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Recliners and More – 8 Unique Reasons to Love La Z Boy

La Z Boy has been a household brand in America for almost a century. The brand is known for its recliners and people often visit La Z Boy first when they’re looking for the best recliners for their home. However, La Z Boy offers more than people think. Here’s a glimpse of the reasons we love La Z Boy Furniture and think you should too:


1) Hundreds of customization options.

La Z Boy Custom Sofa and Love SeatYou’ll never have to worry about finding the right look to fit in your space. La Z Boy offers over 900 types of fabrics and leathers that fit your unique style and family’s specific needs. Even if you’re not a design expert, our furniture specialists can help you pick the right fabric to match your room.


2) Unique features.

La Z Boy Leather Recliners and Reclining SofaIn addition, La Z Boy products offer several patented features that you won’t find anywhere else. The 16 click mechanism allows for 16 individual reclining positions — more than any other motion furniture brand. The Reclina-Rocker® recliners also offer the ability to recline while you rock, which is unique to La Z Boy.


3) Made in the USA.

La Z Boy Recliners Being Manufactured in the USLa Z Boy is one of the few American furniture brands that decided to remain on local soil during the recession. The company has five manufacturing plants across the USA that employ thousands of people to ensure top quality products. Because of this, getting repairs and replacement parts for your La Z Boy furniture is much quicker and easier than with many other brands that rely on foreign manufacturing.


4) Trustworthy brand.

1969 Photo of La Z Boy Reclining Love SeatLa Z Boy recently celebrated their 90 year anniversary. The brand invented the first mechanical rocking chair in 1928 by creating a chair that had the same features as the recliners they make today. Since then, the brand has continuously improved the features that they offer by innovative updates that build off of the original characteristics that they are known for.


5) More than recliners.

La Z boy is a brand that most people know for the quality of their recliners. What many don’t know is that they offer a full range of living room furniture. Inside the La Z Boy Comfort Studio at Great American Home Store, you can try out dozens of couches, love seats, and sleeper sofas. Each one features the special qualities that generations of families have loved about La Z Boy, all available with a plethora of options. The Great American Home Store is proud to serve the mid-south as the largest authorized La Z Boy dealer in the area.


6) Quality you can count on.

La Z Boy Laurel Sofa and Chair in Living Room SettingThese days it’s rare to find a company that will stand behind their product for life. La Z Boy offers a lifetime warranty to cover your product. All fabrics are tested for durability, giving you peace of mind that your product will withstand everyday wear and tear.


7) Let the kids and pets on the sofa.

La Z Boy Stain Resistant Fabric is Pet and Kid FriendlyWith La Z Boy’s iClean Technology, stains are a thing of the past. Spills and messes can be easily removed with water and a cloth or towel. Their website offers specific pattern properties and cleaning tips for care after purchase. So go ahead go for that chic white sofa look that you’ve been wanting!


8) Not just your dad’s favorite recliner.

Although they are a go to for comfortable recliners, they also provide stylish options for all tastes. From traditional to bold and modern, anyone can find their ideal look without sacrificing comfort.

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12 Tips for a Cozy Guest Room

When overnight guests arrive at your home, expected or unexpected, it can send even the most seasoned host into a panic. Remembering to set out everything they might need can be a daunting process! That’s why we’ve gathered the best tried-and-true tips to make your visitors feel completely at home in your guest room.

12 Tips for a Cozy Guest Room

1) Add a bench at the foot of the bed or purchase a folding luggage stand

Your guests will appreciate a nice surface to put their suitcase on so they don’t have to rummage through it on the floor.

2) Have some entertainment available

As your guests are winding down for the night, they may want to read or watch their favorite show for a while. Having some books, magazines and/or a TV in their room is a great way to make them feel at home. Another nice gesture is to put the Wifi password somewhere visible – maybe in a frame on the dresser?

12 Tips for a Cozy Guest Room

3) Create a seating area

If space allows, add a little reading nook in the guest room. Many guests will like having place to sit that’s not the bed.

12 Tips for a Cozy Guest Room

4) Include a mirror

Give your guests a spot to freshen up with an eye-level mirror or sit-down vanity. This will keep them from feeling like they’re hogging the bathroom.

12 Tips for a Cozy Guest Room

5) Keep an assortment of extra pillows on hand

It doesn’t have to be a lot – maybe 2 traditional polyester fill and 2 down pillows to give your guests a choice of loft.

