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Game Day Essentials

In the immortal words of Don Henley, the boys of summer have gone. It’s FOOTBALL SEASON.

football-1583642_1280You might not get to tailgate with friends, but you can always find a comfy chair and prop your feet up (while munching on some delicious game-worthy snacks). Here are some Game Day ideas to help make your watch party a personal victory:

65_GP1) Rearrange the layout as necessary

A watch party is a very specific kind of get-together, so temporarily rearranging the furniture may be in order. Try moving all the seating to face the TV without obstructions. Remember that your guests will need to set down their drinks and plates, so we recommend strategically-placed accent tables in addition to the coffee table.

7NZ47-23286C_RECLINER_MODEL_V232) Put out Multiple TVs

If you have TVs in other parts of the house, such as your bedroom, move them to the common areas for the party. No one will worry about heading to the kitchen for second helpings if there’s a TV on the counter!

DeathtoStock_Creative Community103) Decorate with team colors

Set the tone of the day! Sure, you could just wear the team colors – but why not incorporate them into your living room? Start by adding wall art of your team’s logo and scatter some assorted team merchandise on shelves or accent tables. Most online spirit shops carry home decor items such as throw pillows and blankets, and this is another great way to pepper team loyalty into your space.

KR4d_Easton_LB126885_2034) Feed the masses

Finger foods make for good snacks – especially chips and dip. There are so many homemade treats you could whip up (Pinterest is chock full of them), or you can cheat a little and order takeout from a local hot wing/pizza restaurant. We also recommend raiding the grocery store’s frozen appetizer section for snacks like Bagel Bites and pigs-in-a-blanket. You can somewhat offset the unhealthier options with a raw vegetable plate and low-fat ranch dip.

Then try to find party plates and cups in your team colors to stick with your theme. It’ll be like tailgating in the comfort of your home.

buffet-974742_1920 (1)

One of our ultimate favorite party recipes is Baked Potato Dip – trust us, it’s DELICIOUS and easy to make!Loaded Baked Potato Dip Recipe5) Prevent messes

Make sure to put plastic team-colored tablecloths over your wooden tables to protect them from spills (and folks who aren’t apt to use a coaster ?). You can also purchase an inexpensive slipcover for your sofa, or just cover it in washable throw blankets to easily clean up crumbs and debris.

If you’re concerned about your carpets, keep a small Rug Doctor or foaming cleaner close by to tackle potential stains right away.

KR3cc_Tyler_E134174_sports_m2736) Seize the opportunity for an upgrade

The best part about watching the game from home is not having to sit on hard stadium seating, but it’s not much of an improvement if your recliner is worn out. But at least we’ll have our Promotional Stadium Cups in our hands full of beer!A good brand to look at for an upgrade is La-Z-Boy. The Great American Home Store houses a La-Z-Boy Custom Design Studio, so you can not only test out which chair is right for you and your comfort level but also choose from lots of fabric/leather options. Our other favorite recliners are by Flexsteel, Franklin, Washington, and Best Home Furnishings. If you’d rather go for a lift chair, try Catnapper and UltraComfort. Any of these would be a good choice for your next “easy chair” so you can watch the game in comfort.

You may even want to prepare for unexpected overnight guests with a sleeper sofa or new mattress in the guest room. If you’re having lots of guests over for the night, you’ll need to think about where they’ll sleep a few weeks in advance. Check out a website like Modern Digs Furniture if you need to buy some new furniture.

S856CP4_EDITORIAL_37) Provide for the non-fans

Not everyone loves football, so you may want to carve out a space for guests who’d like to avoid anything sports-related. They could sit at the dining room table to chat, or maybe watch a movie in a spare room. This would also be great for kids if they were brought along for the festivities.


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