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6 Living Room Rug Inspirations

by Great American Home Store

A traditional area rug with contemporary living room furniture

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Should I Buy a Living Room Rug?

Different Types of Living Room Rugs

What Size Rug Will Fit Your Living Room?

Tips for Taking Care of Your Living Room Rug

6 Living Room Rug Inspirations

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A living room rug is the focal point of the room. There are several different shapes, styles, and sizes of area rugs to choose from, so how do you figure out which living room rug is best for your space? Start by taking measurements of the room before considering the existing decor style, and where you want to place the rug. Rugs can be centered, placed under furniture, or put in high-traffic areas.

Then, get inspiration from our huge stock of living room rugs as we highlight a few of our favorite designs below!

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Should I Buy a Living Room Rug?

We highly recommend area rugs for living room setting for a few reasons. Not only are rugs a great way to introduce fun patterns and colors to the space, but they also help to make the room more functional and inviting. Living room rugs serve several important functions.

Make Your Living Room Cozier

Adding an area rug to your living room will break apart the space. By dividing the floor into small sections, it makes the room seem cozier. Adding a rug to your living room will instantly make it seem more welcoming to your guests!


Hard surface floors can be cold. Putting a large living room rug over hardwood or tile will make your floor warmer and more comfortable to walk on.

Less Noise

Did you know that living room rugs help dampen noise? Hard floors like wood, tile, and stone echo. Sounds bounce off the hard surfaces and are amplified. Area rugs help to absorb noise and prevent echoing.

Design Cohesion

Living rooms usually contain a lot of elements. There are a lot of different colors and finishes that can look disjointed if there is not something tying them all together. Living room rugs are the easiest way to pull different design elements of a room together.

Different Types of Living Room Rugs

Some of the biggest deciding factors for a rug comes down to dimension and pattern. Here's a better idea of what we mean. 


Living room rugs are available in several shapes. The most popular shape is the rectangle. However, area rugs are also sold in square, round, and oval shapes. Think about where you want the rug to go and that will help determine what shape you should buy. For example, if you have a big room, go for a rectangular rug. The rectangle shape is best for large living room rugs because it covers more surface area than round or oval.

Carpet Thickness

Living room rugs are available in low, medium, and high pile carpets. If you are putting furniture on top of the rug, you want to choose a living room rug that is thinner. If the living room rug is going in the center of the space, thick rugs are better. For example, shag rugs are very thick and plush. They are a luxurious floor covering for frequently walked-on areas.

Color & Pattern

You can find living room rugs in thousands of different colors and patterns. If you want the rug to be a focal point in the room, choose a bold color. For example, blue rugs are a very popular design choice right now. Blue complements a lot of other colors and can be incorporated into most design styles. If you want a more traditional rug, look for one with an ornate pattern in neutral or dark tones.

What Size Rug Will Fit Your Living Room?

The most common mistake people make when picking a living room rug is ordering a rug that is too small. If you have hardwood floors, you may not want to cover them up. But choosing the right rug size for living room dimensions in your home can enhance the beauty of the hardwood.

Living room rugs are important decor pieces that will tie the room together. You want the rug to stand out without being overwhelming. Understanding what size rug for living room settings works best is the most important step in the rug selection process.

✅ DIY Tip

Use painter’s tape to outline the rug size you are thinking of ordering on your floor. You will be able to see how much space the rug will cover. This way you can decide if the size is too big, too small, or just right!

Tips for Taking Care of Your Living Room Rug

Living room rugs are an investment. To get the most out of your rug, make sure to clean it properly. Follow these tips to extend the life of your living room rug.

  1. Rotate the rug every 3–6 months to avoid wearing down specific spots.
  2. Keep the rug out of direct sunlight.
  3. Vacuum regularly, and have the rug professionally cleaned once a year.
  4. Use rug protectors under the feet of furniture so the pile isn’t permanently flattened.

