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Simple Updates To Make Your Bedroom a Luxurious Retreat

by Great American Home Store

Your bedroom is the area where you expect the most privacy and a place to unwind and just relax. One of the best ways that you can heighten this feeling of relaxation and comfort is by making a space truly your own. You can easily do this by outfitting your bedroom with personal objects, as well as pieces of furniture that will help pull your bedroom together. Most will treat their bedroom as a place to sleep, leaving out some of the most enjoyable parts of having your very own bedroom to decorate. Here are some of the simplest updates you can make to your bedroom to turn it into a luxurious retreat!

Use Rugs

Rugs are one of the best ways to update any space with a breath of fresh air and comfort. If you have hardwood floors in your bedroom, getting out of bed and stepping onto the cold floor can be a real task in the winter. Rugs make for a great transition space from any bed to the floor for this reason. Not only that, but they can provide a splash of color that can make any room that much more fun to be in. However, when dealing with rugs, always be sure that you do not overdo it. There is nothing much worse than a room that is wall to wall with rugs.

More Luxurious Curtains

Curtains are one of the more noticeable ways that you can update any room to be a much more luxurious retreat. Whether you are looking to make your own curtains or purchase them from a shop, always consider the mood you are trying to create within your space. The last thing you want to do is realize that your curtains detract from the room’s overall mood after installation. If you need help deciding on a color or pattern, consider using a website to show what your curtains would look like in your space.

Add a Hanging Light Fixture

Having a hanging light fixture can be a great accent piece to any space. Hanging light fixtures add a lot of character and unique lighting options to really make a space as your own. Besides this, hanging lights are a great way to position lights in a stylish yet cost-effective manner. Consider utilizing a hanging light fixture over your nightstands to save a lot of room while still providing a great source of light!

Rethink Your Nightstand Area

Your nightstand is one of the most important areas in your house. It is where you likely keep all of your most important day to day objects such as your keys, phone, watch, and rings. That is why it is so annoying to have a very crowded bedside table. One of the easiest ways to make it easy to keep a nightstand area is to utilize a tabletop organizer or tray. Employing one of these types of organizers is sure to enable you to keep a much cleaner space!

Keep Your Floor Clear

Ensuring that your floors are clear is an excellent way to ensure that your bedroom stays luxurious instead of turning into a horrible mess. Utilizing storage baskets, chests, or any other device that will fit in with your décor will not only help you keep the space organized, but it will also help accent the décor of the space. If you pick chests or baskets that fit in with your décor, you should take care to ensure that these elements will easily fit in with the décor around it. If you find that chests and baskets do not fit in with the overall space, consider another method to keep the area looking clean and stylish without compromise.

Upgrade Your Hardware

If you are looking for simple updates to make your bedroom feel more luxurious, you simply must update all the hardware in the room. This includes doorknobs, dresser handles, curtain rods and controls, and anything else that receives daily use. If you update these pieces of hardware, you will find that the look of your space will be greatly updated for a fraction of the cost it might have taken to complete projects. For this reason, if you are just starting out on updating your bedroom to make it look more luxurious, you must start with your hardware!

Add a Bit of Greenery

One surefire method to make any space look its absolute best is to add a bit of greenery within the space. Greenery will often help liven up any space by bringing calming outdoor elements into any space. While it may take some work to keep the plants as healthy as they can be, it is definitely worth the effort. Taking the effort will provide a much more luxurious, adult area that will reflect all your desires for your bedroom. If this idea intrigues you, we recommend starting with succulents, grasses, and indoor palms. These trees will help set the mood while being unobtrusive as far as the mess they produce.

Update Your Bed and Frame!

One of the most impactful ways to update your bedroom to make it more luxurious is to update the bed covers (and maybe the frame). Because your bed is the central piece in the entire bedroom, it is important that you have it made up with sheets that match the colors of the room and give the room an air of royalty and class. No longer can you throw your favorite on the bed and call it quits! When looking for a bed cover, consider going with something that is fitted to the bed. Also, consider any patterns that might go with the décor of your room.

We hope that these simple updates to make your bedroom a luxurious retreat will help you craft the bedroom of your dreams! If you are looking to purchase any specific bedroom sets for sale, make sure you stop by the great American home store. We have absolutely everything you will ever need to make your bedroom a luxurious and relaxing space!