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Simple Tricks for Keeping Your Leather Furniture Looking New

by Great American Home Store

When it comes to furniture, you cannot go wrong with leather. Leather is a hardy material that never ceases to be a stylish and tough fabric that makes any space more stylish and homey. Furthermore, leather fits into almost any décor because it is able to be colored and styled in any way that you might desire. The only thing that many do not seem to understand is that leather requires simple upkeep and maintenance to keep it looking new. There are many ways you can always protect and repair your furniture to keep it looking fresh! This article will cover:

  • Preventative measures to take to save your furniture
  • Some general leather cleaning tips
  • Tips on how to clean your leather chair or sofa
  • Everything you need to clean your furniture

Here are some simple tricks for keeping your leather furniture looking new!

Preventative Measures to Take

Before we get into the leather cleaning and upkeep processes, it is important to mention this fact: much of the couch's damage can be prevented with a few simple rules. These rules are designed to keep any dangerous objects, foods, or liquids from damaging the surface of the couch. Some of the best rules to follow include

  • No sharp objects on the couch such as knives, cutlery, or even toothpicks!
  • Keep all liquids out of the room where the couch is (if you have rugs, this is a great rule all around.)
  • Keep all pets off the couch. If you must include your favorite furry friend, remember to lay down a towel or blanket to ensure that their claws do not mar the surface of your couch.
  • Keep all hot plates or cups off the leather. The heat caused by these objects can warp the leather.

Having these rules in place will ensure that consistent care is taken to ensure that the leather is not harmed. In most cases, this is really the most many will have to do to ensure that their leather couch lasts a lifetime!

General Leather Cleaning Tips

Today, most leather furniture is treated with chemicals to make it more resilient towards scratches, liquids, and heat. A simple way to test if your leather is treated is if it leaves a mark when lightly scratched. If this is the case, you are going to have to utilize a different process besides the one detailed below. Here are some of the best general leather cleaning tips!

Try and use your leather cleaning materials on a smaller, hidden portion of the couch. Doing so will allow you to see whether or not these cleaning compounds will harm the upholstery material. Also, when confronted with minor spots and spills, it is best to immediately wipe up any excess liquid. This will prevent any of the liquid from pooling and soaking into the leather. After you wipe off these liquids, use a lightly moistened warm cloth to clean the area where the spill occurred.

When cleaning your furniture, never use any other types of cleaning materials such as cleaning solvents, furniture polish, or abrasive cleaners. Doing so will heavily damage the leather and will surely ruin your couch. If you ever find that you have incurred a stain from oil or grease, wipe up the excess and leave it alone for a while. The spot should dissipate overnight. Simply wipe up where the spot used to be by the morning, and you should be good as new! Also, if you ever find any minor scratches on the surface of your couch, purchase a chamois cloth to buff the scratch gently. These abrasive cloths should help smooth down the leather around the scratch and make it look brand new!

How to Clean a Leather Sofa or Chair

In normal conditions, regular dusting and vacuuming are all that are required for day-to-day cleanings. However, for more involved cleanings, there is a process of cleaning the furniture. Here are some tips on cleaning a leather sofa or chair.

If you have removable cushions, it is best to remove these during the cleaning process. Between the leather treating and the drying, it will be best to work on these separately from the rest of the couch. In most cases, if your sofa or chair has removable cushions, it will likely have a fabric bottom on the floor of the couch to protect the cushions. Be extremely careful when vacuuming this fabric, as it is most likely a very thin fabric.

Vacuum all crevices, even if you do not see any crumbs or dust in there. Leather has a lot of folds in it that naturally collect dust. When cleaning and wiping down the cushions and the leather body of the furniture, be sure to use a soft microfiber cloth. Using any other rag like a dishrag, washcloth, or paper towel may scratch the surface of the leather. Also, be sure to pay attention to the areas nearer to the ground when cleaning. These are areas that are likely to get scuffed and dirty from passing shoes.

What You Need

When it comes to cleaning your leather sofa or couch, the cleaning materials needed are not really that hefty. Some of the cleaning items you are likely to need include:

  • The proper leather conditioner. Find out what grade of leather your couch is and purchase the cleaning solution specifically for that type of leather.
  • A chamois cloth (in the case of scratches)
  • A few microfiber cloths
  • A spray bottle
  • Warm water
  • Mild soap

We hope that this article has made you aware of some great tricks for keeping your leather furniture looking new! Always remember that with leather couches, much of the effort of keeping them clean comes in the form of regular cleanings and preventative maintenance. Leather is a reliable material that can stand up to everyday activities with minimal concern. If you are looking for recliners or couches in Memphis to replace your old, scratched furniture, reach out to the Great American Home Store. Our staff will gladly help you find any furniture that you may need to make your space feel exactly like home.