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Turning a House Into a Home With Home Décor

Without a personal touch, a house simply just does not feel right. In many cases, those who have just finished unpacking in their new abode will find that they still do not feel completely at ease within their new space. If you find yourself uncomfortable in your own space, there are some simple actions that you can take to make your living situation feel more familiar and comfortable. Here are the top ways to turn a house into a home with home décor.

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What Upholstery Fabric Is Right for Your Household?

It’s a momentous decision when you finally decide on changing old furniture upholstery. After all, your furniture is the centerpiece of your house, and it is worth it. And yet, you may still feel anxious about the idea of it. If you feel this way, you’re not alone in the matter. Thousands of homeowners every year go through the struggle of answering the question of what upholstery fabric is right for their household. Here are the most important considerations you must make before finalizing your decision.

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How To Decorate Your Spare Room

A second bedroom brings opportunity for design and function. Knowing how to decorate your spare room gives you all sorts of options. Keep reading for ideas.

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Tips for Creating a Home Library

You’ve likely been accumulating books for years, and now that you have your own home to put them in, the options for how to design your home library seem endless—and they are! Bookshelves come in hundreds of styles and colors, making it difficult to know which ones to pick. You want your shelves to match each other and your decor, but they also need to grow with your collection. Check out these tips for creating a home library before you get started.

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Helpful Tips for Decorating Your Ottoman

Adding an ottoman to your home décor can be a difficult choice if you are used to having a table in front of your couch. You’ve probably noticed ottomans popping up everywhere from home décor magazines to your friends’ living rooms and have considered giving one a try. If you’re not sure that you’ll love the ottoman, check out these helpful tips for decorating your ottoman that may convince you otherwise.

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How To Decorate Your Home Office for Maximum Productivity

Working from home is not going away anytime soon—in fact, it seems like the trend of having a home office is here to stay. Whether you are permanently living the dream from your house or toggling between the office and remote work, your concentration levels likely change in each space. If you are trying to figure out how to decorate your home office for maximum productivity, you will find that there are many factors to consider.

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Important Interior Design Principles To Know

Interior decoration is a skill many people believe they possess—but few can pull off properly without outside help. Just like any skill, design can be taught and developed with enough time and dedication. One of the keys to understanding proper decoration is learning about the fundamentals behind why professionals make the decisions that they do. Here are five important interior design principles to know separating the professionals from the amateurs.


The key to a beautiful interior design project is keeping everything in balance. The goal should be to create a feeling of equilibrium by placing your objects around the room so everything is evenly distributed. Following this too closely can make the space appear boring, so there’s still room for individual flair. Balance is achieved through the many design elements that’ll make up the area such as shapes, colors, patterns, and textures.


To achieve interior design success, the room must remain in harmony. Harmony is achieved when all the pieces in the room are working together creating a unified message or theme. It helps set the mood of the room and incorporates many of the other important interior design principles to create a room that is calm and restful.


In design, rhythm and repetition are both valuable tools for creating a design scheme that offers patterns and contrasts. These patterns help calm your mind and help your eyes take in the rest of the room. Using simple patterns and repeating designs also helps the room’s occupants inspect its different features without getting overwhelmed by visual stimuli.

Scale and Proportion

Another oft-overlooked interior design principle is factoring in the scale and proportion of items in the room. For example, inspect the furniture dimensions and the measurements of wall decorations. Proportion represents the shape of objects and how they relate to other pieces in the room.


The last interior design principle to look at is emphasis—or, what pieces you want to stand out in the space. Once you’ve figure that out, everything else is placed around the room based on what you want your centerpiece to be. Common examples of things that interior designers like to emphasize include fireplaces, windows, and decorative furniture pieces.

For more information on proper design principles or to check out our huge selection of furniture visit us today at the Great American Home Store. Our furniture stores in Memphis, TN, proudly carry everything you need to turn your house into a home.

