Top Reasons To Add a Bookcase To Your Home Office

by Paige Pesko

If you work from home, the best thing you can do for yourself is to improve your home office. Proper organization and ergonomics are crucial to your efforts to stay healthy and productive as you work from home. No one feels productive in a cluttered space, and while there are many ways to improve your efficiency, adding a piece of functional furniture may be a quick fix. Discover all the top reasons to add a bookcase to your home office.

Save Space

Not all bookcases are huge and bulky. Some minimalist shelving units are hardly noticeable, especially once you fill them with your stuff. Regardless of how much space you have, you can find shelves in unique designs that fit in any area of your home office. Add them in all sorts of convenient spots, such as under a staircase or set into the wall between studs.

Get More Storage

Bookcases give you the ultimate storage space for more than just books. Choose shelves that make sense for your office. Small narrow shelves may be enough for books and notepads, but if you want to store larger items, such as yoga mats, laptops, and artwork, you may need a broader and sturdier piece. Modular shelves are a popular option because you can configure them in several ways to fit your needs. The great thing about storing items on a bookcase is that you have easy access to them.

Let Your Bookshelf Speak for You

Believe it or not, you can show off your style with a bookcase in your home office. Keep the things you value most close to you while you work. If you place your bookcase in the frame of your web camera, your coworkers and clients can get a sense of your personality from what you keep on your bookshelves. Even if you don’t own a single book, you can display items such as:

  • games
  • movies
  • collectibles
  • heirlooms
  • knickknacks
  • plants
  • artwork

They’re Multifunctional

The top reasons to add a bookcase to your home office come down to functionality. You use your shelves to organize anything you want. Use it for multiple functions—display decorations or plants on top with useful items at more convenient heights. You can even use some styles as added desk space.

Deciding how to design your home office is worth a great deal of time and consideration. The Great American Home Store sells office furniture in Memphis that offers storage and functionality perfect for any office space.