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7 Glam Bedroom Ideas + Style Tips

by Great American Home Store

Glam Bedroom Furniture Set with Silver Furniture Pieces

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About Glam Design Style

Key Elements of Glam Bedroom Design

Tips to Create a Glam Bedroom

Top 7 Glam Bedroom Furniture Picks

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There’s no reason you can’t incorporate luxurious designs from your favorite hotel or magazine spread into your own home. Embracing a Glam design adds a dose of beauty, indulgence, and elevated style to your own bedroom. If you love gold, velvet, and the occasional touch of glitter, the Glam style is for you.

In this article, we will define Glam style, discuss its key elements, and give you tips to create a Glam bedroom. Then, we’ll recommend our top 7 Glam bedroom picks from the Great American Home Store.

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About Glam Design Style

Glam design style has plenty of iconic features, but it’s not limited to one specific era in history. It draws from other streams of design to create an undeniably luxurious and opulent feeling. Examining some of Glam’s “sister styles” will help us highlight what Glam style is all about.

  • Maximalist: Maximalist style incorporates multiple patterns, bright colors, high-contrast details, and lots of personality. Similarly, Glam design incorporates high-contrast details and plenty of personality, but it focuses less on loud and eye-catching patterns and bright colors.
  • Art Deco: These two styles share a lot of similarities. Art Deco focuses more on geometric lines and shapes, but both styles love fancy finishes, like lacquer, mirrored glass, and marble.
  • Regency: Think of Glam as Regency’s less uptight cousin. Glam has a dramatic flair while Regency design can lean toward being stiff, formal, or overly elaborate. In their best moments, Regency and Glam both embrace luxurious items, like crystal chandeliers and ornate gilded mirrors.
  • Hollywood Regency: Hollywood Regency is Glam’s twin sister. Hollywood Regency designs draw inspiration from the Golden Age of cinema in Hollywood, CA during the 20th century. Film sets and rooms were designed with special attention to detail in order to make them stand out on camera. Both Hollywood Regency and Glam style incorporate high gloss surfaces, black and white contrasts, and luxurious fabrics. Glam is less formal than Regency and less retro than Hollywood Regency.  

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Key Elements of Glam Bedroom Design

Glam bedrooms are all about texture and shine. For texture, think velvet, fur, and silk. For shine, think mirrors, metals, glass, and–if you’re feeling a little over the top–glitter. Glam style can make your bedroom feel a little over the top in the best way possible.

  • Color: Start with a base of sophisticated neutral colors, such as white, ivory, cream gray, and black. You can’t go wrong with a classic black and white pairing. Then, choose your accent colors. For Glam style, you can choose pastels for a less dramatic look or lean into jewel tones and dark and moody shades.
  • Fabrics: You can elevate your bedroom by strategically choosing luxurious fabrics. Fabrics like velvet, silk, and fur are soft to the touch and communicate opulence. Plus, for a bedroom, they are perfect for snuggling and creating a dream-like bed.
  • Mixing Finishes: You don’t have to be afraid to mix finishes. Textured fabrics, mirrors, metallic moments, glass, and crystal complement each other to create a sophisticated and well thought out space.
  • Choose a Wow Moment (or Two): With Glam style, you have permission to be a little dramatic. To choose a focal point for your room, find a piece that blows you away. Perhaps that will be a bold floral wallpaper, patterned accent chair, or dramatic crystal chandelier. What matters is that you love it!

Devon glam bedroom set

Tips to Create a Glam Bedroom

Glam style leaves so much room for you to be creative and express yourself. You can make your room feel like a chic downtown hotel. It can be fun to bring a little luxury to your everyday routines. Here are 5 tips for creating a Glam bedroom retreat:

  • Mirrors aren’t just for your walls: Nothing says glamour quite like mirrored furniture. You could also incorporate mirrored trays on your nightstand to hold candles, jewelry, or other valuables. 
  • Layer fabrics and textures: When designing a bedroom, the most obvious ways to incorporate fabric are through your bedding, curtains, and rug. There are other ways to bring more fabrics and textures into your room, including throw pillows, throw blankets, accent chairs, an upholstered bench at the foot of your bed, or an upholstered bed or headboard. The plush luxury of an upholstered bed is quintessentially Glam.
  • Splurge on luxurious materials: It is worth splurging on the velvet duvet cover, plush rug, or silk sheets. Quality items like these will elevate your room and last you for years to come.
  • Accent a neutral palette with deep, moody jewel tones or light pastels: If you begin with a base of neutrals, you have freedom to incorporate (or easily switch out) your favorite accent colors. To lighten up a Glam bedroom, choose pastels. If you want to heighten the drama, embrace striking jewel tones.
  • Don’t forget your light fixture: Chandeliers aren’t just for the dining room. A crystal chandelier is the perfect, elegant touch for your Glam bedroom.

