Room Inspiration

Important Interior Design Principles To Know

Interior decoration is a skill many people believe they possess—but few can pull off properly without outside help. Just like any skill, design can be taught and developed with enough time and dedication. One of the keys to understanding proper decoration is learning about the fundamentals behind why professionals make the decisions that they do. Here are five important interior design principles to know separating the professionals from the amateurs.


The key to a beautiful interior design project is keeping everything in balance. The goal should be to create a feeling of equilibrium by placing your objects around the room so everything is evenly distributed. Following this too closely can make the space appear boring, so there’s still room for individual flair. Balance is achieved through the many design elements that’ll make up the area such as shapes, colors, patterns, and textures.


To achieve interior design success, the room must remain in harmony. Harmony is achieved when all the pieces in the room are working together creating a unified message or theme. It helps set the mood of the room and incorporates many of the other important interior design principles to create a room that is calm and restful.


In design, rhythm and repetition are both valuable tools for creating a design scheme that offers patterns and contrasts. These patterns help calm your mind and help your eyes take in the rest of the room. Using simple patterns and repeating designs also helps the room’s occupants inspect its different features without getting overwhelmed by visual stimuli.

Scale and Proportion

Another oft-overlooked interior design principle is factoring in the scale and proportion of items in the room. For example, inspect the furniture dimensions and the measurements of wall decorations. Proportion represents the shape of objects and how they relate to other pieces in the room.


The last interior design principle to look at is emphasis—or, what pieces you want to stand out in the space. Once you’ve figure that out, everything else is placed around the room based on what you want your centerpiece to be. Common examples of things that interior designers like to emphasize include fireplaces, windows, and decorative furniture pieces.

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