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Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of White Furniture

White furniture lovers have heard it all before: “You’ll regret that light sofa! It’ll show every piece of dirt, every hair, every crumb!” “You can’t have white furniture if you have kids or pets!” “The stains will never come out!”

white furniture

Yes, white furniture (or off-white, beige, cream, etc.) is a little more high maintenance than say, a patterned sofa in a darker shade. But there are ways to add the fresh, light-colored pieces you’ve been seeing everywhere into your own home – without driving yourself crazy! Now, if you do end up getting any dirt or stains on your white furniture, you’re probably going to need to use some couch cleaning tips and tricks to help you get your couch back to full health. Or, you may consider buying an upholstery steam cleaner for you sofa’s to get rid of those nasty stains, so your white furniture can stay looking fresh forever! Finally, you can get that white furniture you’ve been eyeing on that furniture site similar to WAYSIDEFURNITUREHOUSE.COM without having to worry that your money will go down the drain due to a little stain.

white furniture

Our Tips for Making White Furniture Work:

1) Choose a piece that’s upholstered with something stain-resistant like Revolution Fabrics, which is 100% Olefin fiber. We love this option because unlike other fabrics that rely on a chemical coating to be stain-resistant, Revolution Fabrics are chemical and PFC-free. Olefin fiber even won its creators a Nobel Prize for being inherently antimicrobial and stain/fade-resistant on its own. Most spills wipe off of it with just water! We could honestly go on and on, so if you’re interested in Revolution Fabrics, you can watch these demonstration videos. We also carry furniture upholstered in this fabric in our Home Stores.

white furniture

2) If you’re dealing with standard fabrics such as cotton or polyester, try using a small, portable carpet cleaner to get tough stains off of areas like the armrests. First you spray the diluted cleaning solution and then the machine uses suction to lift off the stain. When you’re done cleaning, just dump out the dirty water chamber (it’s basically like a smaller version of the RugDoctor).white furniture

3) Putting lots of pillows with removable, washable covers on your white sofa is advisable. They can take the brunt of the wear and tear, and are more easily switched out. The same goes for placing a throw blanket over the sofa if you’re about to have company. Some people may be hesitant to sit on your white furniture for fear of messing it up, so in these cases, it’s better to just put their minds at ease. Choose a blanket that’s machine washable.

white furniture

4) You can also rotate your sofa’s cushions if one side seems to get sat on more than the other. Make it a habit to move all the cushions to a different place on the sofa every couple of months.

white furniture

Really, there’s a lot to love about light furniture. It will likely be the cleanest furniture in your entire house since you can see dirt and debris more easily. (Think about it – there may be stuff on your darker furniture that you don’t even know is there!) We also love the look. There’s just something about it that’s pleasing to the eye, and being a neutral, white goes with nearly every color scheme and decor type.

So ignore those naysayers! If you love white furniture, you know that the pros outweigh the cons. Stains don’t stand a chance.

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