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Magnolia Home Elements & Accessories: Part Two

Welcome to Part Two of the Elements & Accessories in Joanna’s new furniture line, Magnolia Home.

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It’s the little things that make a big difference, and Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines Accessories make it easy to create Jo’s signature eclectic look in your home. Versatile and functional, this vintage inspired line offers everything from metal trays and wire wall baskets to bookends and wooden storage boxes. These simple finishing touches add charm and character so that you’ll love the space you’re in. Likewise, the Elements collection is made up of essential pieces that may be the eye-catching focal point in a room or the perfect subtle accent. They’re versatile items designed to go wherever your home needs them.

We’ve listed the pieces we know for sure will be in these lines, but more colors and styles may be introduced later. We’ll keep you posted!

Click below to get a FREE copy of our exclusive Magnolia Home e-catalog! It features 101 pages of gorgeous room shots, and each item is clickable for shopping info.

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UPDATE 7/26/16: Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines is now on the showroom floor at both our Memphis and Southaven locations! Everything we’re carrying at our stores is also available to be purchased ONLINE and can be delivered within a 200-mile radius of us. If the piece you’re interested in doesn’t have an “Add to Cart” button, that means it’s not currently available to be purchased online, BUT you can visit one of our Home Stores to order it. (And that goes for anything in the entire catalog. If you want it, we can order it for you! We just weren’t able to carry everything in stock because this line is so large.)

Apple Buckets with Rope Handles

These corrugated Apple Buckets with Rope Handles are great rustic accents to decorate with in your home or garden.

Bunching Cabinet

Display and store your finest collections in Joanna’s two-toned Bunching Cabinet Base paired with the Bunching Cabinet Hutch. It has a clean, streamline frame with glass doors on the hutch, open space on the butcher-block base top, and even more storage underneath. (Comes in a Chimney black and Salvage wood finish.)

Circulaire Pediment Wall Decor

The Circulaire Pediment Wall Décor will make your space pop with its lovely double arch cutouts separated by a pendulum figure on top. (Comes in a Chimney black finish.)

Courthouse Clock

Joanna’s Courthouse Clock is a large, eye-catching piece with an Antique Black plank face and ivory numerals.

Cutlery Tray

This primitive-style Cutlery Tray comes in a Chimney black finish and has two storage sections with a wooden handle. Use it to set out your cutlery which might be similar to sheffield stainless cutlery for parties or add cut flowers for a centerpiece. If you are looking for stylish new cutlery for your kitchen, why not check out Nella Cutlery for a wide range of products.

Danish Hall Bench

The Danish Hall Bench has beautiful turned legs with square feet and a plank seat with rounded edges. It looks perfect in entryways, bedrooms, or used as dining seating. (Available in a Wheat stain finish.)

Eased Arched Double Door Window Casing

This Eased Arch Double Door Window Casing is a beautiful focal point piece designed by Joanna. With an arched center top and panel doors on each side, it looks splendid placed over sideboards, buffets, or beds. (Available in Wheat stain finish.)

Factory Tote with Wooden Handle

This antique-inspired Factory Tool Tote has a single compartment and turned wood handle. Use it as a bin for storage or a great accent in your garden.

Filigree Dessert Pedestal

Emanate charm as you display and serve cakes, pies, and pastries on Joanna’s Filigree Dessert Pedestal. It’s a vintage design with elegant open-filigree trim and round turned base. (Comes in small and large sizes.)

Florist Bucket

Show off your favorite blossoms in this lovely aged zinc Florist Bucket. Looks great as a centerpiece or accent to any space.

Gardener's Flower Tray

Our Gardener’s Flower Tray is metal with an aged zinc finish. Joanna loves using these to decorate throughout the home, especially on coffee tables. Fill it with flowers, candles, stacks of books… or use it to serve guests!

Harvest Crates

Add an element of character to your home with this vintage style Harvest Crate set. They are reminiscent of days past with rustic stained wood.

