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Bench*Made by Bassett Brings Family Together Beautifully

Packed schedules and digital distractions make time spent together sharing a meal especially meaningful these days. We live in a world filled with comings and goings, and oftentimes the chances to sit down and relax with family are few and far between. Bench*Made by Bassett can help you bridge the gap between quick dinners and meaningful family gatherings. So whether you’re planning an elaborate holiday feast, gourmet dinner party or a simple family meal, the room sets the tone. Make your gatherings unforgettable by seating your loved ones around a custom-made Bench*Made by Bassett dining set.

Made to Last

Our hand-built furniture is made-to-order by skilled craftsmen in the U.S. We construct solid-wood heirloom-quality furniture from Appalachian-grown maple leaf lumber. Using traditional tools and methods our artisans create a dining set that will last for generations. From the graceful curve a chair leg to lovingly hand-planed surfaces, every piece we make is one-of-a-kind.

Customized to your Taste, Lifestyle and Budget

Rustic and traditional styles come in 15 different finishes, ranging from painted white, black and chalk rubbed to a variety of natural tones that reveal individual characteristics of the wood. If you prefer a sleek, blank slate for your fabulous meals or a surface marked by the life of the lumber, Bench*Made will craft dining furniture that meets all your style needs. Four kinds of tables and a profusion of mix-and-match seating options and upholstery selections offer you shapes, colors and style that will fit your room and life—whether it’s your kitchen, formal dining room or open floor plan. You’re an original and we want your furniture to reflect your originality too.

Live Edge or Classic Edge

Every aspect of your piece is special, down to the last detail. A rare feature of Bench*Made by Bassett furniture is the option of a classic edge, “beauty in lines” or live edge, “beauty in curves”. These two personalities give you the option to create something that is unique to you and your family. For the live edge, our craftsmen follow the natural characteristics of the wood grain to shape the edges, creating an undeniably rustic appeal. The classic edge option offers traditionalists a clean, more formal look. With Bench*Made we want it to fit to you, and your style. Choose the option that fits you the best, and we’ll take care of the rest. Our styles will stand the test of time, and be perfect for you and your family for years to come.

Envision your family and friends gathered together for a special holiday meal. The room is filled with delicious aromas, soft lighting and laughter. Stories are passed around the table along with the mashed potatoes, and the people you love most are connecting, sharing and making memories that will last forever. Sounds great, right—straight out of a movie. Or … the kids are fighting over the last dinner roll, your mom is complaining the roast is too dry, and your shady cousin is hitting on your best friend. The reality is family dinners can sometimes be stressful, but they will always be beautiful at a table crafted just for you from Bench*Made by Bassett.


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Household Items You Should Never Buy Used; No Questions Asked

They say that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. In some cases, that man’s trash should stay trash. Finding a good deal on a previously used item is always exciting. Not only is it environmentally friendly to recycle an item from a previous owner, you also save money. However, there are some household items that just shouldn’t be reused because the long term cost may outweigh your initial savings.

1) Bedding – mattresses, bed frames, pillows and sheets

bed bugBedding can host several bacterias from the previous owner. Different types of allergens, dead skin cells, and hair could be unwanted add ons to the pre-owned bedding you’re purchasing. These bacterium can reside in the frame of the bed as well. Pillows and sheets can also host all of these elements. Knowing that what you’re purchasing is 100% sanitary is worth the money.

Although bed bugs are hard to see, they can definitely be hiding in used bedding. Most people do not realize they have a bed bug infestation until after they’ve been bitten. Bed bugs are the hardest insect to kill with store bought pesticides so if you do come across an infestation, contact a reputable Pest control expert. If you have to call a pest removal service, it could end up costing hundreds of dollars per room to exterminate your house if you don’t find the right company. However, if you do need a pest control service to deal with your problem, you may want to check out something like Termite Control Kansas City for an effective extermination of any bed bugs or other pests. Although, with all of the problems that can come from bed bugs alone, it’s safer to purchase a mattress that is guaranteed to be sanitary.

2) Upholstered or enclosed fabric furniture

upholstered furnitureAlthough you can get a great deal buying used furniture, you may also get the short end of the stick without knowing it. Upholstery and enclosed fabrics easily trap elements from the previous owner that can’t be removed. These types of furniture can pick up pet odor, hair, and stains. Dust mites also reside in these types of fabrics.

Getting a slip cover for your new previously owned couch may seem like a feasible option, it just masks the underlying problem. Although there is the option of getting the furniture reupholstered, it can cost almost as much as it would to buy new furniture.

3) Nobody Puts Baby in a Pre-Owned Crib

baby cribCribs can be dangerous to buy used for several reasons. Not only could the bedding contain bacteria like any other type of bedding, the frame can also be unsafe for your child. Cribs are often recalled due to malfunctions, making the crib unsafe for a baby to sleep in. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when deciding where your baby will sleep.

4) Appliances that aren’t easily disassembled

assembled household items

Appliances that aren’t easy to take apart and see the interior can be a risk when purchasing them used. These appliances may look brand new on the outside but could be infested with mold or pests on the inside. Due to the difficulty of disassembling these types of appliances, a lot of people purchase them without knowing what is truly inside of them. These problems can manifest and cause it to break down once you bring the appliance into your own home, leaving you in need of someone like If it’s necessary to purchase these household items used, make sure to buy it from someone you can trust to tell you the truth about the condition of the appliance.

5) Vacuums

used vacuum

Since vacuums are created to pick up all of the aforementioned bacteria and germs that are lurking in your house, it is no surprise that buying a used vacuum could track them into your own home. Not only will a used vacuum track germs into your house, vacuums are easily susceptible to everyday wear and tear. After several uses, vacuums begin to lose their power that they have when you first purchase them. When considering which household items to buy new or used, it’s a safe bet to go with a vacuum straight out of the box.

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