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What is a Glam Bedroom

by Great American Home Store

white glam bedroom

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Glam Bedroom Designs

What is a Glam Bedroom Set?

Accessories For a Glam Bedroom

Why Are Glam Bedrooms Popular?

Glam Bedroom Vs. Rustic Bedroom

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Your bedroom should serve as a haven for relaxation as well as an expression of your individuality. So, if you're having trouble remodeling your bedroom, give a glam interior design for your opulent and sassy tastes some thought. This design is a regal style that dates back to the time of Gone with the Wind and Marilyn Monroe. It combines aspects from the 1930s, retro glam, and mid-century design trends to provide a distinctive look all its own.

 Glam bedrooms feature luxurious metal finishes and plush fabrics. The furniture is typically metallic or lacquered. Fabrics used in glam bedrooms are thick and made of soft materials like velvet, faux fur, and silk. Standard paint colors in a glam bedroom are deep tones like sapphire blue and emerald green. It is also common to paint the ceiling a contrasting color. Glam bedrooms feature bold decor accents like tall, thick drapery and prominent crown molding. Lighting fixtures are usually significant and impactful, like crystal chandeliers.

To take your bedroom into the glam stratosphere, our Great American Home Store design professionals have selected some of their favorite glam bedroom furniture and accents!

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Glam Bedroom Designs

This interior design mixes several elements to get its iconic Golden era Hollywood aesthetic. Here are six of those essentials to give your bedroom its glitz and glam design.

  • Metal. It is common to combine different types of metallic finishes in glam bedrooms. For example, you can select a gold light fixture and silver furniture to create a blended metallic design.
  • Jewel tones. Deep colors are essential to achieving a glam design aesthetic. Black, gray, and white are base tones. Typical contrasting tones are usually gem-like such as dark green, vibrant blue, and deep pinks.
  • Heavy textiles. Thick fabrics appear more luxurious than wispy ones like cotton or organza. Glam bedrooms typically have tall, floor-to-ceiling drapery from rich materials like wool, velvet, or brocade. In addition, bedding textiles are soft, like silk, faux fur, satin, or wool.
  • Strong black. Black is a foundation color in glam bedroom designs. Deep tones accent jewel tones and metallics well. Black can be introduced as a paint, drapery, or home accent element.
  • Extravagant details. Sleigh beds and carved elements elevate glam bedrooms. Common characteristics of glam bedroom furniture are beautiful, feminine patterns with curved lines.
  • Art deco. The glam design style is inspired by the Art Deco movement that originated in the 1920s. It combines vintage and antique aspects with contemporary finishes. Think of art pieces like Autoportrait (Tamara in a Green Bugatti) by Tamara De Lempicka or Normandie by Cassandre.

What is a Glam Bedroom Set?

Glam bedroom sets usually include several pieces, including:

  • Sleigh bed or oversized, upholstered headboard
  • Ornate bench seating
  • Large combination dressers with lots of storage
  • 3-Drawer nightstands with metal hardware

Glam bedroom furniture can be compiled separately or purchased as a set. However, the standard features of the furniture are its oversized shape and carved or ornate details. Glam furniture is big and usually well-made. The primary color of the furniture is typically neutral, like white, cream, gray, or black.

There are several advantages to purchasing bedroom furniture as a set. The primary benefit is that the individual pieces are guaranteed to match. Buying bedroom furniture as a package is also less expensive than individually. Buying a glam bedroom set based on neutral colors makes buying accent home decor in strongly contrasting colors possible.

Glam Bedroom Set Recommendation: Austin Group Devon Queen Bed, Dresser, Mirror, and Nightstand

lifestyle image of Austin Group Devon bedroom set

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If you are looking for glam bedroom ideas, the Devon collection is perfect! This set has a warm ashy finish accented by strong silver hardware. The hardlines of the furniture look modern but are easily softened with the addition of plush fabrics and pillows. The Devon Queen Bed set has an elegant bed frame, a 3-drawer nightstand, a tall dresser, and a mirrored dresser.

Bed Recommendation for a Glam Bedroom: Liberty Magnolia Manor Queen Upholstered Bed

Liberty Magnolia Manor Queen Upholstered Bed

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Glam bedrooms have large beds that are the focal point of the space. The bed frame is typically lacquered to have a shiny finish. The headboard is upholstered in heavy fabrics like velvet and is quilted to look more luxurious. The bed is layered with lots of fluffy pillows and plush blankets. The overall aesthetic is a combination of comfort and luxury. The Manor Queen Upholstered Bed from Liberty Magnolia is an excellent choice for building a glam bedroom set.

This bed frame features elegantly carved headboards and footboards. This bed is guaranteed to be the focal point of the bedroom. It is oversized and a perfect blend of contemporary and classic design. The primary portion of the bed has washed cream paint. The headboard has beige, quilted fabric with elegant rivets. This glam bedroom set would look great with blue, purple, or pink bedding.