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Bench*Made by Bassett Brings Family Together Beautifully

Packed schedules and digital distractions make time spent together sharing a meal especially meaningful these days. We live in a world filled with comings and goings, and oftentimes the chances to sit down and relax with family are few and far between. Bench*Made by Bassett can help you bridge the gap between quick dinners and meaningful family gatherings. So whether you’re planning an elaborate holiday feast, gourmet dinner party or a simple family meal, the room sets the tone. Make your gatherings unforgettable by seating your loved ones around a custom-made Bench*Made by Bassett dining set.

Made to Last

Our hand-built furniture is made-to-order by skilled craftsmen in the U.S. We construct solid-wood heirloom-quality furniture from Appalachian-grown maple leaf lumber. Using traditional tools and methods our artisans create a dining set that will last for generations. From the graceful curve a chair leg to lovingly hand-planed surfaces, every piece we make is one-of-a-kind.

Customized to your Taste, Lifestyle and Budget

Rustic and traditional styles come in 15 different finishes, ranging from painted white, black and chalk rubbed to a variety of natural tones that reveal individual characteristics of the wood. If you prefer a sleek, blank slate for your fabulous meals or a surface marked by the life of the lumber, Bench*Made will craft dining furniture that meets all your style needs. Four kinds of tables and a profusion of mix-and-match seating options and upholstery selections offer you shapes, colors and style that will fit your room and life—whether it’s your kitchen, formal dining room or open floor plan. You’re an original and we want your furniture to reflect your originality too.

Live Edge or Classic Edge

Every aspect of your piece is special, down to the last detail. A rare feature of Bench*Made by Bassett furniture is the option of a classic edge, “beauty in lines” or live edge, “beauty in curves”. These two personalities give you the option to create something that is unique to you and your family. For the live edge, our craftsmen follow the natural characteristics of the wood grain to shape the edges, creating an undeniably rustic appeal. The classic edge option offers traditionalists a clean, more formal look. With Bench*Made we want it to fit to you, and your style. Choose the option that fits you the best, and we’ll take care of the rest. Our styles will stand the test of time, and be perfect for you and your family for years to come.

Envision your family and friends gathered together for a special holiday meal. The room is filled with delicious aromas, soft lighting and laughter. Stories are passed around the table along with the mashed potatoes, and the people you love most are connecting, sharing and making memories that will last forever. Sounds great, right—straight out of a movie. Or … the kids are fighting over the last dinner roll, your mom is complaining the roast is too dry, and your shady cousin is hitting on your best friend. The reality is family dinners can sometimes be stressful, but they will always be beautiful at a table crafted just for you from Bench*Made by Bassett.


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6 Insider Design Trends That Will Elevate Your Home’s Look

With the world’s largest furniture trade show for Spring 2017 behind us, we took notes on the top design trends that pervaded the market to offer you tips on how to incorporate these into your own decor. Whether you’re looking for a fresh makeover inspired by this year’s hottest styles, or simply to bring a little chic to your current space, here’s 6 ways you can implement these hot new looks:

1) Bright and Bold Colors

blue and chartreuse The color that dominated market this year was blue in all different shades and hues. Whether you want to use it as a color for your focal points or as an accent, blue is extremely versatile in how many ways it can be incorporated, even into an existing color scheme. Darker blues add a warm feeling to a room, while lighter blues create a light and spacious atmosphere.

Another color that was in strong form was chartreuse. Chartreuse is a blend of green and yellow that makes a bold statement. Often finding its way into patterned fabrics or as a plain solid, it’s usually paired with cool tones to bring an optimistic feel to the room. You can easily incorporate these color trends into your home by adding a throw pillow or piece of art that feature these colors.

2) Patterns


Design patterns that feature geometric or circular patterns add visual dimension to otherwise normal pieces. These patterns can easily be brought into your room by throwing a rug on the floor or hanging curtains that incorporate this trend. As far as furniture goes, accent cabinets and occasional tables often feature these patterns to add depth and excitement to a flat room.

3) Contrast

contrast design trends

Mixing unexpected combinations and patterns is a big trend this year. Combining wood texture with metallic gold is just an example of some of the contrasting combinations that create juxtaposition. Don’t be afraid to mix and match to create visual contrast in color, texture, pattern, or material.