Infinity Clock Frame

This striking Industrial Infinity Clock Frame is a bold decor element that’s sure to impress.

Lancet Window Wall Decor

Influenced by exquisite cathedral windows, this tall arched design will add lots of elegance to your home and be a true conversation piece! It comes in Salvage, Jo’s White and Chimney finishes.

Letterbox Stations

Stay organized effortlessly with Joanna’s wall-mount Letterbox Station. These aged zinc vertical slots work perfectly for family command centers and entryways. (Available in 3 or 4 slot options.)

Magnolia Farms Produce Crate

Joanna’s lovely Magnolia Farms Produce Crate is stained wood with aged zinc metal trim, engraved with the Magnolia Farms logo. These purposeful crates are great for storage, displaying decor, or crafting gift baskets.

Magnolia Mason Jar with Lid

Sit back and enjoy a cold drink in these adorable Magnolia Mason jars. Also great for crafting and gift-giving, they come in a case count of 24 jars. (Not recommended for hot beverages.)

Military Hamper

The Military Hamper was inspired by an old military crate, which gives this piece lots of character. We love it for storing throw blankets!

Open Slat Bench

This handsome, versatile Open Slat Bench was designed by Joanna to be used behind the sofa, in the entryway, hallway, bedroom, or any space you’d like to stop and rest. It has a V-shaped stretcher and is available in a distressed Chimney black finish.

Parson's Storage Bench

Joanna’s Parson’s Storage Bench has a charming scalloped plank backrest with three beveled drawers and bronze ring pulls. Designed for comfort and functionality, it fits easily with any décor style. (Available in Chimney black finish.)

Pew Bench

Joanna’s charming Pew Bench is lovely in an entryway, foyer, hallway, bedroom, or wherever you’s like. Its church pew styling with plank back and seat make it a timeless piece for generations. (Available in Jo’s White and Milk Crate.)

Railcar Mailbox

Joanna is always on the hunt for the perfect unique accessory to add just the right touch of character to a room, and she found it with this Railcar Mailbox. It looks charming hung up as a wall vase or magazine rack. It could also be placed on a tabletop, counter, or desk.

Schoolhouse Coat Rail

The Schoolhouse Coat Rail is a charming way to keep your hats, coats, and bags organized and in one place. It has a scalloped top with plus sign cutouts and eight coat hooks. (Choose from Jo’s Black or White.)

Shoeshiner's Caddy

This sturdy Shoeshiner’s Caddy has two compartments for storage and is finished in a distressed Chimney black.

Spool Storage Shelf

Joanna’s Spool Storage Shelf lets you incorporate your crafting supplies into your décor with its aged zinc finish, six shelves, and label holders. It’s a stylish way to organize!

Village Clock

This striking, oversized Village Clock has lots of charm is a handsome statement piece that makes you feel at home.

Dapper Chair and Ottoman in Coffee Leather

Let us know in the comments what’s on your wishlist! The Magnolia Home Elements & Accessories have so much charm.

Click here if you missed Part One!

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12 Ways to Make Your Home Irresistibly Inviting: Holiday Edition

As we move deeper into fall, the air gets chillier, the days get shorter, and we come to the sudden realization that a gauntlet of holidays will soon be upon us. Holiday parties are a part of the fun, and if you’re planning on hosting any get-togethers at your home, you may be wondering how to spruce up your space in preparation. Depending on how much lead-time you have, try following some of these tips to make your home feel more inviting.


Your dining area will likely be the main focus for a holiday gathering. If you’ve been meaning to update the space anyway, this is a great excuse for a mini-makeover.

1) Mismatched chairs definitely aren’t a bad thing, but if you want them to look uniform, try slipcovering them for a shabby-chic vibe. (This is also a good tip if your chairs have just seen better days.) Chair covers are often available for rent at party supply shops, or for purchase at most big-box stores.

