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How To Choose the Right Size Table for Your Dining Room

Dining room tables can be some of the most important pieces of furniture in a house. After all, the room is where you eat your meals, make memories, and have guests! As such, the space absolutely deserves the best furniture you can get. Here are some tips on how to choose the right size table for your dining room.

Dining Rooms

The Difference Between Formal vs. Casual Dining Rooms

You maintain a dining room in your home so that your family has a place to eat, but what do you do when company comes? Do you move everyone to the formal dining room, or do you extend the regular table to make more space? The difference between formal vs. casual dining rooms is that they are different rooms of the house. You might have both, or you may just have one. Keep reading to find out which type of dining room you have—or should have—in your home.

Dining Rooms

Signs You Need New Dining Room Furniture

When was the last time your family sat at the dining room table? If you and your loved ones are avoiding the family table, it might be time to spruce it up. One of the main signs you need new dining room furniture is that no one is using your current set. Once you find a set of table and chairs that your friends and family love, they’ll want to spend all their time in the most social part of the house. Keep reading to find out if you need a new dining room set.

Dining Rooms

Best Ways To Decorate Your Dining Room

Even if you don’t feast on every meal in your dining room, you know the space is sacred because it is where your family gathers to break bread and share conversations. By sprucing up the decoration on your table, you can entice friends and family back to the dining table for both dinner and dessert. Forget going out to eat when your spread is better than anything you can pay for. Keep reading for the best ways to decorate your dining room.

Dining Rooms

Tips for Choosing a Dining Room Table

A dining room table can be a tricky piece of furniture to nail down due to several factors such as space, comfort, shape, and aesthetic. The Great American Home Store has plenty of quality dining room options for you to contemplate, but you might be too overwhelmed to know where to start. You can find some tips for choosing a dining room table below.

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How to Design the Perfect Dining Room

The dining room is where friends and families gather to enjoy each other’s company, which is even more important when we tend to communicate so much through technology. This is why a dining room is a staple of any home—plus, there is so much you can do with the look and feel of it. If you recently moved into a home or are working on a renovation project, here’s how to design the perfect dining room.

Figure out the Scale of the Room

Before you start buying furniture and décor for your dining room, you first need to make sure you don’t purchase items that are too big. Be sure to consider the available space for your dining room and take down measurements. A thing to keep in mind when you are determining the scale of your dining room is how many people typically eat at once. By figuring this all out, it will make it much easier for when you start to get the dining room furniture because you will know whether or not it will fit in the room or not. For example, this can be the deciding factor between getting a round or a rectangular table and will help narrow down your search.

Keep it Consistent

It’s important that when you are looking at what you are filing up your dining room with that it matches the overall theme of your downstairs area—especially if you live in a small home. There are some themes that you can blend together, but there are others that can be pretty drastic such as a modern look with a rustic design. A lot of it also deals with the look and feel. Try to visualize how the furniture and accessories you are looking at will fit within the space you are filling and the ideas you have for the room.

Decide on a Tone with Color

After you have an idea and determine the scale of the room you are working with, the next step is to decide on a tone. You can best accomplish this by choosing a color to your liking for the walls, furniture, accessories, dishes, and more. A great way to tie the whole room together is to go for neutral colors such as brown, white, gray, and beige. Color can do an awful lot subconsciously, so you want to choose a feeling that you want to give off for the dinners you will be having normally.

Decorate the Wall

A must-have accessory for your dining room is some kind of wall décor. Many people tend to go with cool artwork, but you can also choose signage or a mirror. For signage, it can be a board with a quote you like that gives off a good vibe, or you can get a nice mirror that can bring some elegance to the room. The color of a dining room can present a mood, but wall décor will make the room feel bigger and give it some character.

Choose Your Lighting

Another aspect of your dining room you need to take into consideration is the lighting. Decide on where your lighting will come from—whether it is overhead lighting with a chandelier or if you decide to go with lamps. You might also want the option to install dimmable lighting so you can play with the mood of the room. Think about whether you will use candles in the room and how the natural light from the windows affects the room.

Ensure Comfortability

Meals are a tradition that brings families and friends together. As such, you want to be comfortable when you are enjoying meals together—especially dinner after a long day. When you are looking for furniture, make sure that it’s comfortable. Another option you have for the setting that is becoming more popular is dining benches instead of traditional chairs. While a chair and a table’s appearance play a major role in the look of the room, you still want yourself and others to be content with using the furniture itself.