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Homelegance Silver Palace Bedroom Set

Top 7 Glam Bedroom Furniture Picks

Glam Furniture

Depending on the finish you choose, furniture can be Glam too. Say goodbye to a traditional, dark-stained wood bedroom set and check out our top 7 Glam furniture picks from the Great American Home Store.

The Homelegance Manhattan Queen Storage Bed, Dresser, Mirror & Nightstand is the epitome of a Glam bedroom set. It features an upholstered headboard and two storage drawers under the bed. This Glam queen bed takes it one step further with acrylic glitter accents. Its neutral gray finish will easily blend with any bedding color you choose. This set also includes two Glam dressers, a nightstand, and a mirror.

Homelegance Manhattan Queen Storage Bed, Dresser, Mirror & Nightstand

The Style Craft Khasi Three-Drawer Mirrored Side Chest is quintessentially glam. Glam mirrored furniture is a unique way to incorporate one of the hallmarks of Glam design: shiny, reflective surfaces. We love the clear acrylic drawer pulls and ample storage space. A pair of these mirrored nightstands will elevate your Glam bedroom to the next level.

Style Craft Khasi Three-Drawer Mirrored Side Chest

An accent chair like the Homelegance® Urielle Teal Accent Chair is the perfect opportunity to introduce a pattern into your Glam design. If Glam design is all about layering fabrics and textures, this chair exceeds expectations. Velvet, carved wood, curving lines, and textured brocade upholstery combine to create an undeniably luxurious accent chair. It achieves a refined sense of drama with its neutral palette, and it would blend right in with a number of color schemes.

Homelegance® Urielle Teal Accent Chair

Glam Bedroom Decor & Accessories

Half of the fun in designing a Glam bedroom is accessorizing. Try to strike a balance between wow moments and subtle pieces throughout your room.

If you’re looking for glam decor pieces to display, check out the Uma Home Mercury Glass Stopper Bottles (Set of 3). These stylish glass stopper bottles are perfect for displaying on your nightstand, dresser, or vanity. Elegant curving shapes and a mirrored finish will fit right into your Glam design.

Uma Home Mercury Glass Stopper Bottles

For a Glam table lamp, check out the Crestview Collection Barclay Table Lamp. Elegant and understated pieces like this lamp allow other pieces to shine. Not every piece can be as dramatic as a crystal chandelier, and yet there is great beauty in simplicity as well. A tapered, cylinder-shaped body and simple lampshade offer a restrained sense of sophistication.

Crestview Collection Barclay Table Lamp

Glam Wall Art

Don’t forget to dress your walls too. Walls are one more opportunity to layer in classic elements of Glam design like metal or marble.

A little bit of glitter is a fun addition to a Glam bedroom. This Classy Art Hand Painted Textured Canvas mimics marble and incorporates black, white, and gold for a classically Glam look. Additionally, its large size (56” W x 74” H) will make a statement in your room. If you’re looking for an inspiration piece to guide the rest of your Glam bedroom design, you’ve found it.

Classy Art Hand Painted Textured Canvas

 The Uma Home Gold Metal Floral Wall Decor adds interest while bringing a delicate touch to your room. In any Glam design, you can’t go wrong with incorporating gold, but this would be especially suited to a Glam bedroom that incorporates pastel accent colors. The organic leaf shape adds to the light and airy feel of this Glam art piece.

Uma Home Gold Metal Floral Wall Decor

You don’t need to feel shy about wanting a little more luxury (and glitter) in your life. Glam style gives you a guide for elevating your bedroom to an elegant retreat. To create the bedroom of your dreams, stop by the Great American Home Store to find Glam bedroom furniture and decor.

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