How To Arrange Your Living Room Like a Professional

You don’t have to attend design school to have a flare for interior design. If you’ve spent time in a furniture store or looking at interior design magazines, you may have picked up on some patterns for how to arrange your living room like a professional. Experts are always trying something new, but the core practices that make any room look professional are always present. Once you’ve made your own living room look like a page from a magazine, your friends will beg you to remodel their homes, too.


What To Consider When Choosing Bedroom Furniture

Remodeling your bedroom is exciting if you have a plan in mind. If you’re not certain what to consider when choosing bedroom furniture, don’t just start buying your favorite pieces. Planning out your space and collecting armoires and nightstands that fit your style and square footage are the most important facets to consider. You’ll want tips for choosing the perfect bed too.

Know Your Furniture

How To Coordinate Your Furniture

Making your furniture work together is a challenge for homeowners everywhere. A piece that looked good in a showroom could have a totally different appearance in your living room. Learning how to work with the pieces you have and implementing them into a cohesive home design isn’t impossible. Here is our guide on how to coordinate your furniture.

Know Your Furniture

How To Choose the Right Ottoman

In many living rooms around the nation, ottomans have come into vogue and are becoming as ubiquitous as coffee tables were to previous iterations of home design. An ottoman is an extremely versatile piece of furniture, allowing it to break the bonds of living room confinement and create a unique look in any room. Selecting the right one can be challenging for those looking to incorporate one into their home. Here is a closer look at how to choose the right ottoman for your space.


Ways To Achieve a More Modern Look in Your Living Room

The living room is truly the backbone of the average American household. It’s where your family gathers to spend time together and where many happy memories are made. Therefore, it’s important for that time to be spent in comfort.

One of the best ways to create a comfortable atmosphere is to have a theme for the space. For anybody with a European design preference, there are a multitude of unique design options for creating your ideal modern room. Here are some ways to achieve a more modern look in your living room.

Take in the View

Throughout this great nation of ours are many sweeping vistas, majestic mountains, breathtaking skylines, and sand-swept beaches. But whatever the scene out of your window is, the modern design calls for you to have a much better view. If you have an eye-catching view right outside your window, why not expand how much of it you see?

A panoramic view helps you get more in touch with what’s going on right in your own backyard, both metaphorically and literally. It also offers a unique alternative to the flat screens found in most living rooms today. A panoramic view also offers your guests a unique experience while providing a fresh topic of conversation.

Play with Size

The size of the room always presents specific complications that require a deft eye to arrive at an elegant solution. For example, in smaller rooms, your decorating decisions can focus on ways to make the room appear larger, or they could attempt to make everyone feel snug and secure. In larger rooms, adjusting the furniture can create a room that serves multiple purposes at once.

Another way to utilize size is in the selection of your furniture and decorations. An oversized painting or chair helps break up the space, so styling continues to stand out. When done in moderation, this is a great method to use pieces that otherwise would clash.


One of the biggest trends in modern home design is using a monochromatic color scheme to decorate. These schemes rely on taking a base color and using its various tints and shades for most color decisions. Common colors for this include grays, greens, creams, whites, and blues.

A big perk of monochromatic color schemes is how simple it makes selecting your furniture, decorations, and paint scheme. Once you set the color you want, it’s all about finding creative ways to incorporate it as much as possible. The more diverse and varying the shades and tints, the better you will be able to coordinate the space.

Color Pops

One huge perk of choosing a monochromatic theme is it allows the pops of color commonly found in modern home design to really stand out. Best used to make a major statement, color pops ideally form a comforting contrast from what has been established. Pops of color usually work best when set against complementary, analogous, and triadic colors. Looking at a color wheel, complementary colors are directly across from each other, analogous are immediately next to each other, and triadic colors are part of a set of three equally spaced from each other.

There are many ways for you to incorporate pops of color throughout the living room. One way would be a matching set of chairs to contrast the scheme color. Another way could be through accent pillows on the sofa. Bright, colorful artwork creates a beautiful contrast from the conventional planeness found in white-focused rooms.


Gone are the days when families would have a separate living room for formal occasions. A room where the furniture was higher quality than what was used every other day and children were strictly forbidden from entering. Now, the living room is about functionality and everyday use.

One way to increase room functionality is by arranging furniture to divide the space by purpose. Within the same living room, it’s possible to have a space for the children to play, a place for families to watch television, and a reading nook by simply adjusting the arrangement of the furniture. These designated spaces allow families to spend time with each other while pursuing their own interests.

Smart Connectivity

Today, everything is about interconnectivity—and your living room is no exception. There’s a good chance that you’re reading this on your cell phone or tablet while lounging on a couch with your smart television streaming in the background. The number of ways that our lives have improved courtesy of the internet is truly astonishing.

Beyond the entertainment devices, there are many additional smart connections available for the living room. Thermostats are adjustable for when you are home and away on your phone. Same with smart lights that can be dimmed or brightened with a simple voice command to Alexa, Siri, Google, or whatever other program controls your devices. These modern essentials improve your life and provide an elegance to otherwise dull, everyday tasks.


