Most Common Misconceptions About Power-Lift Chairs

by Paige Pesko

In recent times, the reputation of power-lift chairs became warped due to the public's misconceived idea about how they were used. Power-lift chairs are vital to the person using them. Even so, many people who need these types of chairs are unwilling to have them within sight in their homes. Whether it is due to embarrassment or simply a lack of knowledge, these individuals are constantly handicapping their everyday activities. Some of the most common misconceptions about power-lift chairs stem from people who are uneducated on the subject. Let’s clear these up right now!

What Are Power-Lift Chairs?

Power-lift chairs are a mix of mobility and comfort devices that can greatly assist in getting you on your feet. The chair rises on its base, tilting forward using a mix of electronic and hydraulic controls. As the chair tilts forward, it moves your body into a position that can make it easier to get in and out of the chair. By the end of the chair’s movement, you’ll be leaning on it, which will make getting up out of it easier since you can brace yourself against it.

Common Myths and Misconceptions

They Decrease Your Independence

If anything, these types of chairs increase your independence. These types of chairs allow you to easily and effortlessly get into a comfortable position. The best part is that these chairs do this without the help of another person, so you won’t need anyone else’s help to get comfortable.

It Will Decrease Your Muscular Strength

Another common myth is that these types of chairs will decrease your muscular strength. Muscular strength depends on your levels of activity or inactivity. As such, if you spend too much time being still, your muscular strength will decrease. The important distinction you need to make is knowing that the chair has nothing to do with this cause-and-effect relationship. The cause of declining muscle strength is when muscles don’t receive regular use - not that the chair is contributing to declining strength.

They’re Too Expensive

Like with anything else, there’s always the option to go overboard. If you opt to customize these chairs with different accessories and options, the chair will get expensive. However, if you just want a base model chair and don’t care about the fabric or function (besides the lifting feature), these chairs can be surprisingly affordable. Look online to get a good feel on the prices you can expect to see during the final purchase.

They Are Dangerous To The Unwary User

These types of chairs are engineered with safety in mind. Companies ensure that everything about them is safe because the people who’ll most often use power-lift chairs are injured or have limited mobility. Such examples of these safety measures include full padding on the arms and a low adjustment speed for both the power lift function and (on some models) the reclining function. All these factors come together to ensure that the product is as safe as possible for any consumer who uses it.

What Features To Look For

Just like with any other type of recliner, keep the features in the chair in mind. You get what you pay for, especially with power-lift chairs. Anything added to the base lifting model will cost extra. Even so, considering you’ll most likely use the chair for a long time, it’s important to get a product that fits all your needs and which won’t leave you dissatisfied. Below are some features of power-lift chairs.

  • Reclining Position: Having a reclining position on a power-lift chair is one of its most underrated features. Studies have shown that lift chair recliners can help relieve stress on your back, legs, and even on your heart. Some recliners may only recline to a 180-degree position. Others may recline to a zero-gravity position that will help circulate your blood better.
  • Massage: Some chairs may come with a massage feature for the lower and upper back areas. In some cases, this may help you if you have back tightness. However, keep in mind that these systems—while good—should never act as replacements for the healing power of getting a real massage by a massage therapist.
  • Cup Holders: While it may seem like just another trivial feature, a cup holder can be incredibly useful. You don’t want your drink to spill, of course, especially when you already have trouble getting in and out of chairs. Having a cup holder in your power-lift chair provides a secure and convenient way to have a drink handy without worrying about making a mess
  • USB Plug: USB plugs can provide an easy-to-reach method of charging all your devices. This could not be more important in an increasingly digital world. When your devices are fully charged and close at hand, connecting to the internet will be easy. You can do it all from the comfort of your power-lift chair!

Who Are They Designed For?

Contrary to popular belief, these chairs can benefit everyone—especially people who lack the ability to comfortably get up out of a reclining or sitting position. By extension, other people in other types of situations can make use of these chairs. People who’ve recently undergone any sort of leg, lower body, or hip surgery that leaves them immobilized will find this type of furniture extremely helpful. They’ll be able to relax easily and comfortably when they use a power-lift chair.

Lift chairs have been followed by clouds of common misconceptions which has led to their unwarranted unpopularity. Hopefully, now this article has informed you of some common misconceptions about power-lift chairs and dispelled them, you’ll feel more informed about their plethora of fantastic advantages.

When you get such a wonderful, comfortable, and useful chair for yourself, you’ll be so grateful for the freedom and mobility it offers you. If you are looking for any furniture, stop by the Great American Home Store for an amazing selection at equally amazing prices!

Most Common Misconceptions About Power-Lift Chairs