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How to Master Rustic Interior Design

by Olly Mason

A trip to your favorite outdoor getaway can be as simple as giving your living room, dining room, or bedroom a boost of rustic charm. With a heavy emphasis on natural materials, the open air, and traditional furniture making, rustic interior design is all about enjoying the simpler things and creating spaces that are inviting.

Learn how to design a rustic home with this guide, including a look at the basics, what to avoid, and some inspiration for the favorite spaces in your home.

At a Glance:

What is Rustic Interior Design?

History of Rustic Design

Elements of Rustic Interior Design

Incorporating Rustic Interior Design in Your Homev

Variations on Rustic Interior Design

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What is Rustic Interior Design?

Green couch with wooden frame and arms in a rustic-style living room

In an age where everything is factory-made or a reproduction of something original, rustic interior design is a breath of fresh air. Fanatics regard this period style as an embrace of individuality, a celebration of imperfections, and overall, a study in resourcefulness.

It all begins with wood. Since it was readily available, wood was the choice material for the craftspeople who first practiced the style. Since then, wood has remained synonymous with the style and is reused in several new ways. Reclaimed wood is a major component of the style used today, but timber is also used in high-end applications with luxury handcrafted furniture pieces, or as a dash of charm when used with a distressed or whitewash finish.

What it Is

Because rustic design is rooted in nature, the style is big on preserving and honoring organic shapes and silhouettes. Instead of changing mediums like wood and stone into something entirely manmade, rustic décor and furniture highlights the qualities of their design. The ruggedness of wood, the natural texture of stone, and uneven edges are all welcome attributes that style gurus agree are elemental for a successful rustic design.

What Isn’t Rustic Interior Design?

Pursuing perfection might not be a cardinal sin when it comes creating rustic style homes but overdoing it with polished furnishings will have an impact on the lived-in appeal of the rustic look. Go easy on clean lines celebrating unrefined materials, rejecting mass-produced home décor and furnishings, and allowing the essence of each material to shine.

History of Rustic Design

The rustic aesthetic has always been around, but the term really began to take off in the 1900s. Even before then, rustic furniture was being made by pioneers in America who used wood and natural materials from the land to hand-make furniture. Over the generations, furniture makers began to coin their style, forming a new era of builders whose specialty was rustic furniture.

In all fairness, rustic décor has always been around, especially in Mediterranean areas of old-world Europe. However, it wasn’t until around 2010 when restaurants started using the style for a more intimate feel in high-class dining that rustic interior design would undergo a rekindling. Nowadays, rustic interior design is commonly used to add a touch of coziness to spaces from the kitchen to the living room and the bedroom.

Elements of Rustic Interior Design

You can’t do rustic design without having a love for wood. It’s used everywhere throughout the theme, and its neutral look pairs beautifully with other natural elements regularly used with the style. That includes:

  • Stone: Brick, river stones, terracotta, and tile blend effortlessly with rustic décor.
  • Metals: Classic rustic design utilizes wrought iron often, but newer variations on the style create a fresh look with bronze, gold, and copper.
  • Natural Materials: Even textiles play well with rustic design. Linens and cotton are common, but wool, fur, and pelts have been popping up in variations on the style.

Incorporating Rustic Interior Design in Your Home

Now that you’re all caught up on the basics of rustic design, see how our interior design specialists use it around the home.

Rustic Living Room

Front view of International Furniture 1795066 rustic tv stand

Adding cozy, warm vibes to the living makes the area a perfect spot for gathering around and unwinding. This will most likely be one of the biggest spaces in your home, so don’t be afraid to experiment with the amount of wood you add to the area. Larger spaces can feel cold and distant, so adding a centerpiece like this International Furniture TV stand with solid pine wood and metal hardware anchors the room while giving it a welcoming touch.

Rustic Dining Room

Side view of Style Craft 1964644 Anaheim collection dining room sideboard

A big trend these days is inviting the laid-back feel of rustic design into the dining room with quality furnishings that add a dash of elegance. Consider combining an ultra-rustic table you and your loved ones can add character to over the years together with an upscale complement like this Style Craft Anaheim sideboard. This sideboard’s clean lines and modern handles all in an ashy gray finish appeal to modern palates while adding just enough old-world nostalgia to feel like an heirloom. 

Rustic Bedroom

Front view of Elements 1706777 Bailey collection six-drawer dresser and mirror

Farmhouse may be a popular bedroom design, but for those with more muted tastes, rustic bedroom furniture is another alley to consider. Rather than going big on details like crossbucks or sliding barn doors with farmhouse décor, rustic design is simple and subtle, and many experts agree that the less cluttered a bedroom is, the healthier it is for your mind. This Bailey six-drawer dresser and mirror set from Elements furnishings is all about that lifestyle, featuring knotted woodwork, brushed bronze handles, and a warm walnut finish.

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Variations on Rustic Interior Design

Looking for even more inspiration? Here are four different ways to use rustic design around your home.

Modern Rustic Interior Design

Also called rustic chic, modern rustic interior design utilizes the traditional wood blueprint with contemporary accents, especially when it comes to seating. Traditionally, sofas, loveseats, and chairs were canvases for the wooden motif, but modern rustic style plays with upholstered seating in clean lines, light colors, contemporary shapes, and an open floorplan.

Spanish Rustic Interior Design

Spanish rustic interior décor says bienvenido to the laid-back lifestyle reminiscent of al fresco design found throughout Spain. On this side of the globe, tiles, stucco, and warm tones are regular complements to accents of wood and metal. 

Luxe Rustic Interior Design

Take nature’s inspiration and upgrade it to satisfy expensive palates, and you have the essence of luxe rustic design. This look is all about taking something humble and elevating it to the highest level of luxury and comfort with high-end furnishings and materials, of which furs, extravagant chandeliers, and handcrafted pieces are regulars.

Mediterranean Rustic Interior Design

Another variation on European rustic design is by emphasizing Mediterranean influences. From Greece to Tuscany and everywhere in between, this version of the classic design showcases ceramics, iron, and even mosaics of stone together with old-world details from coffered ceilings to exposed wood beams. Go heavy on browns, beiges, and other similar warm colors for a rural feel that is irresistibly inviting.

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