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 5 Ways a Scott Living Restonic Mattress Can Boost Your Health

by Olly Mason

At a Glance:

About the Scott Living by Restonic Mattress Line

Common Health Problems Caused by a Bad Mattress

Why a Scott Living Mattress is Good for Your Health  

5 Ways Scott Living Mattresses Provide Healthy Sleep

Scott Living Mattress FAQs

Why Trust Us?

The Restonic mattress brand has been innovating sleep science for over 80 years, earning it the credit as one of the most trusted names in sleep wellness in the business. Spearheaded by Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott, the Scott Living collection by Restonic has become the brand’s most celebrated lineup, rich with mattress features that not only feel good but are good for your health.

We’re taking a closer look at the Scott Living by Restonic mattress collection to give you five ways sleeping on one of these mattresses can improve your health. Restonic mattress reviews to help solve sleep problems like bad circulation or back pains. Discover what you may be missing!

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About Scott Living by Restonic

It’s safe to say, HGTV’s Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan are passionate about designing dream homes. So, it makes sense the duo would team up with Restonic to create a series of mattress lines for the space where dreams are made. Established in 1938, Restonic is one of America’s longest-running mattress brands with over 80 years of excellence.

To date, Restonic crafts six unique lineups of sleep care ranging from mid-end to luxury mattress options. The Scott Living collection is Drew and Jonathan’s introductory series, now part of three exclusive collections Restonic and the Property Brothers collaborate on.

Despite being the most senior collection, the Scott Living by Restonic hybrid mattress collection is the most recognized series of the trifecta (for now). Most recently, Scotty Living by Restonic won the New Product Award from the independent market research firm BrandSpark International. Restonic hybrid mattress reviews are based on the satisfaction of these handcrafted mattresses designed with quality materials and careful construction for premium beds worth the price.

Quick Specs:

  • Scott Living mattresses are available in comfort levels from plush to extra-firm. 
  • Scott Living mattresses come in five levels, from a standard mattress to a luxury bed.
  • Scott Living queen mattresses price around $2,000–$2,800.
  • Restonic mattresses typically last 7–10 years.

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Common Health Problems from a Bad Mattress

Sleep is an important part of body reconstruction, yet more than 35 percent of Americans sleep less than seven hours a day. Over time, bad sleep habits not only result in fatigue, but they can also increase health problems in individuals. Investing in a mattress that benefits your health can curb common health issues caused by a bad mattress, such as:

✙ Impaired cognition

✙ A lowered immune system

✙ Depression

✙ Mood swings

✙ Obesity

✙ Insomnia

✙ Sleep apnea

✙ Snoring

✙ Nighttime restlessness  

Scott Living Mattress Features Good for Your Health  

Establishing healthy sleep habits — such as identifying your sleep position  — is a simple way to boost your energy output and feel better overall. The Scott Living by Restonic collection features exclusive mattress technologies that can improve sleep satisfaction.

3X Cooling

Special fibers in the mattress cover, a middle temperature-regulating layer, and gel-infused memory foam provide triple the cooling properties to reduce night sweats and promote a comfortable body temperature during sleep.


Aluminum woven into a unique foam structure combats two major mattress problems: the fibers draw heat away from the body to keep you cool, and the reinforced cell structure provides relief from pressure points.

Q5 Twin Support

This advanced system of enclosed innersprings uses five independent zones for proper spine posture. Complete with reinforced edges, Q5 Twin Support ensures every square inch of a mattress provides healthy spine and body support.

Individually Wrapped Coil Support System

Available on Scott Living level I, II, and III mattresses, this series of innersprings reduces motion transfer and responds to movements for fewer disturbances during the night.

Gel-Infused Memory Foam

Used on Scott Living level I and II mattresses, this comfort layer wicks heat to keep you cool, while its plush cell structure cushions the body for better circulation and reduced pressure points.

5 Ways How Scott Living Mattresses Improve Your Health

Your ticket to better sleep wellness might just be on a Scott Living mattress by Restonic. Here are five ways the features on Scott Living Restonic mattress models help promote a better night's sleep.

