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Create a Sense of Calm with Feng Shui Mirrors

by Michael Webster

Feng shui living room with mirrors, couch, armchair, and soft fur rug.

If you’re in search of a new interior style to incorporate into your modern home that provides a seamless flow with your furniture and décor, feng shui brings a sense of calm that will have you at complete peace inside your humble abode. Enhancing the feng shui in your home doesn't necessarily mean you have to knock down walls and completely rearrange your furniture. Smaller, subtle changes to your décor can actually make a significant difference and maximize the potential of comfort in all areas of your home. Mirrors are often used in many feng shui arrangements, and depending on where and how you hang them, can have many positive effects on the symmetry of your home. To help bring this soothing styling into your own space, our experts have provided some tips for hanging feng shui mirrors that will be sure to make an instant and long-lasting impact in your home.

What is Feng Shui?

Picture of comfortable armchair in the living room with four white mirrors above on the wall.

Before we get started, you’re probably curious as to how this style got its start? Feng shui was originated in China hundreds of years ago and is an ancient practice that, within interior design, is often referred to as the art of placement. To keep it short and sweet, feng shui is the art of arranging your furniture and décor in a common-sense manner that enhances the overall flow of your home. Understanding how the placement of your various decorative objects such as mirrors and other furniture blends together seamlessly within your space has been known to improve day-to-day life, energy levels, and help display the beauty of your home.  

Feng Shui Mirror Placement

Mirrors are a décor item used in many feng shui adjustments and are used for several specific purposes. On a simpler level, mirrors, in general, have the ability to bring more light into an area and make it look more spacious. Both light and space qualities are fantastic opportunities to bring in good feng shui. While decorating throughout your home, you might be pondering questions like: “Is it good feng shui to have a mirror facing a window?” And, of course, the inevitable: “how to hang a mirror?” web search before getting started on your peaceful arrangement.

Foyer in beautiful house with large mirror by entryway.

Feng shui entryway mirrors invite positive energy into a space and are most effective when hung near a window. A strategically placed feng shui mirror can reflect the view of outdoors right through the respective window and into a room to help create a relaxing ambiance that feels natural. With that being said, you’ll want to make sure that your wall mirrors reflect the things you want to see more of, such as a beautiful view of a garden or even just an abundance of natural light. As a general rule of thumb, you should only hang feng shui mirrors somewhere along a hallway and not at the end of it. Otherwise, it will “slow down” the flow of your home’s furniture and décor. Also, try to avoid hanging mirrors in the kitchen, as the original rules of feng shui associate placing them there with negative energy.

Types of Feng Shui Mirrors

You’ve now heard us talk about mirror placement, so to help further assist you in bringing in feng shui to your home, here are a couple of different types of mirrors that purely exemplify the spirit of feng shui.

Flat Mirrors

Flat mirrors are more of a standard-looking mirror; however, you’ll want to look for one with a regular shape like an oval, square, or rectangle. It can be frameless with polished edges or have a traditional frame, as long as it’s clean and placed in an ideal location.

Convex Mirrors

Convex mirrors are easy to distinguish because they’re shaped like the outside of a bowl. They’re very useful in feng shui arrangements because they provide a wider-angled view for you and your guests to see more of the surrounding room, which presents a larger looking space and provides protective qualities as well.

Concave Mirrors

To serve as the opposite to its convex cousin above, concave feng shui mirrors are shaped like the inside of a bowl. Concave mirrors are very unique because, unlike convex mirrors, their images display different dimensions depending on the distance between the mirror and the object.

Metal shelf with green plants in pots on beige wall with circular mirror and modern furniture.

Additionally, there are types of mirrors you’re going to want to avoid. If you’re specifically using them for feng shui, you’ll want to avoid any mirrors that are broken, cloudy, distorted, obscured, or have disconnected pieces (like a mosaic.) Not every mirror in your home will work with a feng shui arrangement, so don’t worry if you currently have a mirror in a room that looks like this. If you’re in need of a new mirror to help embody feng shui in your humble abode, we offer a vast selection of mirrors for every budget that will help you achieve the ideal home environment.

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