4) Style That Lasts

In past years, style has reigned over comfort and durability. This year, more of an emphasis is being placed on features like stain resistant fabrics and higher quality materials and construction. Changing the consumer needs are driving demand for furniture that will last longer and keep looking good. Materials like Revolution fabrics are durable, cleanable, and come in a wide variety of options. Great American Home Store carries many different brands that utilize Revolution fabric.

5) Contemporary Design

contemporary homeClassic pieces with a contemporary flair will modernize your home. Soft contemporary design is a feature of the current Miami furniture trends and using soft colours and a variety of shapes has become very popular. An easy way to incorporate this is by adding an ottoman or side table that integrate a contemporary look into your existing decor. Placing a sleek and modern lamp in your room will add lighting and a fresh look to the area.

6) Accent Items

Accent items are a perfect way to spruce up a room without having to completely renovate. Small items such as decorative jars, faux plants, and accent furniture like chairs, tables, and cabinets can add a whole new feel to your space.

Check out our Pinterest board for more design trends:

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12 Tips for a Cozy Guest Room

When overnight guests arrive at your home, expected or unexpected, it can send even the most seasoned host into a panic. Remembering to set out everything they might need can be a daunting process! That’s why we’ve gathered the best tried-and-true tips to make your visitors feel completely at home in your guest room.

12 Tips for a Cozy Guest Room

1) Add a bench at the foot of the bed or purchase a folding luggage stand

Your guests will appreciate a nice surface to put their suitcase on so they don’t have to rummage through it on the floor.

2) Have some entertainment available

As your guests are winding down for the night, they may want to read or watch their favorite show for a while. Having some books, magazines and/or a TV in their room is a great way to make them feel at home. Another nice gesture is to put the Wifi password somewhere visible – maybe in a frame on the dresser?

12 Tips for a Cozy Guest Room

3) Create a seating area

If space allows, add a little reading nook in the guest room. Many guests will like having place to sit that’s not the bed.

12 Tips for a Cozy Guest Room

4) Include a mirror

Give your guests a spot to freshen up with an eye-level mirror or sit-down vanity. This will keep them from feeling like they’re hogging the bathroom.

12 Tips for a Cozy Guest Room

5) Keep an assortment of extra pillows on hand

It doesn’t have to be a lot – maybe 2 traditional polyester fill and 2 down pillows to give your guests a choice of loft.

12 Tips for a Cozy Guest Room

6) …And extra blankets of varying thickness

If your guests wake up cold in the middle of the night, they’ll be infinitely grateful!

12 Tips for a Cozy Guest Room

7) Provide a place to hang up clothes

If there’s a closet in the guest room, have some empty clothes hangers available. If not, a valet or clothing rack will work perfectly.

12 Tips for a Cozy Guest Room

8) Deck out the nightstand

Some good items to include are: a little dish to hold jewelry, a couple of glasses for water, a lamp, remote controls, and an alarm clock.

12 Tips for a Cozy Guest Room

9) Bring in some fresh flowers

There’s nothing like real greenery to make friends feel welcome! (But you may want to stick with a non-flowering plant or omit this step altogether if your guests have allergies.)

12 Tips for a Cozy Guest Room

10) Put together a basket of travel-sized toiletries

In case one of your guests forgets something like their toothbrush or shampoo, it’s good to have some available. (Don’t forget extra towels, Kleenex, and pain reliever.)

12 Tips for a Cozy Guest Room

11) Put an iron or steamer in the closet

Your guests’ clothes may get wrinkled in-transit, so take a cue from hotels and put out a small iron or steamer for them to use. If you have pets in your house, it’s nice to include a lint roller as well.

12 Tips for a Cozy Guest Room

12) Have some available plugs for charging

An easily accessible place to charge electronic devices will be much appreciated by weary travelers! If you want to go the extra mile, purchase a universal charger in case they forget their charging cords.

We hope you found these tips helpful! If you’re looking for more guest room design ideas, we’ve complied our favorites on Pinterest: