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The Impact of Color In Design

We live in a world of color! There are many different shades, values, and hues, but why? Why is color so important, and why is color important in our homes? The way we use color can leave people with different impressions of our style, it shows our unique personalities, and there is also a psychological aspect to color. We will go through some basic colors and principles of design to show you why color is so important when it comes to our homes.


How Do We Perceive Color?

First let’s discuss how we see all of the colors that we see today. What we see through our eyes is the electromagnetic radiation at specific wavelengths. Not everyone sees color the same; women actually perceive color better than men do, and then some people are color-blind. Not only does gender factor into how we see color, but our state of health and age do too. Younger people tender to gravitate towards more bright and vivid colors, while older people feel better surrounded by muted shades. Color is a big factor when it comes to setting a mood. It can stimulate our imagination to express a variety of emotions and senses. Finding the right choice of colors to use is an art form in itself because everyone perceives colors differently. Once you have a fundamental grasp on the perception of color it will help you create color palettes that will evoke the emotions you’re looking for when designing a room.


How To Choose the Best Color

There is no one best color for your home. The trick is to finding a series of colors that work together cohesively. There is no color scheme that is universal, because everyone is different. That’s what makes your home so unique. When using color in your home it’s best to remember how they will affect you, and how they might affect other people. You shouldn’t choose a color because it’s popular and part of a fad, you should choose a color based upon your likes and dislikes, and how it makes you feel. You don’t want to paint the walls and then hate it a month later. Remember these three things:

  1. How it will affect you mentally
  2. The physical effects
  3. Ideal rooms for your color choices

Now you don’t have to follow these rules exactly, but they are things to keep in mind when designing your home. The biggest thing to remember is what are your likes, and dislikes, and will it be lasting in your home.


Let’s Talk About Color

Let’s take some time to discuss some basic colors that you might use in a color palette:


Red – It is one of the more dynamic colors, it’s a color of passion, exciting, and can be a stimulating color. It’s a color of power, and should be used in moderation. Red is commonly used in family rooms, dining rooms, and home gyms.


Blue – Is a color of safety, sincerity, peacefulness, and kindness. It is commonly used in bedrooms and in living rooms.


Orange – Orange is a friendly, warm, and welcoming color. Orange is also associated with high energy and should also be used in moderation. This color is often used in kitchens or children’s playrooms.


Green – Green is often associated with nature; it’s a fresh color that’s associated with practicality and security. It’s a grounding color, and it causes the least amount of strain on the eyes. Green is often used in home offices, study areas, and bedrooms.


Yellow – Yellow is associated with the emotion of intuition. It’s a cheerful color, and optimistic. The problems with yellow that it is a very irritating color to the eye, and should be used in moderation. A good place to use yellow is in bathrooms and breakfast nooks.


Purple – If you want a color that helps stimulate imagination, or that sense of magic, or bring out some richness in your home choose purple! It helps stimulate creativity and is perfect for use in your hobby or creative space. Lighter purples are also perfect for use in nurseries.


Neutrals – Neutrals can be founds across the entire color spectrum, but they usually lean towards the grey spectrum of colors. Neutrals are commonly associated with harmony and formality.


Color and home design is an exciting thing; don’t let it become a daunting task. Using color in your home gives you an opportunity to express yourself and your uniqueness. Designing your home to how you want it can be an incredibly exciting time. You can make your house so that it is perfect for you. Even doing something like getting a company to sort out a residential window replacement can really make a difference to the exterior of your home. You don’t even need to make really big changes like changing the windows though, instead, you can just change the color of each room and this could be enough to make all the difference for how things look. There are many tips and tricks out there, and you can find more on our Pinterest Board. Do you have some color design stories? Let us know in the comments!


Design Inspiration

How To Design a Gallery Wall

Gallery walls have taken the home design world by storm! Gallery walls are sometimes hard or frustrating, and there are many pre-made formulas and layouts to create one, and sometimes those layouts don’t work. We’re here to provide some tips and tricks to help you create the perfect gallery wall that will stand out in your home.

Starting Your Gallery Wall 

Starting is the hardest part of the process. You can sit and plan it out on paper, but sometimes that may or may not work. A lot of the gallery wall process is trial, and error, but once you start and get your pieces together; everything starts to fall into place.

When you start a gallery wall around a large object like a sofa or a TV you need to start with your largest frame or object first. The key is to start with your large pieces and then fill in the gaps with the smaller pieces. An important thing to remember is to not put large pieces next to large pieces; that will make the wall feel very weighted and heavy. You want everything to be spaced out and balanced evenly. The goal of a gallery wall is to find that perfect flow and balance.

A good tip to remember is before you put nails in the wall is to measure! You can take all of your frames and measure them with shipping paper, then tape them up with painter’s tape on your wall to give you an idea of how everything will look measured and spaced out. It takes some extra effort but it will give you a rough idea on how the final product will look before you make holes in the wall. You can always take tape down, but removing holes and nails is a little harder when it comes to creating the perfect gallery wall.

