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A BETTER Good Night’s Sleep

Start Everyday with a Good Night’s Sleep…

A good night’s sleep, just like proper diet and exercise, is essential to your mental, emotional and physical health. Yet many people just do not get the recommended amount of sleep needed each night to perform their best during the day.

Instead, they sacrifice sleep and wake up to the consequences, including difficulty concentrating, irritability, weakened immune system and even higher stress. The good news is that it does not have to be this way.

Better sleep can be as simple as sleeping on a better mattress!

GAHSBlog_Post_MaloufThe right mattress for a great night’s sleep is the one that meets your personal needs for comfort and support. But before you start shopping for a new mattress, you will need to know some bedding basics. From Mattresses that come compressed, for example, to Airbeds and Memory foam mattresses, there are quite a few options. With some general mattress information on the variety of choices available, it will be easier to choose the right bed for you- and get a great night’s sleep.


The most widely purchased type of bedding uses the support of tempered steel coils in a variety of configurations. Varying types and layers of upholstery provide insulation and cushioning between your body and the spring unit, resulting in a range of comfort choices. You can discover a range of these comfort choices through reviews from websites like Mattress Battle. They can steer you towards the right mattress for your needs so some have said.


Solid foam mattresses also offer a wide choice of sleeping sensations or “feels.” They can be made of a solid core or of several layers of different types of foam laminated together. Advanced technology in the new visco-elastic (“memory”) foams have added to the choice of comfort, support, and performance. Some people may decide to buy a memory foam mattress to help with any physical pain that they are experiencing, as well as helping them to have a better night’s sleep. The mattress inquirer recommends plenty of different types of memory foam mattresses that can suit the different needs of individuals to ensure that they can have a night of peaceful sleep.


Airbeds are now designed to look like the familiar mattress/foundation (boxspring) combination, with an air filled core providing the support instead of an innerspring or foam core. These designs offer a range of “feels” and typically are adjustable to suit individual sleeper’s needs.

Size Matters.

Two people sleeping on a full sized (“double”) mattress only have as much personal sleeping space as a baby in a crib. Here are the standard mattress size dimensions:
Applause Firm RS
California King 72″ x 84″
King 76″ x 80″
Queen 60″ x 80″
Full (Double) 53″ x 75″
Twin 38″ x 75″

Sleeping is literally the foundation of your life. It’s important to make an overall commitment to healthy, restorative sleep.

Design Inspiration Misc.

Home Decorating with Amy Hartelust

11206664_606789286127362_1523262605850700260_oAmy Hartelust is a painter and designer based right here in Memphis, Tennessee. In today’s blog, you can get to know Amy, get to know what inspires her in design and see some of her work. Her art is timeless and a perfect addition to any home’s decor. If you enjoy Amy’s work, you can follow her progress on her social platforms. She loves sharing her new designs and ideas with her Instagram followers and is open to all sorts of questions she receives about design.

GAHS: Amy what inspires your designs?

Amy: The inspiration for my designs comes from a variety of places. I LOVE modern floral design and I love building compositions in my paintings much like a florist would. I am drawn to the endless possibility that color, texture and pattern present.

GAHS: What is your decorating style?

Amy: I have a pretty eclectic decorating style I love vintage pieces but also love a pretty clean modern aesthetic as well.


GAHS: What is your favorite piece of furniture in your home?

Amy: I inherited my grandmother’s China cabinet and it is my favorite piece in my home. I use it to display some lovely modern, patterned dishes from Anthropologie. It’s a great mix of old and new.

GAHS: What is one piece of advice you can give a person trying to decorate their home?

Amy: I would say to just choose pieces that you love. Whether it be art or a new set of stairs from Pear Stairs, stay true to your style and all of the pieces will come together effortlessly. If you’re worried about your budget then make sure that you go to a place that does good deals, like Overstock. This way, you’ll be able to keep within budget.

Thank you so much to Amy for taking the time to answer our questions, we love featuring local Memphis talent on our blog! Be sure to stop by Amy’s website to see more of her work.



Visit Amy online:

Color Series

Color Series: Decorating with Marsala

Pantone’s Color of the Year is Marsala, a shade of red (and also a wine produced in Italy frequently used in cooking). It can bring a casual or chic look to any room instantly. For color combinations, pair marsala with blues like faded demin, ice blue or dark navy or neural tones such as linen, light brown and off-white. This shade can be added to alot of decorating styles as well, from rustic to bohemian and chic and classy. Add to some color to your home with this hearty hue with our tips and Marsala-inspired picks below!