1. Restonic Coil Support Improves Spine Posture

close up coils

Ideally, a mattress should keep your body in perfect alignment from the neck and shoulders down the spine and through the hips and legs. Whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach, an uneven mattress surface causes your body to fall out of alignment. A Scott Living mattress uses either an individually wrapped coil system (ideal for lightweight sleepers) or the Q5 Twin Support on upgraded models. Both provide motion response and support that contours the body to keep sleepers in a healthy posture no matter if they move.

Our Solution: Queen Scott Living by Restonic Level III Harbor Firm Hybrid Mattress

harbor mattress

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The firm comfort level of this Scott Living hybrid mattress pairs beautifully with soft layers of AlumiLast memory foam for full-body comfort that keeps the body in healthy form. Lie down and enjoy its tight top design with cooling technology to keep you soundly asleep throughout the night.

2. Restonic 3X Reduces Hot Sleeping

Water loss during sleep is natural, but excessive hydration loss from night sweats can cause dehydration, which can lead to fatigue and impaired mental cognition. While a healthy intake of water is always the best defense against dehydration, sleeping with Restonic’s 3X Cooling technology can help sleepers retain hydration better than mattresses without the technology.

3. AlumiLast Can Ease Pressure Points

Overall, memory foam (including latex) is recommended for sleepers with sensitive pressure points. These sleepers often suffer from arthritis or fibromyalgia, but a bad mattress can trigger occasional muscle tenderness from a workout or pregnancy. AlumiLast technology combats pressure zones with aluminum fibers that flex with the body while supporting it. The combination of support and comfort cradles instead of pushing on it like coils do, creating a surface that is easier on the body.

4. Gel-Infused Memory Foam Can Improve Circulation


As an added bonus, AlumiLast (as well as Restonic’s gel-infused memory foam on models I and II) features cooling properties that stimulate healthy blood flow. This is especially good for sufferers of Restless Leg Syndrome, and it can even help with regulating blood pressure.

Our Solution: The Queen Scott Living by Restonic Level IV Morgan Plush Hybrid ET Mattress


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Plush yet robust with Restonic’s Q5 Twin Support base, this Scott Living soft mattress is gentle on the body and features triple cooling technology to soothe areas on the body that are sensitive to pressure points. This pick also includes AlumiLast for an extra boost of support and comfort, plus a Euro top for added luxury.

5. A Scott Living Mattress Helps Prevent Snoring

While snoring is generally considered harmless, sleep deprivation is not. Side effects of waking up during the night include dehydration, fatigue, foggy memory, and even mood changes. Remedies for snoring include sleeping upright or nasal strips, but starting with a good foundation is perhaps the most important. Scott Living mattresses can help reduce snoring by keeping the body and airflow in line, thanks to exclusive foams and a system of advanced innersprings.

The Scott Living by Restonic hybrid mattress collection offers premium features for healthy sleep at a price point between entry-level and luxury. Scott Living hybrid mattresses are ideal for sleepers who enjoy the plush touch of memory foam with a boost of support from bed coils. Because hybrid mattresses are more resilient than memory foam beds, they’re also ideal for couples and sleepers who weigh more than 130 pounds. Overall, these mattresses provide the best support and comfort and are one of the best mattresses Mississippi and Tennessee shoppers can find in the area.

Scott Living by Restonic FAQs

Want to know more about Scott Living and Restonic? Here are a couple of answers to questions buyers ask when researching Restonic.

Is Restonic a good mattress?

Restonic counts on over 80 years of mattress innovation, earning multiple awards throughout its history. Scott Living by Restonic is the most recognized line and was most recently named the Best New Product by real users in a survey conducted by BrandSpark International. Additionally, Restonic offers up to a 10-year Limited Warranty on mattresses.

Where are Restonic mattresses made?

Restonic manufactures its mattresses domestically in the U.S.A., as well as internationally in countries including China, Brazil, Canada, South Africa, and more.

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