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Essential Bedroom Furniture for a Child’s Room

by Ashley Eldridge

Blue Child's Bedroom with colorful furniture

Whether you’re looking to redesign your child’s room or you’re starting from scratch, it can be hard to get a hold of the general dynamic of designing a children’s bedroom. Many people don’t realize children’s rooms emphasize that everything in there - including the furniture - is made for them to safely use and be around. Because of this, it can be quite challenging and frustrating to find the perfect piece of furniture for your child’s space (even if you’re experienced in décor.) To help you with the challenges you’ll face during this lengthy and involved process, here are the essential bedroom furniture pieces for any child’s room.

Core Bedroom Furniture

The core bedroom furniture pieces are the most important pieces. They’ll see heavy use every day and thus should be selected for quality as much as style. Even so, price means quality when it comes to furniture, so don’t be too alarmed when the cost is high - especially if you expect them to last. Additionally, keep in mind that these will typically be the most significant purchases when you’re decorating your child’s room.

Kid’s Bed

A bed is an absolutely essential piece of furniture. It provides a comfortable area for relaxation and sleep. Because of this, it’s important to secure the best quality bed possible. If you want, consider different materials or colors other than traditional wood for an added creative flair. Otherwise, go with something that’s in line with the design plan you have in mind. Keep in mind that the bed is often the largest object in a room, making it central to the rest of the décor.

Kid’s Nightstand

A nightstand is an important furniture piece because it serves as an immediate access area for many general items. Many kids love using their nightstand for clothing storage (provided there’s enough storage space.) Some of the characteristics to look for in any child’s nightstand are multiple storage drawers and enough tabletop space. Also, keep in mind that your chosen nightstand may have to fit between a bed and a wall, so ensure the dimensions are applicable for the area of the room.

Kid’s Dresser

A dresser is a necessary thing for any bedroom, but especially the bedroom of a fast-growing child. Even if the room has a good-sized closet, drawer space is necessary to store clothes such as shirts and shorts. Other people use the dresser to store art supplies or toys. Whatever you do, look for a dresser made of high-quality materials. It wouldn’t hurt to plan ahead, as well] ;finding one with adequate tabletop space and storage will ensure your child will use it for years to come.

A Rug

In case you don’t have carpet in your child’s room, a rug is definitely the best way to add some comfort and warmth. Carpets help regulate the temperature of the room while also protecting anyone in the room from touching the cold floor. Furthermore, colorful rugs can bring life to a room (and there are plenty of colors to choose from.)

Kid’s Bedroom Accent Pieces

Now that you have the core pieces for your child’s décor in place, you can start selecting accent pieces and decorations. Keep in mind that if your child is younger, a major factor in decoration should be safety. Stay away from any wires or smaller objects, as these can lead to suffocation. Focus on using colors and shapes instead. This will give your young child space to play and a fun area to have fun in without compromising their safety. Of course, if your child is older, then you shouldn’t have to worry about this sort of thing.

Additional Storage

Having such things as under-the-bed storage shelves or even a chest can be a great way to ensure your child’s room doesn’t get too messy. By making these additional storage areas available to your child, you are allowing them to develop their organizational skills, which is, of course, highly beneficial for later in life. Besides under-the-bed storage and chests, you could investigate using a storage cart, floating wall shelving, or even hanging shelving. However, keep in mind that these will be part of the style of the room, and should somewhat match the other colors present. You wouldn’t want them to be visually jarring, so take color into consideration.

Reading Area

If your child loves reading more than anything else, having a reading area will be a great and exciting use of some of their bedroom space. Reading areas require a nice comfy chair, a lamp to provide reading light, and a nice quiet area to keep all distractions away. Consider placing this area next to a source of natural light to keep the mood nice and cheery! Your book-loving child will love their reading nook and never want to leave.


If you still have some space in your child’s bedroom, consider putting in a bookcase. A bookcase can have multiple uses in a child’s bedroom—they can store books, of course, but can also be used to display rocks or other things your child likes. If the room already has reading area, a bookcase must follow suit; it’s essential for keeping an organized book collection (and keeping your book-loving child happy.)

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of essential bedroom furniture for a child’s room. Keep in mind that every child is different! Some kids may respond better to certain décor ideas over others. Your main job is to ensure they feel comfortable around what you put in their room. Remember, furniture for children’s rooms is meant to keep them safe. So, if there are any sharp corners and edges, invest in some foam padding. If you’re looking to purchase youth bedroom furniture sets, stop by the Great American Home Store. We have a huge selection of different bedroom sets at extremely competitive prices.

Essential Bedroom Furniture for a Child's Bedroom