Check Out Our Living Room Sofa Ideas! [Our Top 6 Sofas by Color]

by Pam Silvia

Your living room is where you spend quality time with your loved ones, so the quality, look, and function of your furniture in this space are very important. At Great American Home Store, we offer options to suit any style. From farmhouse to mid-century modern, and more, our catalog has living room sofas that exude the aesthetic you always wanted. Often the focal point of a living space, your sofa can literally set the tone as far as showing off your personal taste. Whether you prefer neutral or bold colors, we’ve got plenty of living room sofa ideas here. Check them out!

At a Glance:

Best Blue Living Room Sofa: Behold Home Morgan Indigo 2-Piece Sectional (1854089)

Best Tan Living Room Sofa: Mayo Twine Linen Sofa (1739502)

Best Gray Living Room Sofa: Behold Home Azure Granite Sofa (1689169)

Best Beige Living Room Sofa: Corinthian Furniture Colonist Sofa (1434254)

Best White Living Room Sofa: Aria Designs Lorraine Sand Paisley Tufted Loveseat (1660622)

Best Brown Living Room Sofa: Behold Home Parker Chestnut Leather Sofa (1967000)

Features to Look For in a New Sofa

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Living Room Sofa Ideas: Our Top 6 Sofas by Color

Our experts have compiled a list of our best living room sofas by color. Plus, we offer styling tips that pair well with blue, tan, gray, beige, white, and brown sofas.

1. Best Blue Living Room Sofa: Behold Home Morgan Indigo 2-Piece Sectional (1854089)

Behold Home Morgan Indigo 2-Piece Sectional

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The Morgan Indigo 2-Piece Sectional by Behold Home was designed with social gatherings for smaller spaces in mind. This sectional is professionally tailored, supremely comfortable, and features a timeless classic design. It is upholstered in a traditional linen-like polyester fabric that is soft, sturdy, and easy to clean. In terms of structure, the dashing Morgan sectional offers a plush and luxurious seating experience with its welted T-cushion design complemented by graceful-looking rolled arms.

Why We Like It:

  • Includes seven (7) throw pillows, pictured
  • Reversible seat and back cushions
  • Cushions feature zipper enclosure
  • Blue is a versatile color that works with many palettes

Blue Sofa Living Room Ideas:

  • In terms of home décor, coordinate with yellow (or gold) and other tones of blue, as these are complementary colors.
  • You can add warmth with orange as an accent color, as this hue can make the dark blue appear even deeper.
  • Velvet furnishings can elevate a blue sofa, adding a touch of luxury to your space.

2. Best Tan Living Room Sofa: Mayo Twine Linen Sofa (1739502)

Mayo Twine Linen Sofa with Stain-Resistant Fabric

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This timeless Twine Linen sofa by Mayo is sure to be a wonderful addition to your home, allowing you to create a space you can be proud of. With exposed turned wood feet across the width, this piece is traditional in style and comfort. The fabric has a subtle tweed weave that is easy to clean, making this a truly family- and pet-friendly collection. You’ll find quality throughout, including time-tested mortise and tenon joinery and reinforced frame using hardwood and interior stretcher systems for a sturdy, long-lasting support for years of use.

Why We Like It:

  • Includes four (4) throw pillows, pictured
  • Reversible loose back cushions and thick seat cushions, all zipper enclosed
  • Extra padding on the arms
  • Stain-resistant Revolution Fabric
  • 100% hardwood frames

Tan Sofa Living Room Ideas:

  • To exude a modern aesthetic, you can coordinate with white, ivory, and cream shades. You can further perpetuate contrast with light-hued furniture and accessories.
  • You can mix natural elements, including distressed woods and rattan furniture, to texturize space with a neutral statement piece.
  • Other color palettes that go well with a tan sofa include shades of gray, jewel tones, and soft pastels.
  • Traditional-style décor works best with tan sofa living rooms.

3. Best Gray Living Room Sofa: Behold Home Azure Granite Sofa (1689169)

Behold Home Azure Granite Sofa

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Put your feet up and enjoy the relaxed, casual vibe of this Azure Granite Sofa by Behold Home. Graciously curved arms add to the overall comfortable character with this design. Its loose cushions allow it to adjust and remain supportive as you nestle on it. In addition to this comfort-driven design, this gray living room sofa is built to last with sturdy hardwood and plywood construction. Overall, this Behold Home piece is an excellent choice if you are looking for a transitional-style sofa that suits virtually any interior-design style — including yours.

Why We Like It:

  • Includes five (5) throw pillows, pictured
  • Reversible loose back cushions
  • Simple welted trim

Gray Sofa Living Room Ideas:

  • There is plenty of versatility with a gray sofa, as you can style it with neutral furnishings, coordinate with complementary color duos, or accent it with bold décor.
  • You can perpetuate contrast with either darker or lighter furniture and décor pieces.
  • Gray seating inspires texture — add velvet, microfiber, linen, and faux-fur accessories to bring dimension and character.
  • If you’re partial to Scandinavian design, a gray sofa is a staple piece.

4. Best Beige Living Room Sofa: Corinthian Furniture Colonist Sofa (1434254)

Corinthian Furniture Colonist Sofa

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Elegantly styled, this beige Colonist sofa by Corinthian Furniture is sure to add a touch of glam, updating your living room arrangement with its two-cushion seating and loose back cushions. This modern collection offers an affordable price point with a neutral yet decorative fabric scheme. For added comfort, the Colonist collection includes a matching oversized chair and ottoman in addition to a patterned accent chair and coordinating ottoman.

