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How to Make Your Home Office Look More Professional

by Paige Pesko

A Desk with computer and light

Home is quickly becoming a primary working space for many people, and of this is you, it may be time to consider making it more presentable. A professional-looking workspace of your own can say a lot about your work, especially if you are trying to sell your services to others. The main difference of working from home is that you have more control over how your workspace looks. Continue reading to learn how to make your home office look more professional and turn your office into a haven of productivity.

Start With the Desk

The first place you will want to start when you are trying to make your home office more professional is with your desk. A desk in a home office is often the centerpiece of the entire room and can set the tone of the space. Typically, a desk is where you would meet someone for business matters, which is why you should invest in one made of quality materials. If you hold meetings in your home office often, consider a standalone desk. If you don’t normally take meetings, then you can get away with a desk and hutch set.

Think About Getting a Couch

When designing your home office, you also need to think about your visitors. There are two ways you can seat visitors: in chairs situated on the other side of your standalone desk or on a couch. If you are trying to convey a more relaxed atmosphere in your home office, then consider a high-quality couch. If you have enough room, it can be the perfect addition.

Eliminate Clutter

Clutter can make any space look unprofessional, which is why you will want to do your best to eliminate it. Getting rid of clutter can be easy if you have plenty of storage, a big enough desk for all your items, and a proper eye for utilizing vertical space. Getting rid of clutter will also make you appear organized, which can make your office look more professional to others.

Make Sure There Is Enough Room

In a home office, you will want to make sure you are operating out of a space that has enough room as well. You don’t want your partners or customers to feel claustrophobic—you want them to feel comfortable. This means measuring your space before you start to fill it with furniture to ensure that your home office doesn’t feel too confined.

Play Music

A home office can also feel more comfortable and professional with the addition of music. Soft music playing from a speaker of some kind in a home office can dictate the tone of the room when you are working. Think about how many other office spaces utilize various types of music without you even realizing it—and consider incorporating it into your own personal workspace.

Pay Attention to Lighting

Another aspect of a home office that can dictate the mood is lighting. Try your best to use natural light in your home office, if possible, because it’s best for productivity and can lift the tone of a room. However, you will also need ambient lighting. Instead of just using the existing overhead lighting already in the room, add lamps for focused lighting. Stylish lamps can give your room more character, but make sure they’re consistent with all the other furniture in your home office.

Add a Rug

If you have a hardwood floor in your home office, you can also make the room feel more comfortable for visitors by adding a rug. The best place to put a rug to add the right kind of visual interest is usually underneath a desk or in the center of a space. Plus, it’s nice to take your shoes off and rest them on a comfy carpet—it’ll do wonders for your ergonomic health.

Include a Coffeemaker or Water Cooler

Whenever welcoming guests into your office, you may want to offer them something to make yourself appear hospitable and accessible. One way to do this is by having a coffeemaker in your home office—plus, it can make the room smell nice in the process. You can also simply have a water cooler available. Both a coffeemaker and a water cooler can be nice gestures for visitors and make a space look very professional in the process.

Have a Printer

Part of having a professional office is owning the appropriate equipment. If you work in a business where you need to print out important documents, then you should have a printer readily available in your office instead of elsewhere in your home.

Decorate the Wall

A common mistake many people make in a home office is having no decorations on the wall. A home office’s wall space gives you a chance to put some personality into it. Some appropriate pieces you can hang on a home office’s wall include pictures of your family, artwork, and plaques. You might also be taking a lot of virtual meetings, and a decorated wall will give you a background that looks presentable.

Consider a Waiting Area

Every regular office has a waiting area of some sort, and if you have the space, you should consider adding one. Creating a waiting area in your home can be as simple as adding a small desk and a chair in a different room close to the office. You can also have a seating area right outside of your office. In case you do ever get behind in your appointments, it’s courteous to have an option for visitors if they need to wait. Simulating a traditional workspace in your home will always look more professional, and that’s something you should strive for.

Dedicate the Room to Work

The final way to make your home office look more professional is by dedicating the space to work. By having a room that serves no function except as a workspace, it will be easier to keep your home office looking professional because it will have a focused purpose.

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