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The Best Way To Position a Sectional Sofa

The best way to position a sectional sofa is around your living room’s focal point. Design your living room like a professional with these tricks.

The main benefit of a sectional sofa is the extra seating to accommodate your family and any other guests you may invite to your home. If you’re having trouble picturing how a giant sectional will look in your home, consider all the wonderful ways to arrange your furniture so that it fits in with your décor. The best way to position a sectional sofa is around a focal point that will motivate people to engage with one another. Keep reading for tips and tricks for positioning any sectional.

Choose a Sectional Sofa Style

Sectional sofas come in multiple different styles, and the type you choose will determine how you arrange your space. You should choose a sectional sofa that fits in your room and matches your décor. The three most common types of sectionals are L-shape, U-shape, and chaise.

L-Shape Sectionals

L-shaped sectionals have one end that is longer than the other. One side is typically a love seat, while the other end may have three or more seats. This style of sectional is excellent for large rooms with plenty of wall space.

U-Shape Sectionals

Perfect for large families, U-shaped sectionals can have one side longer than the other, and they may include a chaise. Some U-shaped sofas have five seats, while others have seven or more.

Chaise Sectionals

A chaise sectional can simply be a sofa with a chaise lounge added to the end seat or a sectional with a chaise add-on. It is a great piece of multi-functional furniture because it provides an additional place to sleep or relax in the middle of the day.

Add Furniture To Pair With Your Sectional

Regardless of which sectional style you choose, you should add additional furniture to your design to enhance the aesthetic of your room. You can add an extra chair to bring in more seating and include tables and ottomans for resting your feet or as additional arrangements. The most common items to arrange your sections with include:

  • Ottoman
  • Cocktail table
  • Accent chairs
  • Rug

Arrange Your Sectional Sofa

You should situate the furniture in your space to facilitate conversation. Like any sofa, sectionals can go in front of a window or line up with a fireplace. If your sitting room is also your TV room, you can aim the corner of your sectional toward the television.

Pro Tip: Place your coffee table or ottoman about 14 to 18 inches from all the edges of your sectional. The space will allow you to reach your items from the sofa and still allow you to walk between your furniture.

You’ll find that the best way to position a sectional sofa is around your room’s focal point. Whether that is the fireplace, TV, or coffee table, you should choose a focal point that sparks conversation and positivity. No matter what theme or vibe you are trying to achieve in your space, you can find sectional sofas in Memphis, TN, at the Great American Home Store to satisfy your design style. Stop in or shop our online store for durable furniture your family will love.