Mattresses Shopping Tips

Telltale Signs You Need A New Mattress

Most people don’t put too much thought into their mattress, yet it’s a crucial component to better sleep quality. A comfortable bed can improve sleep, which will improve both your mental and physical wellbeing, making it one of the most important pieces of furniture in your home. If you think it’s time to upgrade the way you sleep, here are eight telltale signs you need a new mattress.

It’s At Least Seven Years Old

As with many items you own, it usually comes with an expiration date. The Better Sleep Council recommends getting a new mattress before the seven-year mark, as this is typically when most mattress lose comfort and no longer provide support. Try to keep track of when you purchase any new type of furniture, so you know exactly when it’s time to make a change.

You Sink to The Floor

Another telltale sign you need a new mattress is when your bed starts to feel more like a hammock than a mattress. This change may occur because the supportive materials in your mattress are no longer as resilient as they once were. All mattress material types degrade with use, but foam materials degrade the most over time:

  • Polyfoam materials can lose up to 50%
  • Latex foam can lose 22.6%
  • Memory foam can lose 16.2% for memory foam.

Resiliency loss occurs over a period of 10 years or 100,000 rollator cycles in tests. This is partly because foams are porous and absorb moisture like a sponge. While your mattress should be comfortable and worn in, it shouldn’t have any significant sags.

It Smells

We spend a ton of time in our beds, which is why they are prone to odor, especially if you don’t regularly clean the sheets. The smell can also come from mold, mildew, and fungi buildup. People sweat far more in their beds than they release, and the moisture causes mattress degradation. So, make sure you inspect your mattress and get a new one immediately if this is the case.

You Have Bad Dust Allergies

It is also easy for an older mattress to trigger allergies when issues like mold, mildew, and fungi grow on it. Your mattress may also be home to dust mites and dead skin cells, both of which can cause allergic reactions or allergy-like symptoms. If you start to notice that you always wake up with a runny nose, headaches, a cough, or an itchy throat, you should consider replacing your mattress.

You Suffer from Pain

Something else you might suffer from when you have a bad mattress is any type of back, shoulder, or neck pain. A few different factors can contribute to the pain you’re experiencing, but mattress degradation, a poor sleeping position, your partner, and just not having the correct bed for your body type could be to blame. Your bed should be comfortable, and if you toss and turn all night, a new mattress might solve this issue.

It Makes Noise

As you potentially toss and turn at night, you might also notice constant squeaks coming from the springs of your mattress. The noises are a typical sign that your mattress has worn out, but take a look at the frame before you make the call to replace it.

Body Changes

This next one mostly applies to younger children who outgrow their beds. Typically, children will sleep in a twin bed, but it might be time to upgrade them to a full if they recently had a growth spurt. Upgrading to a bigger mattress will ensure that their feet don’t hang off the side of the bed.

There’s Not Enough Room for Two

Another life change that may mean you should get a new bed is you recently moved in with someone and now share the same bed. This might require you to upgrade your sleeping arrangements to a king or queen size mattress. You might also be sharing your bed with your pet as well. If you don’t want to worry about anyone falling off the bed, get a bigger size for two and consider a separate bed for your pet so that you can both sleep in comfort.

Other Potential Reasons:

  • Snoring (can be fixed with an adjustable base)
  • Poor circulation (can also be fixed with an adjustable base)
  • Acid Reflux (again, adjustable base)
  • Waking up when a partner or pet gets in/out of bed (motion transfer)

Everyone needs a good night’s sleep to perform at their best. Great American Home Store has plenty of high-quality mattresses you can browse at one of our stores in the Memphis area.

Design Inspiration Dining Rooms

How to Design the Perfect Dining Room

The dining room is where friends and families gather to enjoy each other’s company, which is even more important when we tend to communicate so much through technology. This is why a dining room is a staple of any home—plus, there is so much you can do with the look and feel of it. If you recently moved into a home or are working on a renovation project, here’s how to design the perfect dining room.

Figure out the Scale of the Room

Before you start buying furniture and décor for your dining room, you first need to make sure you don’t purchase items that are too big. Be sure to consider the available space for your dining room and take down measurements. A thing to keep in mind when you are determining the scale of your dining room is how many people typically eat at once. By figuring this all out, it will make it much easier for when you start to get the dining room furniture because you will know whether or not it will fit in the room or not. For example, this can be the deciding factor between getting a round or a rectangular table and will help narrow down your search.

Keep it Consistent

It’s important that when you are looking at what you are filing up your dining room with that it matches the overall theme of your downstairs area—especially if you live in a small home. There are some themes that you can blend together, but there are others that can be pretty drastic such as a modern look with a rustic design. A lot of it also deals with the look and feel. Try to visualize how the furniture and accessories you are looking at will fit within the space you are filling and the ideas you have for the room.

Decide on a Tone with Color

After you have an idea and determine the scale of the room you are working with, the next step is to decide on a tone. You can best accomplish this by choosing a color to your liking for the walls, furniture, accessories, dishes, and more. A great way to tie the whole room together is to go for neutral colors such as brown, white, gray, and beige. Color can do an awful lot subconsciously, so you want to choose a feeling that you want to give off for the dinners you will be having normally.

Decorate the Wall

A must-have accessory for your dining room is some kind of wall décor. Many people tend to go with cool artwork, but you can also choose signage or a mirror. For signage, it can be a board with a quote you like that gives off a good vibe, or you can get a nice mirror that can bring some elegance to the room. The color of a dining room can present a mood, but wall décor will make the room feel bigger and give it some character.

Choose Your Lighting

Another aspect of your dining room you need to take into consideration is the lighting. Decide on where your lighting will come from—whether it is overhead lighting with a chandelier or if you decide to go with lamps. You might also want the option to install dimmable lighting so you can play with the mood of the room. Think about whether you will use candles in the room and how the natural light from the windows affects the room.

Ensure Comfortability

Meals are a tradition that brings families and friends together. As such, you want to be comfortable when you are enjoying meals together—especially dinner after a long day. When you are looking for furniture, make sure that it’s comfortable. Another option you have for the setting that is becoming more popular is dining benches instead of traditional chairs. While a chair and a table’s appearance play a major role in the look of the room, you still want yourself and others to be content with using the furniture itself.

Get a Centerpiece

For your dining room table, you are going to want to include a centerpiece. A centerpiece for your table can be anything from flowers and candles to a tablecloth and decorated mason jars. The key to making your centerpiece look good is to not overdo it. Less is more in this instance, but a centerpiece will still make a great addition to your dining room table.

Create a Staging Area

Another part of your dining room that you should think about adding to your table and chairs is a staging area. A staging area is typically another addition you will make to fill the space of a dining room. With a staging area, you have some freedom with what you want it to be. You can use it as storage with a dining cabinet or a buffet and hutch. A staging area should also have some decorations on it as well—whether it be some plants, pictures, dishes, candles, books, etc. You have a lot of flexibility to do what you want with it. However, like the table centerpiece, you will want to make it subtle.

Absorb the Sound with a Rug

A room without anything in it can be noisy, but as you slowly add to it, that will start to disappear. To absorb the sound in the room, take advantage of a rug. If you have hardwood floors, this will also prevent any potential floor damage. A rug with a cool design is also a nice touch to give the room some more character.

Part of knowing how to design the perfect dining room is to realize that it’s an ongoing process. Sometimes things don’t look as great as you once visualized, and it will continue to evolve as time goes on. The point is to not be afraid to experiment with the room because that’s how you can end up with something special. Take these tips with you and go create the dining room of your dreams.

How to Design the Perfect Dining Room

Essential Furniture Pieces for Your Home Office

More people are working from home, thanks to today’s technology, which means home offices are more common. A home office should be both functional and aesthetically pleasing for optimal productivity. If you’re transitioning to remote work, here are the essential furniture pieces for your home office.


With most work done on computers, an essential furniture piece for your home office is a desk. When looking for a desk, there are many things to consider. An option at the Great American Home Store includes desk and hutch sets, which feature plentiful overhead storage and are an excellent place for desktop computers. You can also go with a stand-alone desk for your home office as well if you tend to have meetings or have more room to work with.


You can’t have a desk without a chair, which is why it’s the second most important home office item on this list. When you’re searching for home office seating, you want to strike a balance between comfort and style.

Filing & Storage

An office space might also require extra storage and filing to ensure that you stay organized. Filing or storage can also add quite a bit to your home office by making it feel bigger and adding a neat aesthetic with a timeless look.


An extra addition that you should make to your home office is a bookcase. While physical media is on the way out, a bookcase is still a very elegant piece of furniture that can truly transform a room. A bookcase doesn’t have to be limited to books, either. You can use a bookcase for pictures, statues, baskets, and so much more.

If you need high-quality office furniture in the Memphis area, the Great American Home Store has a fantastic selection. You can find the style your home office needs with the Sonoma Road, Caraway, or Harper Point collections.

Design Inspiration Living Rooms

The Most Common Living Room Design Mistakes

The living room might be the place in our homes where we tend to spend the most time. That’s why it’s crucial that a living room’s design works. Here are the most common living room design mistakes to avoid.

Having One Source of Light

Light adds a lot to a room by having the ability to change the mood. There are people out there that only use their overhead lighting, but sometimes it can be too bright. Don’t be afraid to add other sources of light in your room, such as table and floor lamps, to give you more flexibility for living room ambiance.

No Side Tables

A side table alongside your couch is a staple of any living room. However, some people don’t find them necessary or don’t even consider them. Side tables add so much to your living room with the addition of a picture and a lamp. Not to mention, you can use it as a practical place to put your phone, beverage, or remote on something.

Too Many Pillows

Throw pillows can make for an incredible addition to your couch. Nonetheless, too many throw pillows can throw off the appearance of your couch. That’s why less is more in this scenario. Try to stick with two throw pillows on each side for your couch.

A Small Rug

Ottomans are another essential part of a living room. Underneath an ottoman, people will typically place a rug underneath it. When you are choosing a living room rug, make sure it’s far bigger than your ottoman. A small rug is yet another one of the most common living room design mistakes people make—it will make your room feel unbalanced, especially if it’s a small room.

Not Practical

A final mistake a lot of people make with their living room design is not making it practical. While your living room should look good, it also needs to be practical. An example of an impractical room is when people hang up their TVs over a fireplace. While this looks nice, it can be too high up on the wall. Instead, the TV should be at eye-level. Also, be sure to get living room furniture that you will actually use and is comfortable.

Mattresses Shopping Tips

Essential Tips for Buying a New Mattress

A mattress for your bedroom is a long-term commitment and one that is worth investing in because of the importance of quality sleep. The Great American Home Store has plenty of high-quality bedroom furniture in Memphis, but the choices can be overwhelming. To help narrow down your search, keep these essential tips for buying a new mattress in mind.

Test out the Mattress in the Store

There are certain items that you can now buy exclusively online, but mattresses remain an item you should shop for in person. This is because you will want to see how the mattress feels in person by testing it out for a few minutes. Being comfortable is a major component of finding the right mattress for your home, so take that into account by testing out the mattress itself in the store.

Check the Warranty and Returns

Mattresses typically last ten years on average, so you are committing to one long term. As you look for your new mattress, be sure that you check the return and warranty policy as well. The Great American Home Store offers customers several options, such as a 72-hour happiness guarantee, 90-night comfort guarantee, a 30-day trial, and the option to reselect after 90 days.

Consider Different Types

A third essential tip for buying a new mattress is to do your research and consider the different types available. As you hunt down your next mattress, be aware of the different types:

  • Memory foam
  • Gel
  • Pillow tops
  • Innerspring
  • Air bed
  • Latex mattress
  • Adjustable bases
  • Waterbeds

Talk to Your Doctor

If you suffer from a health condition, it’s in your best interest to consult with your doctor as you shop for a new mattress. A doctor can offer suggestions on the right mattress so you can get the best sleep possible.