Nightstand Recommendation for a Glam Bedroom: Folio 21 Stoney Creek 3-Drawer Nightstand

Folio 21 Stoney Creek 3-Drawer Nightstand

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This three-drawer nightstand is the perfect addition to a glam bedroom. Glam bedroom furniture should be comforting and elegant. Natural wood finishes are not standard in glam bedroom decor. This glam nightstand features weathered cream paint and dark black hardware. The soft white look glamorous, while the black hardware gives it a hard edge.

This Stoney Creek Nightstand from Folio 21 is well-constructed from poplar veneers. It has dovetail joints and reinforced ball bearings that are guaranteed to last a long time. Hidden power outlets in the nightstand make charging your phone and personal electronics convenient. This sophisticated glam nightstand works as a standalone unit but also compliments the Liberty Magnolia Queen Upholstered Bed.

Dresser Recommendation for a Glam Bedroom: Avalon Nantucket Dresser & Mirror

Avalon Nantucket Dresser and Mirror

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This oversized dresser has plenty of storage and a large mirror. The mirror is framed by elegant wood that has sophisticated carvings. The primary color of the dresser is off-white. However, the top of the dresser is done in a contrasting gray wash that mimics silver. It complements the reflective quality of the mirror. Silver hardware further brings out the gray-washed top. The combination of white and gray creates an understated glamor. This piece easily fits into any glam bedroom.

There is plenty of storage in this dresser. Easily organize clothes in one of the seven drawers. The bottom drawers are lined with cedar and are ideal for sweater or blanket storage. The Nantucket Dresser and Mirror from Avalon Furniture is well made with dovetail joints, metal hardware, and poplar and birch veneers.

Seating Recommendation for a Glam Bedroom: Liberty Magnolia Manor Bed Bench

Liberty Magnolia Manor Bed Bench

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The mix of finishes in this bench makes it look very high-end. The base of the bench is an antiqued cream. The top of the bench is upholstered in medium-beige fabric that is quilted. This bench is a perfect match to the Manor Queen Upholstered Bed. Place this bench at the foot of the bed for casual seating or under a window.

Accessories For a Glam Bedroom

Glam bedrooms are designed with bold finishes that are both comfortable and luxurious. Therefore, contrasting textures and colors are common. An excellent base palette for a glam bedroom is black with gold or silver — layer accessories like thick, soft rugs with ornate light fixtures. Additional glam bedroom decor items are plush or furry blankets and large downy pillows.

Home Accents for a Glam Bedroom: Uma Black Metal Geometric Wall Mirror

Uma Black Metal Geometric Wall Mirror

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This mirror exudes elegance and sophistication. Its geometric shape mimics a classic gemstone, the diamond. The dark metal frame gives this metallic home accent piece just enough hardness. Adding fancy glam decorations quickly elevates your bedroom's design.

Mirrors are standard accessories in glam bedrooms because they are naturally reflective and make the room look bigger. Any additions that accentuate the glamorous finishes throughout the room and make it look expensive are an excellent choice.

Why Are Glam Bedrooms Popular?

When choosing between interior designs for your home, especially your bedroom, it's important to find the right style for you. Look at these five glam aspects and see if this style is for you.

  1. Look and feel luxurious. Everyone likes to be pampered, and having a glam bedroom is like sleeping in a sparkling cloud. Soft fabrics juxtapose the sleek hard lines of the furniture. Sleeping in a glam bedroom is like staying at the most excellent hotel possible.
  2. Classic and timeless colors. The base colors of glam bedrooms are gray, white, black, and metallics. These are all timeless tones that complement nearly every other color. Therefore, investing in glam bedroom decor is an investment that will stay on trend for years to come.
  3. Comfortable and warm. Glam bedrooms are all about luxury. That means the nicest and softest fabrics and pillows are used. The sparkle of a glam design is welcoming.
  4. Looks expensive. The glam decor is designed to look expensive. It focuses on opulent finishes and materials like gold and silver. Regardless of the purchase price, glam bedroom furniture and decor look more costly than other furniture styles like rustic or farmhouse.
  5. Easy to achieve. Glam style is a simple design to create. You can find mirrored accessories and comfortable bedding in any home decor store. In addition, large, glamorous furniture is commonly sold at all home furniture stores. The standard colors in glam bedrooms are easily integrated into existing designs, allowing you to transition your bedroom to a glam aesthetic slowly.

Glam Bedroom Vs. Rustic Bedroom

Perhaps the opposite design of a glam bedroom it's a rustic bedroom. Glam bedrooms have sleek, glitzy furniture and plush textiles that look high-end. In comparison, rustic bedrooms feature natural finishes like wood tones and stone. Also, while the bedding and accessories focus on comfort, like in glam bedrooms, rustic bedrooms have more handmade textiles, like knitted and woven blankets.

Rustic bedrooms focus on simplicity and evoke feelings of calm and peace. In contrast, glam bedrooms are usually full of accessories and contrasting materials that always give the eye somewhere new to look at. They are almost the opposite of superficial, using the highest-end finishes and materials. Glam bedrooms are comfortable and welcoming but also lavish. They are designed to spoil the homeowner with the best products possible, whereas rustic bedrooms are meant to bring a sense of peace that connects back to nature. Simply put, nature differentiates rustic and glam bedrooms from man-made luxury.

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