12 Tips for a Cozy Guest Room

6) …And extra blankets of varying thickness

If your guests wake up cold in the middle of the night, they’ll be infinitely grateful!

12 Tips for a Cozy Guest Room

7) Provide a place to hang up clothes

If there’s a closet in the guest room, have some empty clothes hangers available. If not, a valet or clothing rack will work perfectly.

12 Tips for a Cozy Guest Room

8) Deck out the nightstand

Some good items to include are: a little dish to hold jewelry, a couple of glasses for water, a lamp, remote controls, and an alarm clock.

12 Tips for a Cozy Guest Room

9) Bring in some fresh flowers

There’s nothing like real greenery to make friends feel welcome! (But you may want to stick with a non-flowering plant or omit this step altogether if your guests have allergies.)

12 Tips for a Cozy Guest Room

10) Put together a basket of travel-sized toiletries

In case one of your guests forgets something like their toothbrush or shampoo, it’s good to have some available. (Don’t forget extra towels, Kleenex, and pain reliever.)

12 Tips for a Cozy Guest Room

11) Put an iron or steamer in the closet

Your guests’ clothes may get wrinkled in-transit, so take a cue from hotels and put out a small iron or steamer for them to use. If you have pets in your house, it’s nice to include a lint roller as well.

12 Tips for a Cozy Guest Room

12) Have some available plugs for charging

An easily accessible place to charge electronic devices will be much appreciated by weary travelers! If you want to go the extra mile, purchase a universal charger in case they forget their charging cords.

We hope you found these tips helpful! If you’re looking for more guest room design ideas, we’ve complied our favorites on Pinterest:

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Ask the Sleep Expert: Meet Trey!

Getting a great night’s sleep shouldn’t be complicated, right? In a perfect world, we’d get tired at 10 p.m. and fall asleep the second we lay down. After waking up to the sound of chirping birds, we’d spring out of bed to take on the day (feeling rejuvenated and pain-free).


Unfortunately, life isn’t always perfect… in fact, it’s not perfect MOST of the time. Maybe you have pets or children who keep you awake at all hours. Maybe you sleep hot and wake up sweating throughout the night. Maybe you can’t find a comfortable position, so you toss and turn. Maybe you experience back pain in the mornings because your mattress doesn’t provide the support you need. This is why it is so important to make sure that you have the right mattress for you. You can check out these premium mattresses for all sleepers here.


Whatever the case may be, it’s likely you have some sleep-related problems that negatively affect you the next day. You may brush them aside and soldier on, but they’re there. And that’s where the inspiration for our new Ask the Sleep Expert series came from.

In future posts, several of our sleep experts will be answering the questions YOU submit to us, either in the comments section here on our blog or on any of our social media channels. But to kick this off, we asked sleep expert Trey Wolfe to answer the questions people ask him most often.


How do you know when your mattress is too old?

Your mattress is too old when its inner support system reaches the end of its life. If you wake up in the morning with a little back pain or stiffness that works itself out once you’ve been up and moving for a while, that’s the main indicator. Other outside forces (like working out, tending to the garden, etc.) can certainly cause these symptoms, but if you’ve experienced consistent morning pain for a few weeks or months, it’s probably time for a new mattress. This muscle stiffness usually happens because your body was trying to compensate for a lack of support and pressure-point relief throughout the night.

A visual inspection of the mattress, with the sheets off, is another good way to know if it’s time to shop for a new bed. You definitely need to replace if you see valleys/areas of sinkage, because that means the mattress fill has stopped bouncing back to its original position.

Are mattress protectors a waste of money?

Absolutely not! Moisture is a killer to every type of mattress technology, so I always recommend putting a waterproof protector on your mattress. We all sweat in our sleep as our bodies are “rebooting” – some more than others. This moisture will seep into the layers of your mattress, and over time, mat down the materials to where they can no longer fluff or provide adequate comfort. The protector will also help guard your investment from things like drink spills or pet accidents, which helps protect your warranty.

Just make sure the protector you choose doesn’t have rubber or plastic backing, as these will trap heat against the body, have a look at some of the mattress toppers on sale with the dozy owl they’re bound to have exactly what you need.

I have a mattress pad on my bed. Will it work the same way as a mattress protector?

Though they may look somewhat similar, there’s a distinct difference between mattress pads and mattress protectors.