Textures are all the rage these days, especially with the increase in popularity of monochromatic color schemes. Textures offer another way to differentiate between colors, even if they’re exactly the same except for the material. These additional piles also encourage visual interest in the area, putting it into focus.

Another example of how to use textures as a way to achieve a more modern look in your living room is using different patterns in your wall decorations. Breaking up the monotony is one of the big challenges to pull monochromatic off successfully, so visual distinctions work as an easy way to achieve this. Even putting up wallpaper with a simple pattern can help separate things in your view and add an extra layer of depth.

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Qualities To Look for in an Office Chair

For many employees, the day is spent sitting in the same office chair all day. With how much time is spent seated, it is vital for your office chair to provide the proper amount of comfort and support. There are many qualities to look for in an office chair you must remain mindful of when purchasing a new one. Here is some advice on the things to consider when making your selection.


Common Mistakes Made When Choosing a New Mattress

The mattress buying process presents a unique opportunity for the buyer to seismically alter their quality of life. We don’t buy mattresses very frequently, making it critical that we select an option that will cover all of our basic sleep needs. Finding the right one allows the user to achieve better sleep, which has a host of benefits including better health, less pain, and increased productivity.

Just as there are some extraordinary positives to getting a good night’s rest, there are just as many negative health effects for those who don’t spend their night in Dreamland. A few of the symptoms of sleep deprivation include memory problems, a weakened immune system, and high blood pressure. This makes getting the decision correct all the more important. Here are some of the common mistakes made when choosing a new mattress.

Not Knowing Sleep Position

There are three ways that a person can sleep: on their back, side, or stomach. And within each of those is a handful of positions that must be considered when buying a mattress. It is important to recognize how you sleep so you can find the right mattress for you.


Though often associated with snoring and sleep apnea, many doctors still recommend sleeping on your back with your arms at your sides. But for many, this is an uncomfortable position, even if we know it’s the “right” thing to do. For those who can sleep the night away on your back, it is recommended to go with something offering support for the lumbar area.


Sleeping on your side encourages sleeping in the fetal position with your arms and legs bending into your body. This is the most common sleep position but is also thought to cause back pain in those who spend their nights sleeping this way. A softer, thicker mattress is recommended for side sleepers


The only reason many people sleep on their stomachs is to prevent snoring. Sleeping on your stomach constricts your breathing and can put a strain on your neck. A firm, thin mattress is recommended for anybody who finds sleeping on their stomach comfortable.

Blowing Your Budget

Mattresses aren’t cheap, and especially ones that promote rest and rejuvenation. But you should still have a budget in mind when you go into the store. Having a specific price range in mind allows you to focus on the specific mattresses that you can actually afford to purchase. While you should never make a selection based entirely on the price of the item, it is also bad to ignore the money factor completely.

Ignoring Alternatives

This is in the same category as overspending because it is also important to consider alternatives when buying a mattress. This includes looking for similar products from the same manufacturer as well as their competitors. You are going to be spending a large portion of time in your bed, so taking the time to investigate and understand your options fully will make your final purchasing decision easier.

Not Testing

Many of the transactions for big-ticket and everyday items are completed online, often making going into the store seem obsolete. But when you are buying a mattress, it is better to experience the product yourself. One of the most common mistakes made when choosing a new mattress is not taking the opportunity to lay down on it in the store. This lets you have a better understanding of the comfort and support of each of the mattresses that you are considering.

When you do go to test mattresses, it is fair to be more selective of the ones that you try. For example, there is no reason to try an extra firm mattress if you already know from experience that one won’t meet your sleep needs. It is easy to get bogged down when deciding between two nearly identical products, so putting a cap on the total amount you are willing to look at saves time for you and for the mattress salesperson.

No Research

On the other side of the same coin as taking the time to test your choices, remember to do your research. Many times, people step into a mattress store with no idea what they are looking for, apart from the size. Taking the time to research brands and mattress types will allow you to make an informed purchasing decision. Research is especially important because much can change in the time since you purchased your last mattress, and the brand you previously owned may no longer be seen as reputable.

Comfort Only

Only thinking about comfort when buying a mattress is also seen as a critical mistake. While this may seem backward, there are several reasons why this is a bad idea. It is easy for less-than-reputable manufacturers to skimp on the material price while still creating something that feels comfortable. This leads to a bed that breaks down much sooner. As mentioned above, the way you sleep could play more of an impact on your nighttime habits than how comfortable your feel when you first close your eyes.

Size Problems

Many times when we walk into a store to make a big purchase, our eyes play tricks on us when trying to select the size of what to purchase. This problem is especially relevant to the furniture buyer when the risk of buying a piece that is too big to fit into a room is a very real threat. Furniture not matching the dimensions of the room makes the space and the pieces feel out of place.

If you are buying a mattress and considering a different size than what you previously owned, get the dimensions of the door and room to make sure the object will fit. This is also important if maneuvering the mattress around corners or up any stairs to avoid purchasing something that is too large to fit into the room.

If you are looking for help with your next furniture purchase, come into one of the Great American Home Store locations today. We have one of the best selections of bedroom furniture in all of Tennessee, and we can help each customer find the best discount mattress in Memphis.

Common Mistakes Made When Choosing a New Mattress