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How to Create the Perfect Cozy Cottage Retreat at Home

by Lucille Watson

cozy cottage exterior

A cozy cottage is so much more than a design style; it’s a way of life. Embracing slow movements and days spent outdoors in a fresh garden full of lilacs and lavender plants are a part of the cottage core aesthetic. To create a cottage style home is to create a space that is comfortable and warm. Books lying on a worn-in day bed. Fragrant scents of candles lit throughout each room. A home dedicated to making your family and guests feel like they belong.

Before you can relax in a cozy cottage, there are a few things that need to come to be. Choosing the right hues, furniture patterns, and decadent décor all hold value in this interior design. Our expert designers will walk you through how to adorn your home to make it a place of soothing refreshment. So, grab a warm cup of chamomile tea and unearth this style with us.

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What is Cottage Style Décor?

How to Create a Cozy Cottage Aesthetic

Cottage Décor in Each Room

Various Country Cottage Styles

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What is Cottage Style Decor?

The air is changing, becoming lighter and warmer, and so can your home. It’s prime time to unbury your gardening tools and get to work on your cottage garden. But, if you’re finding your interior needs a bit of a revamp as well, we’ll fill you in on how to make your abode as comfy and cozy as possible.

The cottage design is all about preserving antique and original pieces while creating a homely and warm atmosphere. The unique designs of cottage interior come from embellished historic stone and rustic floors. Soothing tones and textures along with weathered furniture and eclectic flea market finds encompass this delicate design.

Whether you find yourself daydreaming of the English countryside or musing over a coastal haven, a country home is a place to step away from the bustle of your day and relax into a good book.

cozy cottage with white dining room table

How to Create a Cottage Core Aesthetic

Now that we have a vision of what a quaint cottage is, let’s unravel the delicacies of this interior design.

Use Earthy and Neutral Tones

As you settle into your cottage home and make plans to decorate, take note of your outside surroundings. Cottages are inseparable from their rural outdoor backdrops, and not bringing earthy hues and neutral tones in would not do this design justice. Crisp tones of white and fresh shades of grey reflect the natural colors of the sky, while incorporating homey colors of wood like oak or walnut will bring your cozy cottage down-to-earth.

Layer in Classic Botanical Prints

Some may feel a cottage country-style home is synonymous with grandma’s house, but that isn’t the case. While antique furniture and relic heirlooms magnify this interior design, it doesn’t mean your home has to reflect outdated décor. By incorporating cool colors of fabrics for a loveseat or couch and pairing them with botanical printed throw pillows, your home will feature cottage designs while staying current.

It’s all About the Rustic Woods

A classic cottage home won’t be complete without weathered wood pieces. If your home doesn’t have exposed support beams running throughout your living room, don’t fret. By layering in wood furniture pieces or even wood-finished shiplap, your home will boast of cottage design. Add reclaimed or painted wood stools to your kitchen. Or easily play with dimensions by hanging a few dark oak shelves in your dining room. If you want your home to be robust without being overcrowded in colors, rustic wood pieces are a perfect touch.

Design Your Rustic Retreat

neutral colored cottage living room

Comfortable, Worn, Vintage-Inspired Pieces

Without vintage pieces scattered throughout your home, a cottage will lack a certain luster. This element is fun and easy to achieve. Your local thrift stores are brimming with antique fragments from older generations. Spend a day wandering through the aisles, and you’ll find gold-rimmed glassware or a classic printed rug. Keep an eye out for botanical or moody wall art and pair it with a wood frame. If you’re one to tire of décor quickly, thrifting your adornments is a sustainable way to transition from season to season.

Incorporating Cozy Cottage Styles into Your Home

If you’re ready to start your endeavor of transforming your home into a cozy cottage, then Great American Home Store is eager to help.

Quintessential Living Rooms

Fabric lampshades and twisted iron curtain rods will make your cottage living room overflow with a homey appeal. While some may think these elements are outdated, they add a perfect touch of classic charm. To not overwhelm the space, choose accent pieces that feature peaceful and warm colors. A baby blue rug and cream-colored walls will pull the outside freshness in. A cozy nook in your living room is a quintessential part of crafting a cottage. Throw a worn rocking chair next to an open window with a weathered quilt over it and you have a prime spot for watching your lilies grow in your garden.

Antique Kitchens

When designing your cottage home from scratch, or if you’re remodeling, incorporating antique and classic hardware into your kitchen is a must. Wooden knobs and brass old-fashioned drawers will transport your abode to a simpler time. Frill your kitchen table with a gaudy tablecloth and add some heavy-printed window shades above your sink to make your kitchen that much cozier.

Homey Bedrooms

Every country home needs a guest bed that pays tribute to Jane Austen’s fictional living quarters. Keep bedding simple, clean, and crisp to make your guests feel at home. Lush blankets and adorned quilts will bring in just the right amount of hominess. Place a toiled armchair in the corner near the window with a vintage TV across from it for a robust look. Lastly, as always, deck your bedroom in freshly clipped flowers from your cottage garden.

cozy cottage bedroom

Versions of Cozy Cottage Designs

There is more than one way to create lulling moments in picturesque rooms adorned with cottage-style furniture. A few different interior designs are below.

A Coastal Cottage Home

Traditional cottages are hidden amongst trees and rolling hills, but this coastal design is set within an entirely different atmosphere. Allow the waves to crash into your cottage living room with crisp white walls and sand-colored elements. Layer dark mahogany floors with taupe rugs to give a deeper dimension or tie in this vintage coffee table for a more earthy effect. Throughout your home, incorporate freshly plucked flowers and scavenged shells to place around your home. This casual and comfy loveseat will create the perfect space to doze off while your windows roll in each wave from outside. Decorate your cottage living room with natural fibers and splashes of coral-colored moments.

coastal cottage home

A Modern-Moment Cottage

If creams and light hues don’t quite catch everything you may want in your cozy cottage, incorporate a modern flair. While your cottage-style furniture may bring elements of grannies home, add in a few darker tones by painting your cottage bedroom baseboards black. Or while dressing your bed in botanical prints, bring your mood to modern times with this vintage metal bed frame. This piece will bring a unique, urban style to your cozy cottage.

An English-Charmed Cottage

Sheepskins, stone textured walls, and vintage eclectic furniture bring your cozy abode to the English countryside. Fill your walls with worn books, whether you’ve read them or not, and watch as your humble home transforms into a charming English haven. When you think of the backcountry of Europe, what may come to mind are overgrown fields of wildflowers— fill your home and cottage dining room to the brim with daffodils, roses, and thistles. This iron-work reclaimed dining room table from Furniture Source International brings the history of England’s humble homes to the present. Set out a tray for high-tea with mismatched parsley-printed cups and scones with a dollop of jam on them, and you’re ready to settle into a quaint English afternoon.

Charming and Charismatic

However you choose to decorate your cozy cottage is up to you. You can never have enough worn and weathered books or drying flowers lying about. The main aspect to remember when designing the interior of your country home is to have warm textured and bursts of antique nods to history.

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