Mattress pads are more for comfort and don’t keep moisture from getting into your investment. They’re usually just an extra layer of the pillowtop cushion you can put on your mattress, underneath the fitted sheet. A mattress protector is a waterproof layer of protection that also goes under the fitted sheet, but shouldn’t alter the feel of your mattress. Quality protectors are also hypoallergenic and dust mite proof to help those with allergies.

Adjustable bases seem expensive. Are the benefits worth the cost?

In my opinion, yes. I’m a big fan of adjustable bases and find they can increase the overall feel of a mattress by tenfold. They’re especially beneficial if you have:

  • Chronic lower back pain
  • Sleep apnea. If this is something that you have been suffering from for a while, it is best to get it sorted, as it can have an impact on your daily life if not treated. Considering it could be as easy as looking into something such as Dentist McAllen on Google, you may find that your dentist will be able to give you a number of treatment options that could help you out.
  • Acid reflux
  • Sinus drainage
  • Foot swelling
  • Restless legs
  • Poor circulation
  • A loud snoring problem that bothers your significant other
  • A tendency to watch TV, read, or use your laptop in bed

Should I be rotating my mattress?

Yes! There are many schools of thought on how often you should rotate, but I personally rotate quarterly. That might be a bit much for most people, but I find it works for me. At the very least, I’d recommend rotating at least twice a year.

The heaviest portion of the human body is from the waist up – our legs, not so much. Rotating is beneficial because it gives the top half of your bed time to rest and recoup as the new bottom half of your bed. Think of it like getting a tire rotation on your car to get an even tread lifespan. By rotating your mattress, you can get a more even sleeping surface for longer.


We hope you enjoyed (and learned something from!) this first post of our Ask the Sleep Expert series. Make sure to send us your sleep-related questions so we can answer them in our next post!

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How to Sleep Like You’re in a Luxury Hotel (at Home!)

hotel-601327_1920We’ve all been there – you’re going through life as usual, thinking you’re getting “good enough” sleep in a bed that’s “pretty comfortable”… And then it hits you: BED ENVY. You could be anywhere when it strikes – on vacation with family, a weekend getaway with friends, a business trip, even house-sitting. All it requires is you spending the night on a spectacular bed that isn’t your own. You get under the covers and before you know it, you’re drifting off to sleep like you’re floating on a cloud. The next morning, you feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and determined to recreate this experience in your own home.

If you’ve tried and just can’t make it happen, we’re here to help. You may be missing a key element to getting that next-level “vacation sleep” you’re after.

products-serta-color-iseries vantage_400081txl-b0

The very first piece of the puzzle is the right mattress. If you’ve had yours a long time, you could likely benefit from a replacement, especially if you’re waking up with an achy or stiff back. If you’re having back troubles, Sleepy Cat Plus is the orthopedics choice of mattress for back pain so check it out! A good tip is to try out all the different options to see what you like best – mainly because you might discover you need to go in a direction you hadn’t previously considered. For example, many people think they need to go after the softest mattress available, but if you sink into your bed too much, your spine won’t stay aligned properly throughout the night. It’s all about personal preference, so choose what’s comfortable to YOU, whether it’s innerspring, memory foam, an airbed, etc. Just make sure to top it off with a mattress protector to shield your investment from liquids, dust mites, and dirt (and most importantly to protect your warranty)!

Another source of back pain may be that you’re too cramped. If your bedroom’s size allows, you may want to upgrade to larger mattresses this go-around, especially if you sleep with a partner. That way you’ll feel free to take up more room and likely stay comfortable for longer.

Nevertheless, having back pain is just going to make it even more difficult for you to get to sleep. Reducing this back pain is another vital aspect of you getting a good night’s sleep. Luckily things like CBD oil can reduce the sensation of pain and ensure you regain a great sleeping pattern. You can learn more here about CBD oil if this is an option you want to look into.

If getting a new mattress isn’t in the cards for you right now or you have a decent mattress that just isn’t as soft as you’d like, mattress toppers can make a difference. Standard egg crate or memory foam work well, and if you’re worried about trapping heat, choose one infused with cooling gel. You could even go luxurious and try a down featherbed, but you’ll probably want to put a pillowtop mattress pad over it (which is essentially a mattress protector with a small layer of cushion built in). This not only adds further protection from the “elements” and keeps the topper from sliding around as much, but also prevents you from being poked by any feather quills.


