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How To Tell When Your Room Needs a Makeover

Your home should be a place that reflects your style. If your home isn’t an appealing or comfortable place for you to relax, it might be time to consider a makeover. It could be as simple as adding vinyl wall decals to your bedroom walls, to help get you motivated every morning or changing the curtains, to even switching up the carpets and getting new furniture. Regardless of what you choose to do, if you like it, then that’s all that matters.

When undertaking a makeover consider using some portable storage to keep your stuff out of the way while you get to work! The following list is a few reasons why you might need to revamp your space.

1) You’ve had the same furniture for years


If you’ve had the same furniture since college featuring a well-worn futon and a desk as a makeshift dinner table, it’s probably time for a furniture overhaul. Or maybe you picked out furniture that you loved decades ago but the everyday wear and tear is beginning to show. Maybe you inherited furniture pieces from your great grandparents and the mixing of contemporary and antique styles clash.

2) Your kids/animals have taken dominion over the room


Any parent or pet owner knows how difficult it is to keep things clean when spills and accidents happen on a much too frequent basis. If your furniture has been collecting stains and scratches over the years, it might be time to opt to purchase new furniture. Luckily, newer fabric technologies such as Revolution and iClean fabric combat stains and spills before they have a chance to set in. Check out our selection of these stain-fighting fabrics here.

3) You’ve recently remodeled

empty room needs makeover

If you’ve recently remodeled a room in your house with a new wall color or new flooring from Carpet Now – Austin Carpet Installation, it might be time to think about getting new furniture to match the room. Starting fresh in a room makes decorating easier than ever.

4) You avoid going in the room

Most everyone has that one room that we prefer to shut the door to when guests come over. It may be an extra room filled with junk that you’ve accumulated over the years that you would prefer your guests not go anywhere near.

5) The room is full of clutter


It’s easy to leave clutter scattered across the house when you live a busy lifestyle. However, this can make your life feel hectic and unorganized. This problem can call for a complete room makeover that features storage-capable furniture. A storage coffee table or ottoman makes it simple to quickly get rid of clutter without having to organize the entire room when you’re in a hurry.

6) You’re starting to see your decor style on nostalgic internet posts

old furniture

If your furniture looks like it could be a relic in a museum, it might be time to update your style. It might be hard to let go of cherished furniture, but you owe it to yourself and your guests to modernize your home decor with a complete room makeover.

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