2) Large mirrors add opulence and make a space look bigger. Try to find one with a prominent frame. If you have a garage sale or flea market find that isn’t quite right, you can give it a whole new look by spray painting the frame gold or some other metallic shade that coordinates with your décor.

3) Take advantage of your chandelier! We love statement lighting over the dining room table. Update an older fixture with new lampshades or crystals.

4) Create a beautiful centerpiece using candles, fresh flowers, ornaments, or whatever you’d like. This gives your table setting a “wow” factor that your guests will notice.

5) Use ornate china as additional décor and display it on an open hutch or floating shelf. When you’re about to serve a meal, just take them down and give them a quick wash. If you’re expecting a large group, another option is to rent china, glasses, napkins, and silverware from your local party rental company. This saves you from having to purchase any new place settings just for the holidays.

6) If you want to make your home smell amazing as your guests are arriving, simmer any combination of sliced fruit, spices, and essential oils like Lemon Oil for Rouh
with purified water in a pot on the stove. For in an invigorating scent, try purified water, sliced lemons, peppermint and ylang ylang essential oils, and a few rosemary sprigs. Our favorite combination for this time of year includes purified water, sliced apples and grapefruit, orange essential oil, and some cinnamon sticks. Just remember to treat the concoction like a burning candle in that it shouldn’t be left completely unattended.


The living room is where your guests will convene after a meal to socialize, so it never hurts to take this space to the next level when you’re expecting company.

7) Festive throw pillows are relatively inexpensive and will instantly make your seating look tailored to the season. Pillows can also correct sofas that are too deep (and serve as floor seating in a pinch).

8) Your guests will likely gather in the living room with drinks they’ll need to set down, so make sure to put small end tables next to any seating that’s out of reach from the coffee table. If you don’t have any, check out these options at The Great American Home Store.

9) Rearrange your furniture with an open floor space in mind if you have to make room for a crowd. Also take this opportunity to declutter – gather up papers, books and magazines, etc. into storage containers.

10) Enhance the ambiance! Light a fire in the fireplace if you have one, and put some background music on to fill out any lulls in conversation (about 25% lower volume than normal speaking voices).


11) You likely won’t have time to give each guest a tour, so labeling the key rooms of your house can be extremely helpful. Purchase some blackboard signs and chalk from your local craft store and get creative! For example, prop a large one on your entry table that says “Welcome.” Then use smaller chalkboards with holes in the top for hanging (try using burlap rope or fabric ribbon) and label the doors to the coat closet and bathrooms.

12) A good rule of thumb for pre-party cleaning is to start from your entryway and follow the path that your guests are most likely to go (into the living room, through the kitchen, the bathrooms, etc.) But don’t stress too much at the last minute! Try to get the important things done in advance so you can relax and enjoy your guests when the time comes.

While we don’t have a tip to help you survive family drama, endless cooking, or any of the other glorious trials that go hand-in-hand with the holidays, we CAN wish you the best of luck and remind you that you’ll make it through. You’ll probably have a great time while you’re at it!

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How to Upgrade Your Bedroom This Weekend

Interior design can be a daunting process for most people – especially if you work full-time or stay busy with familial duties. However, a new look doesn’t necessarily require a total overhaul. When time is of the essence and you aren’t sure where to begin, you can make a big impact just by changing some key elements in your space. (And YES, you CAN do this over the weekend! Promise). Sometimes it’s a good idea to give your home a makeover if you are planning on moving anytime soon. This is because home improvements make it easier to sell your home. However, you don’t need to have an excuse like moving home to start redecorating, if you fancy a change then you can easily get started. And as stated earlier, you can do it over a weekend if you wanted to.


1) Out with the old


First, identify what you don’t like about your bedroom’s current look. Is the overall feel too cluttered? Eliminate some unnecessary knickknacks that are taking up space. Tired of the outdated canopy over your bed? Give it to a friend or donate it to charity. Once you’ve removed anything that doesn’t bring you joy or fit with your lifestyle anymore, you can start to add in new elements that do.

