Helpful Tips for Breaking in a New Mattress

If you recently bought a new mattress, and you still aren’t sleeping well, don’t be surprised. It is not uncommon to go through growing pains with your new bed. Try these helpful tips for breaking in a new mattress quickly if you want to get a good night’s sleep and enjoy your bed sooner than later.

Know Your Furniture

Reasons To Invest in a Sleeper Sofa

You probably haven’t slept on a pullout couch since you were in school, but if you’ve been renting or living in a small apartment, you may be thinking about the reasons to invest in a sleeper sofa. Sleeper sofas are perfect for when you have guests over or want to spend a day in a different part of the house. Find out if one is right for you.


How To Choose the Perfect Fabric for Your Furniture

Most people fall into two categories of furniture shoppers. Some people are happy with what they see on the showroom floor—even if they search through multiple stores to find it—while some shoppers want to customize every aspect of their bed, sofa, or dining room table set. Whichever furniture shopper you are, it is important that you know how to choose the perfect fabric for your furniture so that you can keep your new sectional or loveseat for a long time.