Get a Centerpiece

For your dining room table, you are going to want to include a centerpiece. A centerpiece for your table can be anything from flowers and candles to a tablecloth and decorated mason jars. The key to making your centerpiece look good is to not overdo it. Less is more in this instance, but a centerpiece will still make a great addition to your dining room table.

Create a Staging Area

Another part of your dining room that you should think about adding to your table and chairs is a staging area. A staging area is typically another addition you will make to fill the space of a dining room. With a staging area, you have some freedom with what you want it to be. You can use it as storage with a dining cabinet or a buffet and hutch. A staging area should also have some decorations on it as well—whether it be some plants, pictures, dishes, candles, books, etc. You have a lot of flexibility to do what you want with it. However, like the table centerpiece, you will want to make it subtle.

Absorb the Sound with a Rug

A room without anything in it can be noisy, but as you slowly add to it, that will start to disappear. To absorb the sound in the room, take advantage of a rug. If you have hardwood floors, this will also prevent any potential floor damage. A rug with a cool design is also a nice touch to give the room some more character.

Part of knowing how to design the perfect dining room is to realize that it’s an ongoing process. Sometimes things don’t look as great as you once visualized, and it will continue to evolve as time goes on. The point is to not be afraid to experiment with the room because that’s how you can end up with something special. Take these tips with you and go create the dining room of your dreams.

How to Design the Perfect Dining Room
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Bench*Made by Bassett Brings Family Together Beautifully

Packed schedules and digital distractions make time spent together sharing a meal especially meaningful these days. We live in a world filled with comings and goings, and oftentimes the chances to sit down and relax with family are few and far between. Bench*Made by Bassett can help you bridge the gap between quick dinners and meaningful family gatherings. So whether you’re planning an elaborate holiday feast, gourmet dinner party or a simple family meal, the room sets the tone. Make your gatherings unforgettable by seating your loved ones around a custom-made Bench*Made by Bassett dining set.

Made to Last

Our hand-built furniture is made-to-order by skilled craftsmen in the U.S. We construct solid-wood heirloom-quality furniture from Appalachian-grown maple leaf lumber. Using traditional tools and methods our artisans create a dining set that will last for generations. From the graceful curve a chair leg to lovingly hand-planed surfaces, every piece we make is one-of-a-kind.

Customized to your Taste, Lifestyle and Budget

Rustic and traditional styles come in 15 different finishes, ranging from painted white, black and chalk rubbed to a variety of natural tones that reveal individual characteristics of the wood. If you prefer a sleek, blank slate for your fabulous meals or a surface marked by the life of the lumber, Bench*Made will craft dining furniture that meets all your style needs. Four kinds of tables and a profusion of mix-and-match seating options and upholstery selections offer you shapes, colors and style that will fit your room and life—whether it’s your kitchen, formal dining room or open floor plan. You’re an original and we want your furniture to reflect your originality too.

Live Edge or Classic Edge

Every aspect of your piece is special, down to the last detail. A rare feature of Bench*Made by Bassett furniture is the option of a classic edge, “beauty in lines” or live edge, “beauty in curves”. These two personalities give you the option to create something that is unique to you and your family. For the live edge, our craftsmen follow the natural characteristics of the wood grain to shape the edges, creating an undeniably rustic appeal. The classic edge option offers traditionalists a clean, more formal look. With Bench*Made we want it to fit to you, and your style. Choose the option that fits you the best, and we’ll take care of the rest. Our styles will stand the test of time, and be perfect for you and your family for years to come.

Envision your family and friends gathered together for a special holiday meal. The room is filled with delicious aromas, soft lighting and laughter. Stories are passed around the table along with the mashed potatoes, and the people you love most are connecting, sharing and making memories that will last forever. Sounds great, right—straight out of a movie. Or … the kids are fighting over the last dinner roll, your mom is complaining the roast is too dry, and your shady cousin is hitting on your best friend. The reality is family dinners can sometimes be stressful, but they will always be beautiful at a table crafted just for you from Bench*Made by Bassett.


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How To Tell When Your Room Needs a Makeover

Your home should be a place that reflects your style. If your home isn’t an appealing or comfortable place for you to relax, it might be time to consider a makeover. It could be as simple as adding vinyl wall decals to your bedroom walls, to help get you motivated every morning or changing the curtains, to even switching up the carpets and getting new furniture. Regardless of what you choose to do, if you like it, then that’s all that matters.