2) Dress up your focal point


The bed is a good place to begin since it carries a big impact, and the rest of the room will be easier to style if you use the bed as a centerpiece to complement. If you want to change up the color of your bedspread but don’t want to purchase a new one, try a duvet cover (which is essentially a large “pillowcase” for your comforter with a closure at the bottom). It’s a great way to bring a different aesthetic to your room without committing to lots of expensive bedding. And the best part? If you want to change things up again, it’s as easy as removing the cover.

3) New pillows for a pop of color


Most duvet cover sets come with shams for your existing full-sized pillows, but you’ll probably want to place some smaller throw pillows on your bed to accent them. This is a perfect opportunity to play with color and texture if the rest of your décor is relatively plain. If you have a chair or loveseat in your room, try putting a matching throw pillow there too. It will not only tie the look together, but also add comfort to your seating area.

4) Set the mood


Next, focus on increasing the “coziness quotient” of your room. If you have hardwood or otherwise uncarpeted floors, a rug can add some warmth. If you place it next to the bed right where your feet hit in the morning, you’ll never have to deal with a jarring, cold floor again! Another element that can affect your space’s mood is lighting. Getting new uPVC windows installed can take a little bit of time. For instant fixes, you can buy a new lamp, or just switch out the lampshades and light bulbs of your existing lighting. An inexpensive way to add ambiance is to purchase some string lights and drape them around your headboard. If you really wanted to upgrade the lighting in your room, you could change the style to a more modern one, similar to barn style lighting, to really make your room stand out and benefit from light.

5) Get a handle on it


You may not have time to change out larger furniture like your chest of drawers and bedside tables, but there’s a quick way to make them over – new handles! Just visit your local home improvement warehouse and pick your favorite style. Trading out your rusty metal drawer handles for some beautiful glass knobs will make a noticeable difference you’ll love.

6) Gallery wall to the rescue


Now let’s take a look at the walls. You may not have time this weekend to repaint, but you can refresh the look by moving around any artwork you already have hanging up, adding a new painting, or putting up a simple floating shelf. Instead of just displaying photos of family and friends in free-standing picture frames, get creative and make a gallery wall arrangement! Choose a grid pattern or any shape/combination that accents your wall. Additionally, your space will feel larger and brighter in a matter of seconds if you hang up a mirror. If you already have this type of feature wall already present in another room in your house, you may need to think about redecorating your wall in a different way. Designs like this marble wallpaper for your bedroom may persuade you to turn your attention toward wallpaper and stickers. What’s even better is that you don’t need to spend that much time doing it, as some of them have the peel and stick option. It’s definitely something worth considering if you want to change your interior.

7) Storage with style


If you don’t have much closet space or like to store your belongings out in the open, adding some creative storage solutions will help keep things tidy. (Well, at least tidier – we’re all only human!) Uniformity is key, so pick a style you like and try to stick with it. For example, we love the look of matching baskets lined up on open shelves or a hutch.

8) Fun with feng shui


It’s amazing what a general change of scenery can do, so don’t be afraid to experiment with furniture placement. Try facing your bed in a different direction or moving your desk to a new corner of the room. If you don’t have a group of body builders at your disposal to execute your vision, a multi-pack of furniture pads and sliders that will make the job a lot easier.

9) Greenery for that finishing touch


Finally, a wonderful way to add life to your room is to do just that – add life! If you grab some fresh flowers the next time you’re at the grocery store, arrange them in decorative vases to place in various spots throughout your space (such as your bedside table, desk, dresser, or windowsill). If you prefer larger potted plants, these look nice in the corner to help frame and anchor the space.

When you’re ready for a bigger change, consider stopping by The Great American Home Store for inspiration. You just might find the perfect bed, table, dresser or accessory to complete your dream room!

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