Gathering Your Pieces

Do you have an old piece that you’re dying to have the star of your wall, are you going for a theme, or do you have a key piece, or pieces that you’re wanting to highlight? Gathering your pieces is a fun part of the process, and  may come along a lot faster than assembling the wall itself. Often times everyone has that one piece that they want to be the star of your wall. You need to make sure that you have at least one large piece to be your anchor or centerpiece. Having a proper balance, and variety of shapes and sizes can help bring everything together. Having too many large pieces will make the gallery wall seem heavy. Having some smaller and medium sized pieces will bring the balance and flow that you’re looking for when creating a gallery wall.

Sometimes you may not have all of the pieces that you want to use on your wall; if you don’t, that’s okay! Sometimes when creating your gallery wall you’ll have a few pieces, and then you notice that you need some more to help complete the scene. Once you see those open spaces you can start to find the things that you need to fill them in. Gathering your gallery wall pieces can be a fun and exciting part of the process. The key is to have fun, and choose pieces that work together, and that speak to you.

Using Patterns and Templates

If you’re not one to eyeball things yourself, use a pattern or template! One of the patterns that you can use is called: Contained Space. Measure a set space on your wall, and then frame your gallery in that contained space. Another pattern to use is called: Midline. Using a midline is where you create a horizontal or vertical line and use it as a divider to frame your gallery wall. There’s no set pattern or template that is correct to use when creating a gallery wall, sometimes it all comes down to how it looks to you!

Example of a Midline



Whether you find a template or pattern that you like, or if you decide to eyeball it; a gallery wall is a great way to bring some life, and style to the walls in your home. Gallery walls have become more, and more popular in home decorating, and help bring life to lifeless walls. For more examples, tips, and tricks for creating the perfect gallery wall please visit our Pinterest Board!

Entertaining Living Rooms Misc.

How To Ruin Your Living Room

The living room is the room in the house that no one wants to leave. You want it to have everything, from comfort to the latest gadgets. Finding Audio Video Installers that can implement an easy to use system would be ideal too. How you choose to decorate this space can determine the atmosphere of the room – most everyone wants their living room to be an inviting environment for friends and family to relax. Although no one wants to intentionally ruin their living room, the following list is a sure way to do it.

1) Buying uncomfortable furniture

Stylish but uncomfortable furniture
That sofa you saw in the store may look great, but is it actually comfortable? A good looking sofa is practically useless if you can’t sit comfortably in it. The easiest way to ruin your living room is to fill it with useless stuff. It’s important to create a comfortable environment that you can see yourself spending hours binge-watching your favorite TV show or playing a board game with the family.

What to do: Test out your furniture while you’re in the store before you make the purchase. Instead of just sitting on it, lay back and get comfortable to figure out whether or not you can see yourself spending countless hours on it comfortably.

2) Not choosing a focal point

Choosing Focal Point in living room
This is a common mistake made by many when decorating their living room. Not setting a focal point in your room can create an unorganized and cluttered feel.

What to do: Choose a focal point such as the fireplace or TV to arrange your furniture around.

3) Trying to match every detail

This can be tricky since it’s naturally tempting to want to create flow and harmony in your space. However, matching every single color and pattern tends to make a room appear flat. Unless you particularly want your living room to look like a hotel room, mixing and matching styles is a great way to create contrast.

What to do: Incorporate contrasting colors and patterns into your living room decor to create a more dimensional look.

4) Using too many throw pillows

Throw Pillows
Throw pillows are a great way to add an accent color to a couch or loveseat, but adding too many can make your sofa feel cluttered. Not to mention the pain of having to awkwardly ask your guests to move the pillows every time they sit down.

What to do: Limit your use of throw pillows or purchase pillows that you are okay with people sitting on.

5) Pushing furniture against the walls

Furniture Against Wall
Although it can be tempting to arrange your furniture against the wall to create an extra room, doing this can make a small room appear even smaller. Arranging your furniture closer together towards the middle of the room invites your guests to converse with one another.

What to do: “Float” your furniture away from the walls to create space in your living room.

6) Not properly caring for your furniture

Not taking care of your furniture can quickly lead to the downfall of your once beautiful living room. When properly taken care of, furniture can last much longer which eliminates the need of having to replace it as frequently.

What to do: Check out our last blog post for tips on how to properly care for your furniture to make it last longer.

7) Buying furniture that doesn’t fit

Furniture that fits

It’s easy to underestimate the size of furniture when you’re in a large showroom and buy something that’s way too big for your own home.

What to do: Use our Room Planner to enter your room dimensions and find out exactly how furniture would fit into your living room before you take it home.

8) Trying to float rugs

Floating rugUsing a rug in the middle of your living room with no furniture resting on it can cause the room to appear disproportional.

What to do: Measure your room and buy a rug large enough that all of the front feet of your furniture will be resting on top of it. If you are still struggling to decide on what rug to get, then it might be a good idea to check out something like Bazaar Velvet to give you a bit more inspiration on the type of rug you should get for your room.

9) Leaving clutter out in the open

This is a surefire way to make a perfectly good living room feel unorganized and messy.

What to do: Buy furniture that have storage options such as a storage ottoman or coffee table to quickly get rid of your living room clutter.

10) Not having proper lighting


Lighting is an easy way to set the ambiance in your living room. Not having enough lighting can make a room dark and uninviting. Considering you can buy floor lamps here, for example, there shouldn’t be any excuses when it comes to investing in proper lighting for the home.

