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12 Tips for a Cozy Guest Room

When overnight guests arrive at your home, expected or unexpected, it can send even the most seasoned host into a panic. Remembering to set out everything they might need can be a daunting process! That’s why we’ve gathered the best tried-and-true tips to make your visitors feel completely at home in your guest room.

12 Tips for a Cozy Guest Room

1) Add a bench at the foot of the bed or purchase a folding luggage stand

Your guests will appreciate a nice surface to put their suitcase on so they don’t have to rummage through it on the floor.

2) Have some entertainment available

As your guests are winding down for the night, they may want to read or watch their favorite show for a while. Having some books, magazines and/or a TV in their room is a great way to make them feel at home. Another nice gesture is to put the Wifi password somewhere visible – maybe in a frame on the dresser?

12 Tips for a Cozy Guest Room

3) Create a seating area

If space allows, add a little reading nook in the guest room. Many guests will like having place to sit that’s not the bed.

12 Tips for a Cozy Guest Room

4) Include a mirror

Give your guests a spot to freshen up with an eye-level mirror or sit-down vanity. This will keep them from feeling like they’re hogging the bathroom.

12 Tips for a Cozy Guest Room

5) Keep an assortment of extra pillows on hand

It doesn’t have to be a lot – maybe 2 traditional polyester fill and 2 down pillows to give your guests a choice of loft.

12 Tips for a Cozy Guest Room

6) …And extra blankets of varying thickness

If your guests wake up cold in the middle of the night, they’ll be infinitely grateful!

12 Tips for a Cozy Guest Room

7) Provide a place to hang up clothes

If there’s a closet in the guest room, have some empty clothes hangers available. If not, a valet or clothing rack will work perfectly.

12 Tips for a Cozy Guest Room

8) Deck out the nightstand

Some good items to include are: a little dish to hold jewelry, a couple of glasses for water, a lamp, remote controls, and an alarm clock.

12 Tips for a Cozy Guest Room

9) Bring in some fresh flowers

There’s nothing like real greenery to make friends feel welcome! (But you may want to stick with a non-flowering plant or omit this step altogether if your guests have allergies.)

12 Tips for a Cozy Guest Room

10) Put together a basket of travel-sized toiletries

In case one of your guests forgets something like their toothbrush or shampoo, it’s good to have some available. (Don’t forget extra towels, Kleenex, and pain reliever.)

12 Tips for a Cozy Guest Room

11) Put an iron or steamer in the closet

Your guests’ clothes may get wrinkled in-transit, so take a cue from hotels and put out a small iron or steamer for them to use. If you have pets in your house, it’s nice to include a lint roller as well.

12 Tips for a Cozy Guest Room

12) Have some available plugs for charging

An easily accessible place to charge electronic devices will be much appreciated by weary travelers! If you want to go the extra mile, purchase a universal charger in case they forget their charging cords.

We hope you found these tips helpful! If you’re looking for more guest room design ideas, we’ve complied our favorites on Pinterest:

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The Anatomy of a Knockout Living Room

When you see it, you know.

The Anatomy of a Knockout Living Room

So, you’ve just bought a new property using a short term loan used to ‘bridge the gap’ and now you want to decorate it beautifully. Sometimes a well-designed living room will stop you in your tracks. It’s balanced, cohesive, not too loud, not too subdued… just right. But what makes it so great? A certain unattainable je ne sais quoi? Nope! Just some design know-how that we’re about to share with you.

The Anatomy of a Knockout Living Room

Here’s an example of a living room that has lots of functionality and personality. Now, let’s turn this image into a design roadmap you can reference whenever you need some layout inspiration!

The Anatomy of a Knockout Living RoomA) SIDE TABLES can be used to “bookend” your sofa/sectional (as shown above) or to simply provide more storage surface for your family. They’re especially great when guests come over if they’re seated someplace that’s out of reach from the coffee table.

B) Coordinating THROW PILLOWS in various sizes and shapes will make your sofa look cozy and put-together. If you’re having trouble figuring out what patterns and colors work as a group, we found an extremely helpful guide. (Thanks for demystifying the process, Shannon!)

C) If you already have a lot of patterns and visual interest in your room, go simpler with your RUG (and vice versa). Check out sites like for more inspiration. Another way to add texture is to layer two rugs like the example above. Need help with rug sizing and placement? Fixer Upper‘s Joanna Gaines created this handy guide.

D) A COFFEE TABLE or large ottoman will help anchor the space and be a perfect spot for decor, food and drink, or to put your feet up after a long day. Try a more unexpected piece like the leather-topped coffee table above, or a vintage trunk with hidden storage.

E) A great way to keep your living room as versatile as possible is to go for a neutral color on bigger purchases like your SOFA or SECTIONAL. Then you can switch out decor and accessories as the seasons change without worrying about the larger pieces clashing.

F) ACCENT CHAIRS provide additional seating and can tie in with colors you’ve used elsewhere in your room. We love the simple plaid pattern in the example above.

G) MIRRORS have a knack for making a room look larger. They also look beautiful and reflect light throughout the space. What’s not to love?

H) Flowy CURTAINS that provide privacy but still let in natural light will make your living room look magazine-worthy.

I) The sun can’t do all the work, so make sure to include some pretty LAMPS and overhead lighting to pick up the slack.

J) A good ACCENT WALL can tie a whole room together. We love the distressed, rustic look above, but there are lots of other directions to go: Shiplap, brick, stone, paint, patterned wallpaper, etc.

K) PLANTS, real or faux, add a sense of life to a space. In rooms with subdued color palettes, that pop of greenery makes a world of difference.

L) All those walls can seem bare without some ARTWORK to adorn them! Whether you opt for black and white like the above example or choose vibrant color, experiment with placement until you find an arrangement you love. You could also go to some acrylic prints experts to get some personalized photo prints to add some heart to the room.

M) Your WALL COLOR sets the tone for the rest of the room’s design. Lighter colors tend to make a room look bigger and more open, and darker colors make it feel more cozy. In our example, the dark main wall color and light accent wall give us the best of both worlds!

N) Matching METALLIC ELEMENTS throughout the room can make your design extra luxe. In the example, you can spot several gold accents.

O) OPEN SHELVING will provide additional storage and give you more space to display your treasures. Here’s a wonderful guide on how to style open shelves and vignettes throughout your home. (Thanks for all the helpful tips, Lauren!)

The Anatomy of a Knockout Living Room

Ready to tackle your own space? You’ve got this!

If you want even more inspiration, check out the Living Rooms board on our Pinterest page. We’re always on the hunt for great home decor ideas so we can share them with you.