1. Hand Blown Table Lamp with Drum Shade from Wayfair
2. Marsala “Fallen Tones” color combination found on design-seed
3. Marsala sofa featured on ZsaZsa Bellagio via Tumblr
4. King Size Diana Bed by Largo from Great American Home Store
5. Custom Upholstered Headboard in Marsala featured on design\milk
6. Vase Set of three found on Polyvore
7. Marsala 30″ High Oval Twist Wall Mirror from 55 Downing Street
8. Marsala pillow (top left-bottom right): Euro Style Lighting, Red Bubble, Zazzle, Euro Style Lighting, Society6
9. Marsala Pyramid Accent Cabinet from Stein World

​Woven textiles in red, like throw pillows, baskets, and area rugs, will enhance a rustic and relaxed look.
Pair Marsala with blue tones for a fresh combination; consider faded denim, ice blue, or dark navy.
Blend metallics with red accents for a warm, cohesive look, like copper serveware or brass objets.
Go for a bohemian vibe with ikat and tribal patterns in Marsala red, light brown, and off-white.
Give your kitchen a chic update with Marsala-inspired picks, from table linens to small appliances.


Bedrooms Know Your Furniture

What are Casegoods?

photo source |
photo source |

Casegoods generally refers to furniture made of hard materials, such as wood, metal, glass or plastic. Examples of casegoods include chests, dressers, bookshelves, and cabinets that provide interior storage space.

When you are shopping for furniture, casegoods is a term used for furniture that is not upholstered. The quality in which the casegood is built determines the price and durability. There are a few things you should consider when buying casegoods.

  • Check the joints, there are a few different ways of joining wood and you can learn these reading our blog post Difference in Joint Types
  • Check the drawers; do they slide well? What is the glide track? Is it metal, heavy-duty? The drawer shouldn’t move wobble or side to side
Know Your Furniture Living Rooms

Difference in Joint Types

When buying quality furniture there should be an obvious difference in the craftsmanship. If you do not know how to recognize these details read more from our in store experts about what to look for.

The difference in joints lies in how the piece of furniture is built. There are various ways of each type of joint, but there is a distinct difference in quality when you can recognize these different types.

SCREWED1Glued & Screwed Corner Back
The glued & screwed corner system is much stronger than the wood fasteners they replace – dowels, tenons, biscuits, etc. Along with that, using self tapping screws exert a tremendous amount of clamping pressure, drawing the surfaces of the wood into the “intimate contact” that adhesive manufacturers say is among the most important factors in producing a solid joint. Usually this is used in leg rails and braces – securely attaching leg rails and braces quickly and invisibly.

DOVETAILLap Dovetail Joint
Dovetail joints are very strong and neat joints used primarily to make drawers. Dovetail joints are, in my opinion, the prettiest of joinery techniques. They provide incredibly strong joints that, if done correctly, don’t even need glue to hold them together. However, they also require much more skill and precision to create than other joinery methods.

The two basic types of dovetail joints are through (or plain dovetail) and half-blind.

Through Dovetail where the end grain of both boards is visible when the joint is assembled.  Traditionally, the dovetails would have often be covered by a veneer. However, dovetails have become a signature of craftsmanship and are generally considered a feature, so they are rarely concealed in contemporary work A half-blind dovetail is used when the craftsman does not wish end grain to be visible from the front of the item. The tails are housed in sockets in the ends of the board that is to be the front of the item so that their ends cannot be seen. Half-blind dovetails are commonly used to fasten drawer fronts to drawer sides.

DOWELDowel Joint
The dowel reinforced butt joint or simply dowel joint is a very common method of reinforcing butt joints in furniture for years. Dowel joints are popular in chairs, cabinets, panels and tabletops. The benefit of a dowel joint is that it produces a joint which is much stronger than a butt joint without reinforcement. The dowels offer some holding strength even after the glue has deteriorated.

Color Series

Color Series : Decorating with Turquoise

Sometimes color can be scary, & sometimes we need some inspiration for using color in our own homes. That is why we wanted to start this new Color Series on the GAHS blog all about using color in your homes & ways you can bring color into your spaces from accessories to paint, from affordable to more expensive. We will show you how to use bold colors to your home and demonstrate ways to use in accents with paints and accessories.


  1.  Diamond Window Panel Curtains from Seaside Beach Decor
  2.  Teal/Grey/Yellow Accent Pillow from ElemenOPillows
  3.  3 Drawer Accent Chest by Stein World from The Great American Home Store
  4.  Metro Chrome Sofa by Jonathan Louis from The Great American Home Store

regaleUsing turquoise as an accent color is a simple way to add color to a room without committing to a large wall color, piece of furniture or artwork.

There are all kinds options to do this with; rugs, clocks, throws or even flowers. If you like to go to yard sales or thrift stores collect random frames and use them to create a gallery wall using pops of color.

Add bright, retro flair to your decor with a vintage-inspired metal clock, finished in glossy aqua blue.

photo source | world market
photo source | world market

For a either a den, living room or reading nook in your house add a fun punch of color with an ottoman, featured on sarah m. dorsey design blog.

diy painted striped rug8

Adorned with fringed trim, this classic woven throw adds a cozy finishing touch to your bed or sofa.

photo source | joss & main
photo source | joss & main