What to do: Properly use the 3 types of lighting: ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. Ambient lighting is the overhead lighting that provides illumination to the entire room. Task lighting directs light to specific areas, such as lamps. Accent lighting provides drama and contrast in your room. If you wanted to keep the cost of these lights down, it might be a good idea to consider changing home energy providers. I hear Money Expert has a fantastic price comparison service worth checking out.

Ready to tackle your own living room? Check out the living room section on our website or our Pinterest board for inspiration.

We’re always on the hunt for great home decor ideas so we can share them with you.

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Household Items You Should Never Buy Used; No Questions Asked

They say that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. In some cases, that man’s trash should stay trash. Finding a good deal on a previously used item is always exciting. Not only is it environmentally friendly to recycle an item from a previous owner, you also save money. However, there are some household items that just shouldn’t be reused because the long term cost may outweigh your initial savings.

1) Bedding – mattresses, bed frames, pillows and sheets

bed bugBedding can host several bacterias from the previous owner. Different types of allergens, dead skin cells, and hair could be unwanted add ons to the pre-owned bedding you’re purchasing. These bacterium can reside in the frame of the bed as well. Pillows and sheets can also host all of these elements. Knowing that what you’re purchasing is 100% sanitary is worth the money.

Although bed bugs are hard to see, they can definitely be hiding in used bedding. Most people do not realize they have a bed bug infestation until after they’ve been bitten. Bed bugs are the hardest insect to kill with store bought pesticides so if you do come across an infestation, contact a reputable Pest control expert. If you have to call a pest removal service, it could end up costing hundreds of dollars per room to exterminate your house if you don’t find the right company. However, if you do need a pest control service to deal with your problem, you may want to check out something like Termite Control Kansas City for an effective extermination of any bed bugs or other pests. Although, with all of the problems that can come from bed bugs alone, it’s safer to purchase a mattress that is guaranteed to be sanitary.

2) Upholstered or enclosed fabric furniture

upholstered furnitureAlthough you can get a great deal buying used furniture, you may also get the short end of the stick without knowing it. Upholstery and enclosed fabrics easily trap elements from the previous owner that can’t be removed. These types of furniture can pick up pet odor, hair, and stains. Dust mites also reside in these types of fabrics.

Getting a slip cover for your new previously owned couch may seem like a feasible option, it just masks the underlying problem. Although there is the option of getting the furniture reupholstered, it can cost almost as much as it would to buy new furniture.

3) Nobody Puts Baby in a Pre-Owned Crib

baby cribCribs can be dangerous to buy used for several reasons. Not only could the bedding contain bacteria like any other type of bedding, the frame can also be unsafe for your child. Cribs are often recalled due to malfunctions, making the crib unsafe for a baby to sleep in. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when deciding where your baby will sleep.

4) Appliances that aren’t easily disassembled

assembled household items

Appliances that aren’t easy to take apart and see the interior can be a risk when purchasing them used. These appliances may look brand new on the outside but could be infested with mold or pests on the inside. Due to the difficulty of disassembling these types of appliances, a lot of people purchase them without knowing what is truly inside of them. These problems can manifest and cause it to break down once you bring the appliance into your own home, leaving you in need of someone like If it’s necessary to purchase these household items used, make sure to buy it from someone you can trust to tell you the truth about the condition of the appliance.

5) Vacuums

used vacuum

Since vacuums are created to pick up all of the aforementioned bacteria and germs that are lurking in your house, it is no surprise that buying a used vacuum could track them into your own home. Not only will a used vacuum track germs into your house, vacuums are easily susceptible to everyday wear and tear. After several uses, vacuums begin to lose their power that they have when you first purchase them. When considering which household items to buy new or used, it’s a safe bet to go with a vacuum straight out of the box.

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The Anatomy of a Knockout Living Room

When you see it, you know.

The Anatomy of a Knockout Living Room

So, you’ve just bought a new property using a short term loan used to ‘bridge the gap’ and now you want to decorate it beautifully. Sometimes a well-designed living room will stop you in your tracks. It’s balanced, cohesive, not too loud, not too subdued… just right. But what makes it so great? A certain unattainable je ne sais quoi? Nope! Just some design know-how that we’re about to share with you.

The Anatomy of a Knockout Living Room

Here’s an example of a living room that has lots of functionality and personality. Now, let’s turn this image into a design roadmap you can reference whenever you need some layout inspiration!

The Anatomy of a Knockout Living RoomA) SIDE TABLES can be used to “bookend” your sofa/sectional (as shown above) or to simply provide more storage surface for your family. They’re especially great when guests come over if they’re seated someplace that’s out of reach from the coffee table.

B) Coordinating THROW PILLOWS in various sizes and shapes will make your sofa look cozy and put-together. If you’re having trouble figuring out what patterns and colors work as a group, we found an extremely helpful guide. (Thanks for demystifying the process, Shannon!)

C) If you already have a lot of patterns and visual interest in your room, go simpler with your RUG (and vice versa). Check out sites like for more inspiration. Another way to add texture is to layer two rugs like the example above. Need help with rug sizing and placement? Fixer Upper‘s Joanna Gaines created this handy guide.

D) A COFFEE TABLE or large ottoman will help anchor the space and be a perfect spot for decor, food and drink, or to put your feet up after a long day. Try a more unexpected piece like the leather-topped coffee table above, or a vintage trunk with hidden storage.

