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6 Insider Design Trends That Will Elevate Your Home’s Look

With the world’s largest furniture trade show for Spring 2017 behind us, we took notes on the top design trends that pervaded the market to offer you tips on how to incorporate these into your own decor. Whether you’re looking for a fresh makeover inspired by this year’s hottest styles, or simply to bring a little chic to your current space, here’s 6 ways you can implement these hot new looks:

1) Bright and Bold Colors

blue and chartreuse The color that dominated market this year was blue in all different shades and hues. Whether you want to use it as a color for your focal points or as an accent, blue is extremely versatile in how many ways it can be incorporated, even into an existing color scheme. Darker blues add a warm feeling to a room, while lighter blues create a light and spacious atmosphere.

Another color that was in strong form was chartreuse. Chartreuse is a blend of green and yellow that makes a bold statement. Often finding its way into patterned fabrics or as a plain solid, it’s usually paired with cool tones to bring an optimistic feel to the room. You can easily incorporate these color trends into your home by adding a throw pillow or piece of art that feature these colors.

2) Patterns


Design patterns that feature geometric or circular patterns add visual dimension to otherwise normal pieces. These patterns can easily be brought into your room by throwing a rug on the floor or hanging curtains that incorporate this trend. As far as furniture goes, accent cabinets and occasional tables often feature these patterns to add depth and excitement to a flat room.

3) Contrast

contrast design trends

Mixing unexpected combinations and patterns is a big trend this year. Combining wood texture with metallic gold is just an example of some of the contrasting combinations that create juxtaposition. Don’t be afraid to mix and match to create visual contrast in color, texture, pattern, or material.

4) Style That Lasts

In past years, style has reigned over comfort and durability. This year, more of an emphasis is being placed on features like stain resistant fabrics and higher quality materials and construction. Changing the consumer needs are driving demand for furniture that will last longer and keep looking good. Materials like Revolution fabrics are durable, cleanable, and come in a wide variety of options. Great American Home Store carries many different brands that utilize Revolution fabric.

5) Contemporary Design

contemporary homeClassic pieces with a contemporary flair will modernize your home. Soft contemporary design is a feature of the current Miami furniture trends and using soft colours and a variety of shapes has become very popular. An easy way to incorporate this is by adding an ottoman or side table that integrate a contemporary look into your existing decor. Placing a sleek and modern lamp in your room will add lighting and a fresh look to the area.

6) Accent Items

Accent items are a perfect way to spruce up a room without having to completely renovate. Small items such as decorative jars, faux plants, and accent furniture like chairs, tables, and cabinets can add a whole new feel to your space.

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