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The Impact of Color In Design

We live in a world of color! There are many different shades, values, and hues, but why? Why is color so important, and why is color important in our homes? The way we use color can leave people with different impressions of our style, it shows our unique personalities, and there is also a psychological aspect to color. We will go through some basic colors and principles of design to show you why color is so important when it comes to our homes.


How Do We Perceive Color?

First let’s discuss how we see all of the colors that we see today. What we see through our eyes is the electromagnetic radiation at specific wavelengths. Not everyone sees color the same; women actually perceive color better than men do, and then some people are color-blind. Not only does gender factor into how we see color, but our state of health and age do too. Younger people tender to gravitate towards more bright and vivid colors, while older people feel better surrounded by muted shades. Color is a big factor when it comes to setting a mood. It can stimulate our imagination to express a variety of emotions and senses. Finding the right choice of colors to use is an art form in itself because everyone perceives colors differently. Once you have a fundamental grasp on the perception of color it will help you create color palettes that will evoke the emotions you’re looking for when designing a room.


How To Choose the Best Color

There is no one best color for your home. The trick is to finding a series of colors that work together cohesively. There is no color scheme that is universal, because everyone is different. That’s what makes your home so unique. When using color in your home it’s best to remember how they will affect you, and how they might affect other people. You shouldn’t choose a color because it’s popular and part of a fad, you should choose a color based upon your likes and dislikes, and how it makes you feel. You don’t want to paint the walls and then hate it a month later. Remember these three things:

  1. How it will affect you mentally
  2. The physical effects
  3. Ideal rooms for your color choices

Now you don’t have to follow these rules exactly, but they are things to keep in mind when designing your home. The biggest thing to remember is what are your likes, and dislikes, and will it be lasting in your home.


Let’s Talk About Color

Let’s take some time to discuss some basic colors that you might use in a color palette:


Red – It is one of the more dynamic colors, it’s a color of passion, exciting, and can be a stimulating color. It’s a color of power, and should be used in moderation. Red is commonly used in family rooms, dining rooms, and home gyms.


Blue – Is a color of safety, sincerity, peacefulness, and kindness. It is commonly used in bedrooms and in living rooms.


Orange – Orange is a friendly, warm, and welcoming color. Orange is also associated with high energy and should also be used in moderation. This color is often used in kitchens or children’s playrooms.


Green – Green is often associated with nature; it’s a fresh color that’s associated with practicality and security. It’s a grounding color, and it causes the least amount of strain on the eyes. Green is often used in home offices, study areas, and bedrooms.


Yellow – Yellow is associated with the emotion of intuition. It’s a cheerful color, and optimistic. The problems with yellow that it is a very irritating color to the eye, and should be used in moderation. A good place to use yellow is in bathrooms and breakfast nooks.


Purple – If you want a color that helps stimulate imagination, or that sense of magic, or bring out some richness in your home choose purple! It helps stimulate creativity and is perfect for use in your hobby or creative space. Lighter purples are also perfect for use in nurseries.


Neutrals – Neutrals can be founds across the entire color spectrum, but they usually lean towards the grey spectrum of colors. Neutrals are commonly associated with harmony and formality.


Color and home design is an exciting thing; don’t let it become a daunting task. Using color in your home gives you an opportunity to express yourself and your uniqueness. Designing your home to how you want it can be an incredibly exciting time. You can make your house so that it is perfect for you. Even doing something like getting a company to sort out a residential window replacement can really make a difference to the exterior of your home. You don’t even need to make really big changes like changing the windows though, instead, you can just change the color of each room and this could be enough to make all the difference for how things look. There are many tips and tricks out there, and you can find more on our Pinterest Board. Do you have some color design stories? Let us know in the comments!


Color Series Design Inspiration

Color Series: Decorating with Sharkskin Gray

Did you know that the PANTONE® Color Institute released an entire color palette for Fall/Winter 2016? While many of the shades are punchy jewel tones, there are a few more neutral exceptions: Warm Taupe, Dusty Cedar, and the star of today’s blog, Sharkskin.


“The desire for tranquility, strength, and optimism has inspired the Fall 2016 color palette,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of PANTONE. “[Sharkskin] is pair-able with almost any fall color – bright or muted – and showcases practicality through a dependable but contemporary lens.”