E) A great way to keep your living room as versatile as possible is to go for a neutral color on bigger purchases like your SOFA or SECTIONAL. Then you can switch out decor and accessories as the seasons change without worrying about the larger pieces clashing.

F) ACCENT CHAIRS provide additional seating and can tie in with colors you’ve used elsewhere in your room. We love the simple plaid pattern in the example above.

G) MIRRORS have a knack for making a room look larger. They also look beautiful and reflect light throughout the space. What’s not to love?

H) Flowy CURTAINS that provide privacy but still let in natural light will make your living room look magazine-worthy.

I) The sun can’t do all the work, so make sure to include some pretty LAMPS and overhead lighting to pick up the slack.

J) A good ACCENT WALL can tie a whole room together. We love the distressed, rustic look above, but there are lots of other directions to go: Shiplap, brick, stone, paint, patterned wallpaper, etc.

K) PLANTS, real or faux, add a sense of life to a space. In rooms with subdued color palettes, that pop of greenery makes a world of difference.

L) All those walls can seem bare without some ARTWORK to adorn them! Whether you opt for black and white like the above example or choose vibrant color, experiment with placement until you find an arrangement you love. You could also go to some acrylic prints experts to get some personalized photo prints to add some heart to the room.

M) Your WALL COLOR sets the tone for the rest of the room’s design. Lighter colors tend to make a room look bigger and more open, and darker colors make it feel more cozy. In our example, the dark main wall color and light accent wall give us the best of both worlds!

N) Matching METALLIC ELEMENTS throughout the room can make your design extra luxe. In the example, you can spot several gold accents.

O) OPEN SHELVING will provide additional storage and give you more space to display your treasures. Here’s a wonderful guide on how to style open shelves and vignettes throughout your home. (Thanks for all the helpful tips, Lauren!)

The Anatomy of a Knockout Living Room

Ready to tackle your own space? You’ve got this!

If you want even more inspiration, check out the Living Rooms board on our Pinterest page. We’re always on the hunt for great home decor ideas so we can share them with you.

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Rachael Ray Home: The Soho Collection

Hello again, Rachael Ray fans! This is the last post in our new four-part preview series. If you like Mid-Century Modern style with a traditional twist, this ones’s for you!


So many of us have loved watching Rachael Ray over the years on Food Network shows like 30 Minute Meals, $40 a Day, Tasty Travels, Inside Dish, and more. She has her own daytime talk show, cookware line, magazine, pet food company, cookbooks… the list goes on. But now, Rachael can add “furniture designer” to her lengthy resume.


There’s a feeling that happens when family and friends gather around a table to share a meal and conversation, and Rachael Ray Home brings this warmth and joy to every room.


Her line is divided into 3 collections: Upstate, Highline, and Soho – the subject of today’s post. (Upholstered pieces are featured separately.)


Rachael has a fondness for fun pieces with a touch of retro, and that style is vividly expressed in her New York apartment. The Soho collection brings to life this eclectic mix of unique finishes, simple silhouettes, and functionality. It’s the kind of collection that puts the “happy” in a happy home. Crafted of poplar solids with tech veneers in a jazzy ash brown finish. Soft gold-toned hardware and accents complete the look.


Rachael Ray Home is now on the showroom floor at both our Memphis and Southaven locations! The only item from the Soho collection that we’ll regularly stock is the credenza, BUT you can visit one of our Home Stores to special order any of the pieces in this post. (And that goes for anything in the entire Rachael Ray catalog. If you want it, we can order it for you! This line is so large, we just weren’t able to carry everything in-stock.)


We’ve listed the pieces we know for sure will be in these lines, but more colors and styles may be introduced later. We’ll keep you posted!

Click below to get a FREE copy of our Rachael Ray Home e-catalog! It features 206 pages of gorgeous room shots and furniture photos – plus, the items are clickable for shopping info.












































































Let us know in the comments which pieces you’re most interested in! The entire Rachael Ray preview series:

Rachael Ray Home Preview Series:

Upstate Collection
Highline Collection
Soho Collection (you are here)
Upholstered Pieces

You can also check out our Rachael Ray Pinterest board to browse some of the room shots:


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Magnolia Home Elements & Accessories: Part Two

Welcome to Part Two of the Elements & Accessories in Joanna’s new furniture line, Magnolia Home.

Click here if you missed Part One!

Elements & Accessories Pinterest Graphic (2)

It’s the little things that make a big difference, and Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines Accessories make it easy to create Jo’s signature eclectic look in your home. Versatile and functional, this vintage inspired line offers everything from metal trays and wire wall baskets to bookends and wooden storage boxes. These simple finishing touches add charm and character so that you’ll love the space you’re in. Likewise, the Elements collection is made up of essential pieces that may be the eye-catching focal point in a room or the perfect subtle accent. They’re versatile items designed to go wherever your home needs them.

We’ve listed the pieces we know for sure will be in these lines, but more colors and styles may be introduced later. We’ll keep you posted!

Click below to get a FREE copy of our exclusive Magnolia Home e-catalog! It features 101 pages of gorgeous room shots, and each item is clickable for shopping info.

