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GAHSBlog_CustomBassett3At Great American Home Store we are excited to be the exclusive dealer for Bassett Furniture in the Mid South area! With this exciting addition to our product line we can now offer a unique design option for your home… customized sofas. With every detail from fabric choices, arm styles and leg options you can choose everything to match your home’s current or new decor!

There are custom steps to follow to design you dream sofa, and during this blog I am going to discuss each one in depth. You are always welcome to come into our store and speak to a salesperson as well. They will be happy to show you our gorgeous Custom Design Gallery so you can see and feel all the options in person.


The first step in designing your new sofa is to pick out your length. Bassett offers 4 versions, varying from a smaller 77″ to an extra large 95″ and whichever one fits your space is available. Take length and depth measurements of your space, write them down and decide which size best suits your needs. The specifics are listed below:

Loft || Total Length: 77″-81″ – Total Depth: 39″ – Arm Height: 26″
Townhouse ||  Total Length: 84″-88″ – Total Depth: 37″ – Arm height: 27″
Manor || Total Length: 82″-92″ – Total Depth: 38′ – Arm height: 28″
Estate || Total Length: 87″-95″ – Total Depth: 41″ – Arm height: 28″



The next choice you have with your custom sofa is the arm style. Bassett offers 5 different styles that range from traditional to a more modern look. With each arm style there will be a corresponding cushion; either T-cushion or a straight cushion (with a full front arm). The  simplicity and clean lines of the Sock style mean it leans in a more contemporary direction, while the Pleated is much like the sock arm but has pleats on the front. It works quite well in this more traditional living room, but is very versatile and fits just as comfortably in a contemporary setting.

RenderImageThe track arm style (like in the example image) is for you if you like a more contemporary look; it’s rarely used with a T-cushion, because most people think the straight cushion goes better with a contemporary design.

Note: Although each of the arm styles here tends to lean in a direction that’s characteristic of a period or look, there are no hard and fast rules. As usual in interior design, the main thing is what you like the best.


Next is to choose your base. There are 5 different types of bases that come in a variety of finishes. From every color wood you can match to Antique Brass or Nickel accents. There is unlimited amounts of custom options to make your sofa your own, and a salesperson at The Great American Home Store is always available to help you decide.

GAHSBlog_BackOptionsAfter you choose your size, fabric, arm and style leg- next is to choose your back style! Each of these 3 styles, Boxed, Knife and Bed Pillow all come with the option of semi-attached and loose fit. If you have children or pets around your home, it might be a good idea to get the loose fit for easier maintenance.

Once you design the sofa the way you want, you have the color options to choose from. With over 1,000 fabrics this is where it can become tricky if you are not familiar with the many variations with fabric… Which is why we carry a sample of each and every Bassett fabric option for you to be able to touch and feel. No guess work involved!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to using Bassett’s Custom Upholstery Program, along with our talented sales staff to help you with the process.

Be sure to stop by our Basset Gallery and watch each upholstery piece that you build unfold before your eyes at our online station.