In today’s blog, we’re sharing some inspiration photos to help you incorporate this beautiful gray into your decor. It does look great with nearly any color, and that’s one of the reasons why this shade works so well in the home. The options are endless! It would even look great on the outside of your home, just look at getting M&M Home Exteriors to install some siding and paint it grey .. sorted! There are so many items in your home you can choose to pair this color with too, from the sofa to any of the kitchen utensils. Anywhere in the home it would look great! Whatever you decide, its best to ensure that all of your household items get covered in the process too – so in case anything were to happen to the items in your home that you’ve worked so hard on to match this particular shade of grey, at least you know you’re covered and you can easily replace them. This way your home won’t lose its style! Knowing which things that are covered under different insurance policies can help you find the right cover you need. With that out of the way, here are some of the many ways you can take advantage of this Sharkskin Gray color in your home –


1) You can choose to keep Sharkskin the main focus by pairing it with white, cream, or beige. In the example above, this comfy neutral space comes alive with a textured herringbone-inspired accent wall and greenery for a pop of color. Sharkskin also appears in the accent pillows, tabletop and rug.


2) In this gorgeous room, the walls and sofa are decked out in gray. To maintain a light and airy quality, bright white was added in the artwork, pillows, rug, lamps and curtains. (The gold accents are another luxurious touch.)


3) To recreate the serene bedroom design above, try a Sharkskin-colored nightstand and lampshade. The patterned bedspread and muted purple accents make for a peaceful end-of-day haven.


4) Above is another example of a neutral space with textured walls. Shiplap (or panel) accent walls are a great way to add more visual interest.


5) For bright color lovers who don’t want a long-term commitment, start with neutral “bones” and use easily changeable accessories to introduce your vivid shade of the moment. In the example above, the rich red throw blanket and pillows are the first things you notice when looking at the room as a whole. They make a dramatic statement! However, if you aren’t feeling the red a couple months from now, you have the freedom to switch it out on the cheap.


6) Sharkskin doesn’t only look good with traditional “fall and winter” colors! Here, it’s been paired with a fun teal that makes this stately gray sectional look more easygoing.

Inspired yet? We definitely are! Check out our favorite Sharkskin pieces for a winter home makeover you’ll love:


  1. Corinthian 97B Fairly Stone Ottoman
  2. JGW Accent Chair
  3. Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines French Inspired Short Pie Crust Table
  4. Corinthian Loxley Charcoal Sectional
  5. Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines Modern Upholstered Bed w/ Wingback Headboard
  6. Vaughan Bassett French Market Traditional Poster Bed
  7. La-Z-Boy Rowan Granite Recliner with Arc Handle
  8. Surya Shimmer Rug
  9. Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines Tailored Tuxedo-Style Sofa w/ Velvet Fabric
  10. Rachael Ray Home Modern Metal Cocktail Ottoman

For even MORE inspiration, be sure to follow our coordinating Pinterest board. We’re always on the hunt for great home decor ideas so we can share them with you.

Color Series

Color Series: Decorating With Buttercup

Did you know that the PANTONE® Color Institute released an entire color palette for Spring/Summer 2016? While many of the shades evoke a sense of calm, there are a few vibrant exceptions: Fiesta, Green Flash, and the star of today’s blog, Buttercup.

Decorating with Buttercup

“Colors this season transport us to a happier, sunnier place where we feel free to express a wittier version of our real selves,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of PANTONE.

Decorating with Buttercup

We love this friendly shade of yellow because it works so well with other colors. (Our top picks to pair with Buttercup are white, gray, navy blue, and turquoise – but the possibilities are as endless as your imagination!) Even if your decor is neutral, adding small pops of yellow will make your home look revitalized and ready for summer.

Below, the throw blanket, wall art, and pillows take center stage since the eye is immediately drawn to the brightness.

Decorating with Buttercup

For lovers of bold color, here’s a sample of Buttercup on an accent wall to add energy and playfulness to the space:

Decorating with Buttercup

Here’s a great example of injecting color without going overboard. Notice how the wall color, artwork, built-in shelf, and window treatments are contrasting neutrals (dark gray and crisp white), while Buttercup is incorporated through a rug, floral arrangement, throw pillows, and accent chairs.

Decorating with Buttercup

Inspired yet? We definitely were! Check out our favorite Buttercup pieces for a summer home makeover you’ll love:

Decorating with Buttercup

  1. Best Home Furnishings Kaylee Swivel Barrel Chair
  2. Fusion Maxwell Gray Sofa
  3. La-Z-Boy Lee Ottoman
  4. Bassett CU.2 L-Shaped Sectional
  5. Bassett Custom Dining Table
  6. Bassett Goa Rug
  7. Surya Teori Pillow
  8. Washington Jitterbug Gray Loveseat
  9. Bassett Barcelona Twin Beds

For even MORE inspiration, be sure to follow our coordinating Pinterest board. We’re always on the hunt for great home decor ideas so we can share them with you.

Color Series

Color Series: Decorating with Rose Quartz & Serenity

The PANTONE® Color Institute recently announced their 2016 Colors of the Year: Rose Quartz and Serenity. (Yes, for the first time ever, two shades were chosen instead of just one! Who doesn’t love a two-for-one special?)

photo source |

Laurie Pressman, Vice-President of Pantone, describes Rose Quartz as “a warm and embracing gentle rose tone that conveys compassion and a sense of composure” and Serenity as “a cool and tranquil blue which comforts with a calming effect.” Together, these shades are meant to evoke feelings of peace, order, and wellness.

From a decor standpoint, we immediately thought of children’s nurseries – and these cotton candy colors would certainly work perfectly for that. However, there are lots more “grown-up” ways to add Rose Quartz and Serenity into your home. These pastels look great paired with darker contrasting shades such as black, dark brown and gray. For an airier feel, go with a taupe or khaki and mix in shades of white or cream. You can even introduce some metallics like silver, gunmetal, or bronze.

Rose Quartz and Serenity also lend themselves well to texture and patterns, so don’t be afraid to mix your pink and blue artwork, tapestries, pillows, vases, storage cubes, throw blankets, and rugs. Whether you’re decking out your entire room in these shades or just peppering in accent pieces, here are some of our decor recommendations:

Rose Quartz & Serenity Collage

  1. Vaughan Bassett Transitions Upholstered Bed with Chocolate Bonded Leather
  2. Fusion Furniture Burgess Brigadier Settee
  3. Bassett Presidio Upholstered Bed
  4. Bassett Lauren Sofa
  5. Bassett Herringbone Blush Pillow
  6. Surya Abigail Rug
  7. Surya Alameda Rug
  8. Bassett Ferah Slate Blue Pillow
  9. Bassett Keaton Accent Chair

Let us know if you plan to incorporate Rose Quartz and/or Serenity into your home decor, and make sure to check out our Pinterest for additional design inspiration!

Color Series

Color Series: Decorating with Marsala

Pantone’s Color of the Year is Marsala, a shade of red (and also a wine produced in Italy frequently used in cooking). It can bring a casual or chic look to any room instantly. For color combinations, pair marsala with blues like faded demin, ice blue or dark navy or neural tones such as linen, light brown and off-white. This shade can be added to alot of decorating styles as well, from rustic to bohemian and chic and classy. Add to some color to your home with this hearty hue with our tips and Marsala-inspired picks below!


1. Hand Blown Table Lamp with Drum Shade from Wayfair
2. Marsala “Fallen Tones” color combination found on design-seed
3. Marsala sofa featured on ZsaZsa Bellagio via Tumblr
4. King Size Diana Bed by Largo from Great American Home Store
5. Custom Upholstered Headboard in Marsala featured on design\milk
6. Vase Set of three found on Polyvore
7. Marsala 30″ High Oval Twist Wall Mirror from 55 Downing Street
8. Marsala pillow (top left-bottom right): Euro Style Lighting, Red Bubble, Zazzle, Euro Style Lighting, Society6
9. Marsala Pyramid Accent Cabinet from Stein World

​Woven textiles in red, like throw pillows, baskets, and area rugs, will enhance a rustic and relaxed look.
Pair Marsala with blue tones for a fresh combination; consider faded denim, ice blue, or dark navy.
Blend metallics with red accents for a warm, cohesive look, like copper serveware or brass objets.
Go for a bohemian vibe with ikat and tribal patterns in Marsala red, light brown, and off-white.
Give your kitchen a chic update with Marsala-inspired picks, from table linens to small appliances.


Color Series

Color Series : Decorating with Turquoise

Sometimes color can be scary, & sometimes we need some inspiration for using color in our own homes. That is why we wanted to start this new Color Series on the GAHS blog all about using color in your homes & ways you can bring color into your spaces from accessories to paint, from affordable to more expensive. We will show you how to use bold colors to your home and demonstrate ways to use in accents with paints and accessories.


  1.  Diamond Window Panel Curtains from Seaside Beach Decor
  2.  Teal/Grey/Yellow Accent Pillow from ElemenOPillows
  3.  3 Drawer Accent Chest by Stein World from The Great American Home Store
  4.  Metro Chrome Sofa by Jonathan Louis from The Great American Home Store

regaleUsing turquoise as an accent color is a simple way to add color to a room without committing to a large wall color, piece of furniture or artwork.

There are all kinds options to do this with; rugs, clocks, throws or even flowers. If you like to go to yard sales or thrift stores collect random frames and use them to create a gallery wall using pops of color.

Add bright, retro flair to your decor with a vintage-inspired metal clock, finished in glossy aqua blue.

photo source | world market
photo source | world market

For a either a den, living room or reading nook in your house add a fun punch of color with an ottoman, featured on sarah m. dorsey design blog.

diy painted striped rug8

Adorned with fringed trim, this classic woven throw adds a cozy finishing touch to your bed or sofa.

photo source | joss & main
photo source | joss & main