Mockup of Magnolia Home E-Mag with open book_web 3


UPDATE 7/26/16: Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines is now on the showroom floor at both our Memphis and Southaven locations! Everything we’re carrying at our stores is also available to be purchased ONLINE and can be delivered within a 200-mile radius of us. If the piece you’re interested in doesn’t have an “Add to Cart” button, that means it’s not currently available to be purchased online, BUT you can visit one of our Home Stores to order it. (And that goes for anything in the entire catalog. If you want it, we can order it for you! We just weren’t able to carry everything in stock because this line is so large.)

Apple Buckets with Rope Handles

These corrugated Apple Buckets with Rope Handles are great rustic accents to decorate with in your home or garden.

Bunching Cabinet

Display and store your finest collections in Joanna’s two-toned Bunching Cabinet Base paired with the Bunching Cabinet Hutch. It has a clean, streamline frame with glass doors on the hutch, open space on the butcher-block base top, and even more storage underneath. (Comes in a Chimney black and Salvage wood finish.)

Circulaire Pediment Wall Decor

The Circulaire Pediment Wall Décor will make your space pop with its lovely double arch cutouts separated by a pendulum figure on top. (Comes in a Chimney black finish.)

Courthouse Clock

Joanna’s Courthouse Clock is a large, eye-catching piece with an Antique Black plank face and ivory numerals.

Cutlery Tray

This primitive-style Cutlery Tray comes in a Chimney black finish and has two storage sections with a wooden handle. Use it to set out your cutlery which might be similar to sheffield stainless cutlery for parties or add cut flowers for a centerpiece. If you are looking for stylish new cutlery for your kitchen, why not check out Nella Cutlery for a wide range of products.

Danish Hall Bench

The Danish Hall Bench has beautiful turned legs with square feet and a plank seat with rounded edges. It looks perfect in entryways, bedrooms, or used as dining seating. (Available in a Wheat stain finish.)

Eased Arched Double Door Window Casing

This Eased Arch Double Door Window Casing is a beautiful focal point piece designed by Joanna. With an arched center top and panel doors on each side, it looks splendid placed over sideboards, buffets, or beds. (Available in Wheat stain finish.)

Factory Tote with Wooden Handle

This antique-inspired Factory Tool Tote has a single compartment and turned wood handle. Use it as a bin for storage or a great accent in your garden.

Filigree Dessert Pedestal

Emanate charm as you display and serve cakes, pies, and pastries on Joanna’s Filigree Dessert Pedestal. It’s a vintage design with elegant open-filigree trim and round turned base. (Comes in small and large sizes.)

Florist Bucket

Show off your favorite blossoms in this lovely aged zinc Florist Bucket. Looks great as a centerpiece or accent to any space.

Gardener's Flower Tray

Our Gardener’s Flower Tray is metal with an aged zinc finish. Joanna loves using these to decorate throughout the home, especially on coffee tables. Fill it with flowers, candles, stacks of books… or use it to serve guests!

Harvest Crates

Add an element of character to your home with this vintage style Harvest Crate set. They are reminiscent of days past with rustic stained wood.

Infinity Clock Frame

This striking Industrial Infinity Clock Frame is a bold decor element that’s sure to impress.

Lancet Window Wall Decor

Influenced by exquisite cathedral windows, this tall arched design will add lots of elegance to your home and be a true conversation piece! It comes in Salvage, Jo’s White and Chimney finishes.

Letterbox Stations

Stay organized effortlessly with Joanna’s wall-mount Letterbox Station. These aged zinc vertical slots work perfectly for family command centers and entryways. (Available in 3 or 4 slot options.)

Magnolia Farms Produce Crate

Joanna’s lovely Magnolia Farms Produce Crate is stained wood with aged zinc metal trim, engraved with the Magnolia Farms logo. These purposeful crates are great for storage, displaying decor, or crafting gift baskets.

Magnolia Mason Jar with Lid

Sit back and enjoy a cold drink in these adorable Magnolia Mason jars. Also great for crafting and gift-giving, they come in a case count of 24 jars. (Not recommended for hot beverages.)

Military Hamper

The Military Hamper was inspired by an old military crate, which gives this piece lots of character. We love it for storing throw blankets!

Open Slat Bench

This handsome, versatile Open Slat Bench was designed by Joanna to be used behind the sofa, in the entryway, hallway, bedroom, or any space you’d like to stop and rest. It has a V-shaped stretcher and is available in a distressed Chimney black finish.

Parson's Storage Bench

Joanna’s Parson’s Storage Bench has a charming scalloped plank backrest with three beveled drawers and bronze ring pulls. Designed for comfort and functionality, it fits easily with any décor style. (Available in Chimney black finish.)

Pew Bench

Joanna’s charming Pew Bench is lovely in an entryway, foyer, hallway, bedroom, or wherever you’s like. Its church pew styling with plank back and seat make it a timeless piece for generations. (Available in Jo’s White and Milk Crate.)

Railcar Mailbox

Joanna is always on the hunt for the perfect unique accessory to add just the right touch of character to a room, and she found it with this Railcar Mailbox. It looks charming hung up as a wall vase or magazine rack. It could also be placed on a tabletop, counter, or desk.

Schoolhouse Coat Rail

The Schoolhouse Coat Rail is a charming way to keep your hats, coats, and bags organized and in one place. It has a scalloped top with plus sign cutouts and eight coat hooks. (Choose from Jo’s Black or White.)