If you wake with neck pain, your pillow may be the culprit. There are lots of different types of pillows on the market at every price point, so start by choosing one that’s designed for your sleep style – many pillows are tailor-made for the needs of back, stomach, and side sleepers. From there, just experiment. Again, it’s down to personal preference. Some people have decided to make use of the best acupuncture near me to reduce neck pain and it has worked for some people. But I digress.

Here are some different fill types:

  • Synthetic or down alternative- Usually the most inexpensive option and good for those who have allergies. Synthetic fibers such as polyester are used to create a plush filling, and the result is a crowd pleasing, easy-to-clean pillow. However, synthetics tend to break down faster than other fill varieties and may go flat without regular fluffing.
  • Feather or down- More expensive and may not be ideal for allergy sufferers. They are extremely soft, durable pillows you won’t need to replace as often, but you may get poked by feather quills occasionally. They’re much more suited for back and stomach sleepers since they tend to flatten when you rest your head on them. (Side sleepers may find that feather/down doesn’t offer enough support.)
  • Memory foam- Good for those who want neck pain relief and support. They come in contoured or standard varieties, and they’re normally quite durable and heavy. Memory foam can be pricey depending on the brand, and it’s not very easy to clean.
  • Microbead or buckwheat- Again, good for support and neck/shoulder pain relief. Microbeads are made of polystyrene (think beanbag filling), and buckwheat pillows are stuffed with hulls (the husks that protect the buckwheat’s kernel). Some may find these pillows to be noisy or too firm.


Also keep in mind that hotels switch out their pillows every six to eight months, so that may be why their pillows seem fluffier or “better” than your own. Experts recommend not hanging on to your pillow any longer than about two years because over time, pillows collect a buildup of body oils, sweat, dead skin, dust mites and their waste… lovely, right?! While regular cleaning keeps this at bay, the filling inside eventually breaks down. (Admittedly, its nightly job supporting the weight of our heads is hard work.)

Washing and drying your pillows every three to six months is key to maintaining the loft and getting rid of all the aforementioned yucky buildup – if your pillows are washable, of course! Just follow the care instructions on the tag, and if you’re using a top-loader, make sure to wash two pillows at a time so the load will be balanced. We recommend doing an extra rinse cycle followed by an extra spin cycle, just to be sure you’re getting rid of all the soap and excess water. Before you put your pillows in the dryer, throw in some dryer balls or make a DIY version by putting tennis balls into socks. This will ensure that the filling stays evenly distributed and doesn’t bunch up. (If you’re using the tennis ball method, covering each one with a sock is important because it prevents the bright yellow dye and odor from transferring to your pillows. Tie a knot at the end of the sock to keep the tennis ball from escaping.) The result? Fluffy, lofty pillows!


Once you have your bed at its optimum comfort level, it’s time to dress it up with sheets, a comforter, shams and throw pillows. White is a great choice because of its clean, tranquil feel, and it’s surprisingly easy to maintain its brightness if you wash with a little bleach or Oxi-Clean. But if that’s too minimalistic for your taste, go with something that makes you feel relaxed. Some colors that are considered stress-reducing are lavender, light gray, cool blue, aqua, dusty/baby pink, beige, and pale green.

When it comes to sheets, you don’t necessarily have to go with the highest thread count – sometimes this can lead to a more fragile sheet because of the thinner threads used. 400600 is a good “sweet spot” between durability and comfort. We do, however, recommend sheets made of breathable fabrics like cotton, linen, or bamboo. Polyester may not wrinkle, but you’ll likely find that it traps too much heat.

Here’s a general tip: Most people sleep best in a cool, dark room. Try moving any electronics that give off light and then set your thermostat to around 67 degrees. (75 or above will usually disrupt sleep if you are under a comforter or duvet.)

As you can tell, we believe in a good night’s sleep. Feeling comfortable and relaxed throughout the night leads to feeling revitalized and fresh in the morning. And we could all use a little more of that, right? Especially on Mondays.

Screenshot 2015-12-14 16.07.39

Feel free to share this post on your social media if you found it helpful. You might help a friend get a good night’s sleep too!

You can also visit one of our Great American Sleep Shop locations to test out all the different mattress types and firmness levels. One of our sleep experts can help you create a “luxury hotel bed” for your own home.