. But are dining room hutches still in style? The answer is: always. A dining room hutch is a big fad among all generations because it’s versatile, holds a lot of items, and makes a statement. Various styles of dining room hutches allow them to be great pieces of furniture for any era. Below we’ll discuss these different styles, how to display items in a hutch, what type of decor to display, and how to upgrade a hutch that you’re not yet ready to ditch. Finally, we’ll show you a couple of new dining room hutches that are hot on the market.

What is a Dining Room Hutch?

A dining room hutch is a piece of furniture that offers plenty of storage space for dishes, decor, and more. Hutches are usually constructed with shelves and cabinet space. They also are typically tall and wide. As you’ll see below, there is a variety of hutch styles ranging from antique to modern.

Dining Room Hutch Styles

Dining room hutches come in a variety of styles like all pieces of furniture. Given hutches are quite a large piece of furniture in any room, it’s important to purchase a hutch style that reflects your personality and complements the rest of your home. Here are a few dining room hutch styles.


A rustic dining room hutch has a distressed wooden look to it that brings out natural wood tones. It’s easy to create your own rustic dining room hutch by whitewashing a hutch or giving it a custom distressed finish. Many DIYers can take an old hutch and upcycle it to make the hutch look trendy and rustic.


For a farmhouse look, a white dining room hutch with wooden tones is commonly seen. Neutral-colored hutches like soft blues and greens are also popular. The farmhouse dining room hutch style tends to feature shiplap paneling or some sort of horizontal boards on the inner backing of the hutch.


Antique dining room hutches give off southern charm and are a focal point in any room they sit in. Constructed with solid and quality wood, antique and vintage hutches are usually made with Maple, Oak, Mahogany, Walnut, or Cherry wood. Most antique hutches also feature glass doors in front of stacked shelves.


Modern dining room hutches are not as bulky as antique or traditional hutches. You’ll find modern hutches to be more thin and sleek with smooth features. Some modern hutches offer unique storage spaces like built-in wine racks. Unlike the subtle or white colors of most hutches, modern dining room hutches can look bold, painted in all black or dark brown. Some folks build their own modern dining room hutch to look like a built-in.

Dining Room Hutch Display Ideas

Displaying items in your dining room hutch can be a lot of fun! With plenty of shelf space, items can be rearranged to grab anyone’s attention and even be a conversation starter. But don’t just throw anything in there—display your items in a way that is pleasing to the eye and draws interest.

Here are some ideas for displaying items on your dining room hutch.

Consistent Color Palette

You’ll want the items in your hutch to complement each other so following a general color theme will be helpful. Items don’t have to match exactly in color or pattern, they should just be in the same color family for a cohesive look.

Style the Eye Level Shelf First

Anyone who looks at your hutch will first see what items are sitting at eye level, so that’s the place you should style first. The front and center of your hutch is a great place to make a statement with interesting pieces.


Layering decor items is a fun way to display your things on each shelf. Larger items should stay in the back whereas smaller items can sit up front. You can even rest plates or other items against the back of the wall in the hutch.

Keep it Balanced

Make sure your decor items are well-balanced when you take a step back and look at them. Varying heights, textures, and sizes are great but you don’t want too many of one feature gathered in the same location.

Rule of Odd Numbers

The rule of odd numbers says that only an odd number of items should be placed together (e.g. 3, 5, etc.). Following the rule of odd numbers will help you style your shelves in an aesthetically-pleasing way.

 Two green dining hutches with a dining table

Dining Room Hutch Decor

Dining room hutches are great for displaying a plethora of items from collectibles to dishes to pieces of art. Don’t be mistaken—finding just the right items to display in your hutch may take some time. But that’s one of the best parts of owning a dining room hutch. Here are some ideas for what type of items you can place in your hutch.

Dishes or Coffee Mugs

One of the best things about dining room hutches is how convenient they are for storing items like dishes, glasses, coffee mugs, dish towels, and more. Everyday items have a place to go and become part of your decor. These items are easy to grab when it’s time to eat or sit down with a coffee.

Books or Photos

Books and framed photos also look great in a dining room hutch. Books can be stacked horizontally, or vertically, or a couple of individual books can rest against the back of the hutch to be easily viewed. Photo frames of varying heights look great in a dining room hutch; you can even display a photo on a stack of books.

Texture and Shine

Adding items with various textures and reflections to light will help bring dimension and character to your hutch. Think white, glass, natural, mirror, and more. A pop of greenery or other natural element is always a nice touch throughout the hutch.

Seasonal or Collection Items

Of course, a dining room hutch is also the perfect place to elegantly display collection pieces or sentimental items. Hutches with glass doors help protect important pieces of art or collectibles.

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How to Upgrade a Dining Room Hutch

If you already have an antique dining room hutch and don’t want to replace it just yet, consider upgrading it yourself with these easy ideas.

Complement Natural Wood with Color

If your dining room hutch is still in good condition but you don’t want it to look bland, upgrade the whole look of your hutch by simply adding pops of color. Even a neutral color like white can help soften a natural wood look.

Add Wallpaper

Peel-and-stick wallpaper is a popular and rather inexpensive way to change up the look of a dining room hutch. Sticking wallpaper on the inner back wall will really pop and upgrade any hutch.

Paint It

The most common way to upgrade a dining room hutch is to paint it a different color. Chalk paint is a popular go-to paint. Whitewashing is also a trendy way to upgrade a hutch.

Remove the Glass

Removing glass from a hutch makes it appear more modern and not so outdated. This is an easy change, just be careful doing it!

Add Under-mount Lights

Under-mount lights delicately shine on your displayed items giving your hutch an elegant and sophisticated look. Make sure the lights aren’t too harsh and you’ll easily turn a drab hutch into a beautiful one.

Replace the Hardware

Another simple way to upgrade a hutch is by replacing the hardware. It’s inexpensive to do and you can match the hardware with other materials in the room for a cohesive look.

New Dining Room Hutches

If refinishing or upgrading your dining room hutch seems like way too much work, no worries. We have a couple of brand new and trendy hutches that are currently on the market. Take a look at them below.

1. Jofran Madison County Vintage White Server & Hutch

White farmhouse style dining hutch with sliding barn doors

If you’re looking for a dining room hutch that has plenty of storage space, the Jofran Madison County Vintage Hutch is the one for you. Made with solid reclaimed pine, this dining room hutch features an adjustable shelf, 6 drawers, and two sliding barn doors for a farmhouse feel. At 70 inches wide and 82 inches high, there’s a ton of room for storing and displaying items.

  • Model: 1600467
  • Size: 70”W x 18”D x 82”H

Shop Now

2. Avalon Furniture Nantucket Hutch and Buffet

White country dining hutch with glass doors

For an extensive amount of shelf space and storage space overall, the Avalon Furniture Nantucket Hutch and Buffet will not disappoint. This dining room hutch has been designed with 3 drawers, 2 wire wood framed doors with glass shelves, and more. It has a traditional distressed look that will fit perfectly into any space.

  • Model: 2012289
  • Size: 66.5"L x 19.25"D x 77.65"H

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