Shoeshiner's Caddy

This sturdy Shoeshiner’s Caddy has two compartments for storage and is finished in a distressed Chimney black.

Spool Storage Shelf

Joanna’s Spool Storage Shelf lets you incorporate your crafting supplies into your décor with its aged zinc finish, six shelves, and label holders. It’s a stylish way to organize!

Village Clock

This striking, oversized Village Clock has lots of charm is a handsome statement piece that makes you feel at home.

Dapper Chair and Ottoman in Coffee Leather

Let us know in the comments what’s on your wishlist! The Magnolia Home Elements & Accessories have so much charm.

Click here if you missed Part One!

If you missed any of the other posts in our preview series, you can find them all linked below:

Magnolia Home Preview Series:
Overall Sneak Peek
Upholstered Living Room
Elements & Accessories: Part One
Elements & Accessories: Part Two

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New from Magnolia Home: Modern Collection

Ready for more Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines? So are we! The much-loved furniture line has released a new Modern collection, and we wanted to make sure our blog readers are in the loop. (We don’t currently have these items in stock at our stores, but we’d be happy to order them for you! Just contact us.)

Traditional Collection Pinterest Graphic (3)

Modern style is linear and bold. It’s a minimalist approach to elegant sophistication with focused purpose. These straightforward, sleek designs have an enduring look that will stay as relevant tomorrow as it is today. Clean lines, geometric shapes, and unique material combinations all translate into eclectic statement pieces that blend seamlessly with other styles.

Click below to get a FREE copy of our exclusive Magnolia Home e-catalog! It features 101 pages of gorgeous room shots, and each item is clickable for shopping info. 

Mockup of Magnolia Home E-Mag with open book_web 3


We’ve listed the pieces we know for sure will be in the line, but more colors and styles may be introduced later. We’ll keep you posted!

Magnolia Home Modern Captain Arm Chair

This hybrid Captain Arm Chair not only looks great, but sits comfortably. Its “old courthouse chair” profile has been slimmed down for a Mid Century retro look, and also features a sleek Carbon finish and metal ferules on slim tapered legs.

Magnolia Home Modern Tuxedo Side Chair

Inspired by Mid Century designs, Joanna’s Modern Tuxedo Tail Chair has a narrow slat back that extends below the seat. Finished in Chimney black, it’s a versatile piece that goes with most any decor style.

Magnolia Home Modern Proximity Upholstered Chair

Wing chairs are timeless and can work in a dining setting or all around the house. Joanna’s Modern Upholstered Chair is a hybrid of this classic chair profile refreshed with clean modern lines. The base has a Carbon black finish with upholstery in a dark grey Chalkboard color.

Magnolia Home Modern Proximity Mirror

This Proximity Mirror has an outer wooden frame in a Carbon black finish surrounding the floating Brushed Brass metal frame. Use it over the Proximity Dresser/Server or hang it on the wall as a standalone decorative statement.

Magnolia Home Modern Proximity Man's Chest

Inspired by a wall of custom-built cabinets in Joanna’s office, this Modern Proximity Man’s Chest has a two-tone color combo of Carbon on the case frame and drawer fronts in Bench finish. Use this eclectic piece wherever convenient storage is needed.

Magnolia Home Modern Proximity End Table

This sleek Proximity End Table has an open profile featuring a Brushed Brass metal base and drawer in Carbon black. You can use it by the bedside or as a side table in the living area.

Magnolia Home Modern Proximity Dresser or Server

Inspired by a wall of custom-built cabinets in Joanna’s office, this Modern Proximity Dresser/Server has panel and frame doors flanking a center row of three pullout drawer trays. Pair it with our Modern Mirror and use this eclectic piece wherever convenient storage is needed.

Magnolia Home Modern Proximity Dining Table

This striking Proximity Dining Table is a hybrid piece with its rustic Bench-finish plank top and a sleek ancient Roman “curule” base in Carbon and Brushed Brass. Available in 6′ and 7′ lengths.

Magnolia Home Modern Proximity Deck & Hutch

This Hutch has great open storage with its Brushed Brass frame and three wooden shelves to show off decorative treasures. Joanna designed the lower Modern Buffet to work alone for drawer storage, or together with the Hutch for added display space.

Magnolia Home Modern Profile Upholstered Bed

This Modern Profile Upholstered Bed is one of Jo’s favorites with its tapered wings and tall shelter profile. Its clean versatile shape and Chalkboard grey fabric lets this bed blend in easily with all styles.

Magnolia Home Modern Linear Upholstered Bench

Joanna likes to use functional benches all throughout the home, and this Modern Upholstered Bench has a comfortable button-tufted top with a sleek Brushed Brass metal base. The fabric is available in Emerald and Fog colors.

Magnolia Home Modern Linear Console Table

The lean, modern silhouette of Joanna’s Linear Console Table makes it the perfect accent piece for eclectic spaces. With its Bench-finished wood top and slender Brushed Brass metal base, it can be used in any room of your home.

Magnolia Home Modern Proximity Dining Setting

Let us know in the comments what’s on your wishlist! This is SUCH a cool, eclectic collection.