Why We Like It:

  • Includes five (5) throw pillows, pictured
  • Stain-resistant Revolution Fabric
  • 8-gauge sinuous flat-spring support

Beige Sofa Living Room Ideas:

  • The neutral color means you can coordinate with virtually any other colors as long as the style of other furnishings is consistent with the style of the sofa.
  • To style with bright colors, choose complementary duos according to the color wheel. To name a few, yellow goes well with violet while blue pairs beautifully with orange.
  • To style with dark colors, you can create a strong contrast with broodier shades, including navy, burgundy, dark emerald, black, and dark brown.
  • Coastal-style décor works best with beige sofa living rooms.

5. Best White Living Room Sofa: Aria Designs Lorraine Sand Paisley Tufted Loveseat (1660622)

Aria Designs Lorraine Sand Paisley Tufted Loveseat

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Unwind in comfy splendor with the help of this handsomely tufted loveseat from Aria Designs. Graceful turned feet pair with the nail head trim accents for a stunning look along with a velvety embossed fabric with a paisley pattern. If you’re a fan of traditional-style furniture, the tufted seat, seatback, and rolled arms also give this white Lorraine loveseat an elegant finishing touch. The complementary accent pillows are welcome additions that enable you to relax in exquisite style after a long day.

Why We Like It:

  • Includes three (3) throw pillows, pictured
  • Solid hardwood used on all load-bearing rails
  • Heavy-gauge steel sinuous seat springs
  • Nailhead trim

White Sofa Living Room Ideas:

  • If you opt for a monochromatic chic aesthetic, be sure to add texture via throw pillows, blankets, and rugs to add interest.
  • Inject bright shades with complementary duos according to the color wheel — patterned décor and furnishings are encouraged.
  • If you’re working with a small room with white walls, you can create depth with off-white furnishings.
  • Farmhouse-style décor works best with a white sofa living room.

6. Best Brown Living Room Sofa: Behold Home Parker Chestnut Leather Sofa (1967000)

Behold Home Parker Chestnut Leather Sofa

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Leather furniture doesn’t have to be outdated or bulky — it can be chic and stylish, like this brown Parker leather sofa by Behold Home. Covered in top-grain leather everywhere to the touch, this modern piece adds plenty of fashionable seating to your living area without taking up too much space. The sleek track arms enhance the contemporary vibe, while the exposed dark wooden base in the front tops off the stunning design of this clean-lined silhouette.

Why We Like It:

  • Attached seat cushions
  • Back cushions semi-attached with Velcro to help cushions stay in place
  • Hardwood frame
  • Sinuous spring suspension support system

Brown Sofa Living Room Ideas:

  • Lean into an organic look and embrace earth tones like olive green, terracotta, rusty reds, and other brown shades.
  • To foster a mid-century modern look, you can use warm accent colors such as deep red, mustard yellow, and burnt sienna (with retro accessories, of course).
  • You can play with eclectic décor by mixing and matching patterns — if you choose this route, be sure to abide by a core color palette.

Features to Look For


Picture this: You bought a sleek, new sofa to replace your outdated couch. As you excitedly attempt to lug it into your home, you promptly realize that it’s too wide to push through your doorway — and feelings of frustration, heartbreak, and utter despair rule over your day. Fortunately, with just a little preparation and forethought, you can avoid the crushing blow of a disappointing purchase (not to mention the hassle of a return).

This is where measuring for furniture beforehand is your saving grace. Here are some pointers:

  1. First, measure the width of the sofa from the outside of the widest point (usually a rolled arm) to the outside of the opposite widest point. For a loveseat or couch, the widest points are mirrored (e.g., both widest points are the arms) whereas for a sectional the widest point on one side may be an arm and the other may be the angle where the seating branches out.
  2. For a loveseat or couch, you would measure the diagonal depth of the sofa from the highest point of the back frame to the front of the arm. Then, measure from the bottom back corner of the sofa up to the point that bisects a straight edge. To measure the depth of a sectional, go from the front-facing edge to the backside of the sectional.
  3. Lastly, measure the height of the sofa from the bottom of a back leg to the highest point of the back frame.


The style of furniture you choose makes all the difference; not only does it speak to your personal taste, but it also helps dictate the rest of your furnishings (unless you’re going for an eclectic look). The most important rule for cultivating a well-defined aesthetic is ensuring your décor pieces coordinate with your furniture’s silhouette. For instance, if you are aiming for a traditional-style room, make sure your sofa’s style is marketed as such and that your décor pieces appropriately exude a stately, timeless appearance.


While a living room design that looks straight out of Architectural Digest sounds irresistible, remember that your home is a dwelling, not a museum. Especially if you live with your family, your home is likely a lived-in space that sees a lot of traffic. When you are furnishing a common space, you must ask yourself, “How will this piece of furniture be used?” and “Is it beneficial to my family circumstances?”

For households with young children and/or pets, consider seating made with performance fabrics that are easy to clean and meant to withstand the wear and tear of heavy use.


Too often, furniture sourced from big-box stores is not manufactured for the long haul. Since these products are mass-produced, they may not be built with the same level of care as tactful, well-practiced hands. For products that stand the test of time, put your trust in hand-crafted furniture from local businesses (including yours truly).

Along with expecting higher quality from hand-crafted furniture, you can anticipate good value. This is to say: Instead of letting short-term costs deter you from making this investment, we implore you to think about the long-term benefits it will bring. Due to their sturdier craftsmanship, hand-crafted, locally sourced furniture outlasts ready-made pieces, so you can expect to enjoy them for much longer.

Scandinavian living room with gray and brown colored furniture and wooden elements

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