6 Living Room Rug Inspirations

Allow us to show you a few of our favorite area rugs from our catalog. We’ve settled on six styles, so chances are we have a pick for you inside!

Best Living Room Rug for Contemporary Decor: Uma Multi Colored Area Rug

The UMA Enterprise area rug shown with a matching chair and décor

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Multiple geometric patterns create a striking contrast in the Uma multi colored area rug. Each pattern incorporates neutral colors like beige, cream, and black. Geometric patterns are a contemporary style choice that provides visual interest in any living room. It also works with a variety of wood finishes including walnut, cherry, teak, and maple.

The Uma is ½ inch thick and is made of wool for a soft touch on the feet. The overall dimensions of the rug are 5’x8’

Best Living Room Rug for a Pop of Color: Dalyn Impact “Navy”

Overhead look at the Dalyn Rug Company blue area rug

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Blue living room rugs are on trend for 2023! The medium-toned navy hue of the Dalyn Impact area rug is the perfect shade of blue for a cool and trendy look in the living rom. It is light enough to offset black and espresso decor, but dark enough to pair with pastels and grays.

The Dalyn Impact living room rug is a shag-style carpet with just over 3” of thick fibers your toes will love digging into. It is made from polyester-synthetic yarn that is extremely durable and ultra-plush.

Blue living room rugs complement cool tones best. Pair this with grays, blacks, or other shades of blue. For a stark contrast, pair blue with yellow or orange.

Best Living Room Rug for Bohemian Decor: Dalyn Amanti “Taupe”

Overhead look at the Dalyn Rug Company Amanti area rug

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The Dalyn Amanti area rug is extremely thin, allowing it to be used in just about any setting, even next to a door. It is made of chenille yarn that is very soft to the touch. This traditional rug features a slightly distressed pattern that resembles stained glass. The primary color of the rug is taupe. It also has some variations of mauve and lilac integrated throughout the pattern.

Best Living Room Rug for Rustic Homes: Dalyn Arturro “Stone”

Overhead look at the Dalyn Rug Company Arturro area rug

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The Dalyn Arturro living room rug combines the plush luxury of shag carpet with rustic color blending. The thick polyester yarn is machine-loomed into an ombre pattern for a one-of-a-kind visual impact. The center of the rug is a blend of beige that deepens into a mix of browns, grays, and blues. The gradient effect combined with the thick pile creates a natural fur look. This is a medium-to-thick rug, offering 2” of height that’s suitable for most living room settings.

Best Living Room Rugs for Traditional Homes: Uma Brown Wool

The UMA Enterprise brown wool area rug shown with a matching chair and décor

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If you like traditional-styled decor, check out the UMA Enterprise brown wool area rug. This large living room rug has a perfect combination of neutral colors and intricate patterning. The geometric rug is made from a blend of wool and cotton and features shades of brown. It has a slight olive undertone. The pattern is a traditional Persian or oriental design.

Best Neutral Living Room Rug: Dalyn Reya “Fog”

Overhead look at the Dalyn Rug Company Reya area rug

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The Dalyn Reya living room rug in the color “fog” is hand-loomed from wool in a low-pile profile. At first glance, this rug looks very simple. The wool yarn used to make the Reya rug has multiple tones of beige giving it tons of dimension and style! Beige living room rugs complement brown, green, and red decor.

An area rug pulls the design of a room together. Choosing the correct color, size, and style of a living room rug is important. Pick a color that compliments your living room furniture, wall color, and flooring. Don’t forget to test the size of the rug by taping it out in your living room.

Our sales and design staff are always available to help you pick out the perfect rug for your living room. Most of our living room rugs are available for order in multiple sizes. You are sure to find a rug that suits your style!

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At the Great American Home Store, we also understand the importance of offering a vast selection for any-size budget. We offer many flexible financing options with approved credit so that you can find the perfect furnishings to reflect your unique style.

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