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Bedrooms Design Inspiration Room Inspiration

18 Design Ideas to Make Kids’ Rooms Look Amazing

Kids’ rooms can be tough to design! You want to create a space that reflects your child’s unique personality, but still looks pulled together and cohesive with the rest of your home. In this blog post, we’ll be sharing all our best tips for putting together a child’s room that will easily transition to their teen years. We’re covering everything from functionality to aesthetic. You might decide that after designing your kids room, that there are other parts of your house that you would like to update. Sometimes it’s just nice to have a bit of a change. You can do small changes to the rest of your house like just getting a new coat of paint, or you could go all out and get new windows from somewhere like Window World Hawaii – the decision is up to you though!

18 Design Ideas to Make Kids’ Rooms Look Amazing | Design by GAHS Blog

Each tip is accompanied by an inspiration photo, which you can enlarge by clicking on it (or save as a Pinterest pin by hovering over the image and clicking the red logo). If you see a piece you’re interested in, just contact us about Bassett custom ordering.

1) Keep storage as low to the floor as possible for smaller kids

18 Design Ideas to Make Kids’ Rooms Look Amazing | Design by GAHS Blog

Most kids don’t like having to keep their rooms clean, but if you make it as easy as possible for them to stay organized, there may be a fighting chance! Storage cubes, baskets, and shelves can be strategically placed within their reach for simple cleanup. In the example above, a storage station was placed at the foot of the bed to hold books that otherwise may have been scattered on the floor. If you find there is just too much stuff in the house to fit in, you could look into something like Singpaore storage space to keep larger items in storage until you need them or have more room for them.

2) Stick to two main colors

18 Design Ideas to Make Kids’ Rooms Look Amazing | Design by GAHS Blog

It’s easy to go crazy with lots of bright colors, but if you’re after a more cohesive look, try sticking to two main colors for all of the substantial elements in the room. Even if the two colors your child picks are loud, neutrals can be added in to soften the look. In the example above, the pink and green color palette is balanced with a creamy white.

3) Incorporate flowers and other plants (real or faux)

18 Design Ideas to Make Kids’ Rooms Look Amazing | Design by GAHS Blog

Plants infuse so much life into a space. You can add a potted plant that your child will take responsibility for watering, or just display cut flowers from the yard. We also love realistic-looking faux options. They’re especially great for kids with allergies!

4) Use chalkboard paint

18 Design Ideas to Make Kids’ Rooms Look Amazing | Design by GAHS Blog

18 Design Ideas to Make Kids’ Rooms Look Amazing | Design by GAHS Blog

Wall art can change on a daily basis when you use chalkboard paint. It comes in every color under the sun, and the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination. Children love to draw pictures on it, and teens can use it to write quotes, doodle, and display notes from friends who come over.

5) Coordinate arrays of pillows

18 Design Ideas to Make Kids’ Rooms Look Amazing | Design by GAHS Blog

18 Design Ideas to Make Kids’ Rooms Look Amazing | Design by GAHS Blog

18 Design Ideas to Make Kids’ Rooms Look Amazing | Design by GAHS Blog

18 Design Ideas to Make Kids’ Rooms Look Amazing | Design by GAHS Blog

A coordinated array of throw pillows not only looks great, but adds comfort and texture to a bed. They can even provide extra seating for friends.

Above, we’ve shown some examples of how to pair up different sizes and colors. A good rule of thumb is to use larger neutral pillows (like Euro shams) in the back, then place smaller, more colorful pillows in the front. A variety of shapes will add interest, so don’t be afraid to mix squares, rectangles, bolster pillows, etc.

6) Display artwork

18 Design Ideas to Make Kids’ Rooms Look Amazing | Design by GAHS Blog

Giving your child a spot to display their art can encourage creativity, and there are so many ways to do so with style. In the example above, coordinating artwork is hung up on the wall with colorful washi tape.

Want other ideas? Try hanging string wire wall-to-wall and use small clothes pins to display the art. You could also go the more traditional route and make an art board out of galvanized metal with magnets for hanging, or cork board with pushpins for hanging.

7) Build off of a theme that can grow with them

18 Design Ideas to Make Kids’ Rooms Look Amazing | Design by GAHS Blog

18 Design Ideas to Make Kids’ Rooms Look Amazing | Design by GAHS Blog

One one hand, you want your child to express their individuality, but on the other hand, it’s not always feasible to do a full room makeover every time their fleeting tastes change. (Adolescence was a confusing, wish-washy time – we all remember!)

The key is to lay out a foundation of good design choices in a fun, whimsical way. There are a lot more home design styles than you may think so you will have plenty of choices! Let your child express his or her individuality through things like accessories, wall art, decor knickknacks, and other items that are easier to switch out. That way, moving into teen years and beyond doesn’t require a major overhaul.

We’re absolutely in LOVE with the room design above. The aviation theme is carried out in such a tasteful way, it’ll be a seamless transition from “child’s room” to “teen’s room.”

8) Don’t feel confined to “matchy-matchy”

18 Design Ideas to Make Kids’ Rooms Look Amazing | Design by GAHS Blog

You don’t need to purchase all of your child’s bedroom furniture from one set or collection for it to look cohesive. Try mixing and matching within your color scheme for a fun yet polished feel. Above, the beds have a dark wood stained finish, but the large nightstand in the middle is painted red (which ties into the throw blankets and pillows).

9) Make a feature wall for the more bold decor choices

18 Design Ideas to Make Kids’ Rooms Look Amazing | Design by GAHS Blog

18 Design Ideas to Make Kids’ Rooms Look Amazing | Design by GAHS Blog

If your child has their heart set on a bold wall color or mural that you’re not so comfortable with, a good compromise is to incorporate it on a feature wall. That way when your child grows out of the design choice or you reclaim the room once they move out, it’ll take less time and effort to paint over.

10) Put up garlands and paper lanterns for added whimsy

18 Design Ideas to Make Kids’ Rooms Look Amazing | Design by GAHS Blog

This is such a fun, inexpensive way to brighten up your child’s space. We love the use of the flower garlands and paper lanterns above. They add visual interest and texture to the space while still coordinating beautifully with the color scheme.

11) Create a seating area

18 Design Ideas to Make Kids’ Rooms Look Amazing | Design by GAHS Blog

If space allows, try adding a seating area to your child’s room. It can serve as a reading nook or place to watch TV and play games. We love how the “TV stand” above is doubling as additional storage for board games and puzzles.

12) Display jewelry and collections as decor

18 Design Ideas to Make Kids’ Rooms Look Amazing | Design by GAHS Blog

If your child or teen collects something, try figuring out a creative, yet stylish way to display it. In the room above, jewelry is hung on the branches of a decorative white tree instead of being shut away in a box.

13) Create a homework zone

18 Design Ideas to Make Kids’ Rooms Look Amazing | Design by GAHS Blog

Try creating a designated homework station where the kids can store laptops, books, and everything they need to succeed. In the example above, the desk also provides lots of additional storage space – definitely a win-win for function and small space utilization!

14) Use hidden storage

18 Design Ideas to Make Kids’ Rooms Look Amazing | Design by GAHS Blog

For not-so-stylish items that you don’t want prominently displayed, try using clever hidden storage. We love a drawer nightstand or large ottoman at the foot of the bed – and definitely take advantage of under-bed and closet storage!

15) Use coordinating blankets and rugs for added warmth

18 Design Ideas to Make Kids’ Rooms Look Amazing | Design by GAHS Blog

Even if your child’s room is carpeted, adding an area rug gives the room a more cozy feel. It’s also an opportunity to tie in your main colors with the bedding.

16) Add a reading lamp

18 Design Ideas to Make Kids’ Rooms Look Amazing | Design by GAHS Blog

A bedside lamp is perfect for reading and general ambiance. They’re also wonderful if your child needs to get up in the middle of the night without tripping!

17) Use bunk beds for space-saving

18 Design Ideas to Make Kids’ Rooms Look Amazing | Design by GAHS Blog

18 Design Ideas to Make Kids’ Rooms Look Amazing | Design by GAHS Blog

Bunk beds are fantastic if you have more than one child sharing a room, or if your kids like to host sleepovers often.

18) Go neutral, but add texture

18 Design Ideas to Make Kids’ Rooms Look Amazing | Design by GAHS BlogNeutral spaces can pack a punch too! All it takes is a variety of textures and patterns to add visual interest. Mix soft and fluffy blankets with a wooden nightstand and patterned ottoman – again, the sky’s the limit.

And there you have it! Eighteen ways to create a meaningful, harmonious space for your child that makes sense in your home. We hope you found these tips helpful. If you want even more inspiration, be sure to check out our Kids’ Rooms Pinterest board:

Color Series

Color Series: Decorating With Buttercup

Did you know that the PANTONE® Color Institute released an entire color palette for Spring/Summer 2016? While many of the shades evoke a sense of calm, there are a few vibrant exceptions: Fiesta, Green Flash, and the star of today’s blog, Buttercup.

Decorating with Buttercup

“Colors this season transport us to a happier, sunnier place where we feel free to express a wittier version of our real selves,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of PANTONE.

Decorating with Buttercup

We love this friendly shade of yellow because it works so well with other colors. (Our top picks to pair with Buttercup are white, gray, navy blue, and turquoise – but the possibilities are as endless as your imagination!) Even if your decor is neutral, adding small pops of yellow will make your home look revitalized and ready for summer.

Below, the throw blanket, wall art, and pillows take center stage since the eye is immediately drawn to the brightness.

Decorating with Buttercup

For lovers of bold color, here’s a sample of Buttercup on an accent wall to add energy and playfulness to the space:

Decorating with Buttercup

Here’s a great example of injecting color without going overboard. Notice how the wall color, artwork, built-in shelf, and window treatments are contrasting neutrals (dark gray and crisp white), while Buttercup is incorporated through a rug, floral arrangement, throw pillows, and accent chairs.

Decorating with Buttercup

Inspired yet? We definitely were! Check out our favorite Buttercup pieces for a summer home makeover you’ll love:

Decorating with Buttercup

  1. Best Home Furnishings Kaylee Swivel Barrel Chair
  2. Fusion Maxwell Gray Sofa
  3. La-Z-Boy Lee Ottoman
  4. Bassett CU.2 L-Shaped Sectional
  5. Bassett Custom Dining Table
  6. Bassett Goa Rug
  7. Surya Teori Pillow
  8. Washington Jitterbug Gray Loveseat
  9. Bassett Barcelona Twin Beds

For even MORE inspiration, be sure to follow our coordinating Pinterest board. We’re always on the hunt for great home decor ideas so we can share them with you.