When undertaking a makeover consider using some portable storage to keep your stuff out of the way while you get to work! The following list is a few reasons why you might need to revamp your space.

1) You’ve had the same furniture for years


If you’ve had the same furniture since college featuring a well-worn futon and a desk as a makeshift dinner table, it’s probably time for a furniture overhaul. Or maybe you picked out furniture that you loved decades ago but the everyday wear and tear is beginning to show. Maybe you inherited furniture pieces from your great grandparents and the mixing of contemporary and antique styles clash.

2) Your kids/animals have taken dominion over the room


Any parent or pet owner knows how difficult it is to keep things clean when spills and accidents happen on a much too frequent basis. If your furniture has been collecting stains and scratches over the years, it might be time to opt to purchase new furniture. Luckily, newer fabric technologies such as Revolution and iClean fabric combat stains and spills before they have a chance to set in. Check out our selection of these stain-fighting fabrics here.

3) You’ve recently remodeled

empty room needs makeover

If you’ve recently remodeled a room in your house with a new wall color or new flooring from Carpet Now – Austin Carpet Installation, it might be time to think about getting new furniture to match the room. Starting fresh in a room makes decorating easier than ever.

4) You avoid going in the room

Most everyone has that one room that we prefer to shut the door to when guests come over. It may be an extra room filled with junk that you’ve accumulated over the years that you would prefer your guests not go anywhere near.

5) The room is full of clutter


It’s easy to leave clutter scattered across the house when you live a busy lifestyle. However, this can make your life feel hectic and unorganized. This problem can call for a complete room makeover that features storage-capable furniture. A storage coffee table or ottoman makes it simple to quickly get rid of clutter without having to organize the entire room when you’re in a hurry.

6) You’re starting to see your decor style on nostalgic internet posts

old furniture

If your furniture looks like it could be a relic in a museum, it might be time to update your style. It might be hard to let go of cherished furniture, but you owe it to yourself and your guests to modernize your home decor with a complete room makeover.

If any of these apply to you, enter our Great American Room Makeover contest!

Upload a picture of your worst room before 8/27 for a chance to win a $3,000 gift card to Great American Home Store to makeover your room.

Great American Room Makeover

Click here to enter!

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What’s Your Dining Room Style?

In the mood to give your dining room a new look for the holidays? Take our handy quiz to help you identify your main furniture preferences!


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Rachael Ray Home: The Soho Collection

Hello again, Rachael Ray fans! This is the last post in our new four-part preview series. If you like Mid-Century Modern style with a traditional twist, this ones’s for you!


So many of us have loved watching Rachael Ray over the years on Food Network shows like 30 Minute Meals, $40 a Day, Tasty Travels, Inside Dish, and more. She has her own daytime talk show, cookware line, magazine, pet food company, cookbooks… the list goes on. But now, Rachael can add “furniture designer” to her lengthy resume.


There’s a feeling that happens when family and friends gather around a table to share a meal and conversation, and Rachael Ray Home brings this warmth and joy to every room.


Her line is divided into 3 collections: Upstate, Highline, and Soho – the subject of today’s post. (Upholstered pieces are featured separately.)


Rachael has a fondness for fun pieces with a touch of retro, and that style is vividly expressed in her New York apartment. The Soho collection brings to life this eclectic mix of unique finishes, simple silhouettes, and functionality. It’s the kind of collection that puts the “happy” in a happy home. Crafted of poplar solids with tech veneers in a jazzy ash brown finish. Soft gold-toned hardware and accents complete the look.


Rachael Ray Home is now on the showroom floor at both our Memphis and Southaven locations! The only item from the Soho collection that we’ll regularly stock is the credenza, BUT you can visit one of our Home Stores to special order any of the pieces in this post. (And that goes for anything in the entire Rachael Ray catalog. If you want it, we can order it for you! This line is so large, we just weren’t able to carry everything in-stock.)


We’ve listed the pieces we know for sure will be in these lines, but more colors and styles may be introduced later. We’ll keep you posted!

Click below to get a FREE copy of our Rachael Ray Home e-catalog! It features 206 pages of gorgeous room shots and furniture photos – plus, the items are clickable for shopping info.












































































Let us know in the comments which pieces you’re most interested in! The entire Rachael Ray preview series:

Rachael Ray Home Preview Series:

Upstate Collection
Highline Collection
Soho Collection (you are here)
Upholstered Pieces

You can also check out our Rachael Ray Pinterest board to browse some of the room shots: