Know Your Furniture

Furniture Care Mistakes To Avoid Making

It’s no surprise that everybody wants to live in a home where their furniture is free from unsightly stains and overpowering odors. But when a slight stumble while carrying a drink creates an unfortunate eyesore, it is important to know the proper method for cleaning the mess. Here are four furniture care mistakes to avoid making that will keep your furnishings looking brand new.

Not Following Manufacturer Instructions

As with most things in life, following the directions that come from the manufacturer of your furniture can save you a lot of hassle down the road. These can include valuable information about how to properly clean the piece. Anything from the manufacturer should be followed as closely as possible to extend the life of your furniture.

Wrong Cleaning Supplies

Another common mistake is to use the wrong type of cleaning supplies. One example of this is the people who use wood polish on all of their furniture, even on leather and microfiber. Using the wrong type of cleaning supplies can leave stains and damage your furniture. Even if you are using the proper cleaning compounds, be sure to avoid mixing bleach and ammonia to prevent the release of chlorine gas into your home.

Poor Location

One of the furniture care mistakes to avoid making is leaving your furniture in a place that can cause damage. One such place that you don’t want to leave your furniture is in an area of the room where the sun can bear down, causing damage to the material. Part of this can be mitigated by swapping and flipping the cushions but this won’t resolve the entire problem. You should also avoid leaving your furniture in a garage or unfinished basement where moisture can ruin the piece.

Overcleaning Your Furniture

Believe it or not, it is possible to overclean your furniture. An easy way to avoid this is to not use harsh chemicals every time you clean, instead of wiping or vacuuming to remove dust. This will avoid the buildup and stickiness on the furniture that will lead to more dust. Over-scrubbing will also cause your furniture to lose its shine or could even pull the material right off the piece.

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